Dark Fairytale IC

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The goliath strikes his beard with one hand while staring intently, just as he opens his mouth to speak the door bursts open and two dwarves appear flanking a gnome "Sorry t'" the dward is cut off by the gnome firing out words hardly stopping for breath you can just about make out him saying it's coming. Bedrock looks at the dwarves who explain they found him outside the city gates babbling like this. "I'm afraid your bath may have t' wait, I'm sorry to call upon you again but it looks as if we have no choice, you are the only ones who have dealt with this."


GM: It looks like none has any objections so I'd like a Iniative roll please, anyone above a 7 may act immediately. Due up the conditions ranged attacks are at disadvantage and vision is halved anyone who does not take a move action on their turn suffers 1d4 cold damage if you head outside.

You head up to the gate leading to the outside Dale wishes you luck as you exit, saying something about not being a fighter. The dwarven guards at the gate give you a look and a slight nod as you approach"Weather out there is bad, Blizzard. T'only issue with fighting in 'ere would be collateral damage, we don't know what this thing can do or even what it is but tis your call."


GM: Yes, long rests for everyone.

Peering into the Blizzard you see snow, lots and lots of snow and it's starting to build up on the end of your nose as the harsh, frigid wind shifts and you are buffeted.

GM: I'll assume Char has been arrested and is out for a while(something similar happened in another game I was in with a guy.) so I can run him or you guys can. Does the opening of the door mean your heading outside or just looking.

OOC: No one is walking out into a blizzard, I don't even understand how there's a blizzard. I thought the dwarven city was mostly underground or in a cave built over a forgotten undercity.

OOC: Are there any ramparts or murder holes that we can attack whatever is coming without opening the gate and letting it in? If not my character is very reluctant to go out into a blizzard to engage an as yet unseen force.


GM: The dwarven city is built inside a mountain, with slight geothermic activity which is built over a series of tunnels that ultimately lead to the mindflayer cavern.

There is a upper level to the chamber you are in but it leads to the outside.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Guards, evacuate the surrounding area and let everyone know to stay inside!"
Leonan shouts.
"And close everything up as much as you can! Let's see what this is..."

To the group, much quieter
"This reminds me of a story where an attacker created an obvious distraction that had nothing to do with the real attack. In the story it was a forest nearby that was used with trees swaying, strange lights going up and down and sounds and screams coming from it without any obvious threat to the fort. But it was an interesting spectacle so guards focused their attention there. In the meantime from the back came a stealthy team that managed to enter the fort before the alarm sounded.

We might want to run by that gnomes shop, just in case."


One of the gate guards turns from his duties "Daint you worry t'vacuation has all ready begun the army should be here within the next 45 mins, with a bit o' luck gate will hold"

"Leonan might be right. Something could have followed us out of the pit under the gnome's house. Should we make sure?"

(OOC: How far away is to the gnome's house from the gate?)

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