December 1st UA Spell changes

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Mod Squad
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God your twisting of words is frustrating.

Blah blah blah all I want to do is deliberately not understand Maxperson...

As soon as you stop twisting what I say, sure. In this post alone you've.

1) Falsely accused me of setting players up not to get their rewards. Rewards you say they shouldn't get for winning.
2) Deliberately twisted my saying your examples involve hidden math as "admitting that yours has math."
3) Deliberately twisted two different paragraphs(one explicitly only coin and items) dealing with weight issues into "Must have them carry all the gear, coins AND tapestry."
Mod Note:

If it is so bad, why, on this good green Earth, haven't you used the Ignore feature? There is a point where you own choices are part of the problem.

Now, can we be done talking about encumbrance which has even less to do with the thread than the OTHER red herrings you keep throwing out?

And you spend an entire post on encumbrance, and only then admit it isn't relevant to the thread? You choose to use your time that way, but try to blame someone else for the waste. Kind of transparent, that.

If you two cannot control the manner of engagement, the other tools that may be applied are rather blunt, and you will not enjoy them being used. So... make better choices, and moderate yourselves. Please.


Because that's how treasure works. If they find 12000 gold pieces in a horde, that's 240 pounds. If they want to drag back that adamantine plate, that's 65 more pounds. It adds up.

What?! How does 60 pounds of coins + 65 pounds of armor = 300+ pounds? Or are you trying to twist things again and include the tapestry? Because if you are, simply sharing the coins around the rest of the party and going with 65 pounds of armor + 200 for the tapestry = 265.


Morkus from Orkus
@Chaosmancer You are correct. I misremembered the weight of the coins. In any case, the weight doesn't really matter since the party is 4 people, not one person with a 20 strength. Plus, if they have to leave some behind and come back later, they have that option. The world isn't a convenient place where everything magically conforms to the amount they can carry and no more.

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