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Door to Nowhere


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Homebrew Setting:

This is a magic infusion, early technology, fantasy world populated by men and monsters. Of course, some men are monsters. The particular technological age is deliberately set during the early Iron Age, progressing toward the Age of Discovery, so that the actions of characters, outside of those dedicated to combat, have a direct effect on the political, societal, and technological advancement of the various communities throughout the land.


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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Five Cycles had passed, in relative peacefulness, since that awful ordeal with the corrupt Hand of Justice, named Enri. Some beneficial changes had come to the Religion of Light, after his end at the hands of the Outliers. Religion and superstition, basically differing only in ritual and the numbers of practitioners, the number six came to be considered maleficent or bad luck, at best. As such, Enri was never replaced and the Hand of Justice became five members. Additionally, hoods were no longer worn by members of religious leadership, and all members, not just local priests, were known by the general populace. This included the five members of the Hand of Justice and the nine members of the Ministry of Light. The only figure not known to the general populace was the Prophet of Daylight, who was only seen by the Divine Praetor, anyway.

The symbol upon the armor of the Daughters of Dawn had all been corrected, and these units of trained females now protected the citizenry rather than spied on them. They functioned as long range scouts working to keep the road and the communities along it safe from hostile clans. Their membership was filled with volunteers and their training was no longer conducted in secret. The soldiers beholden to the Cathedral instead of the Kingdom had been disbanded, many of whom accepted commissions in the Kingdom Regulars. The official religion and its members had become the benevolence it was intended to be.

During this time, Vittero and Rachel, the name adopted by the rescued girl who had become the leader of the Daughters from Refuge, had become amorously coupled, and she had given birth, first to a son then, recently, to a daughter. The two seemed very happy, and the girl, now a respected adult, had become much more sociable.

All surviving members of the Outliers, including Astarte, now resided in Refuge, contributing to its viability and continued security. Regular trade had been established with the Sioliri community across the river and canoes traveled back and forth, without needing to be secretive. Trade with Boga City, however, was still handled through Outpost instead of West Cove, so no caravans passed through Refuge. Despite this, more communities had been discovered in the region and greater interaction had been established between them.

The Divine Praetor was a likable, elderly man who made periodic travels through all known communities, listening and speaking with townsfolk. Many Markidians still exhibited some prejudice against other tribes, as they had been taught to do, but, fortunately, this behavior was not being passed down to the next generation. It was difficult for most to come to terms with the fact that they had been lied to for their entire lives. The id would not permit it.

All was well; but in a land term The Untamed Wilds, “well” was a temporal term, for trouble was sure to arise, from somewhere new, so that heroes would again be needed to protect those less capable of fending for themselves.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds

Late one evening, a solitary traveler came into Refuge, along the road to Outpost. The man looked as if he had walked all day. He was slightly winded. The man, though unrecognized, was a Markidian and wore a tunic marking him as someone of Kingdom employ, though he was most definitely not attired as a soldier or as Clergy.

The man was asking anyone to direct him to Vittero, the Priest of Dawn. Seeing as this must have been some matter of urgency, word quickly spread. By the time Vittero came out to meet the man, Taylar and Astarte were also alerted and were making their way to the Homage.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Turning at the sound of others entering the Homage, the Markidian man nodded at the Maldrog man and Centrin woman. Recognizing that they would be joining the conversation, he started over.

He conveyed that about a season past, a hostile band of men who looked to be nothing more than members of an indigenous clan had successfully invaded the Mining community and captured four adolescents. Having personally tried to track the group with some of the other miners, he had been unsuccessful. Here, only a Tenday past, what looked to be the same group had committed the same attrocity.

After discussing matters with citizens of Outpost, the man had been instructed to bring his cause here, that greater help might be provided if the heroes who had cleansed the Religion of Light still resided in Refuge.
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Eric Zephlaer

Gaming Aficianado

The Markidian man, dressed more practically than flamboyantly, speaks in an articulate and precise manner, distinctly void of emotion, though not monotonous, by any means. "Forgive me for not introducing myself, first. I am called Plumeir (pronounced like Ploom Air). I am an inventory clerk assigned to the Mining operations north of Outpost. I have worked as such for the past 10 Cycles. I have addressed plenty of hostilities in the past, both those of animals and people, but this particular group has me at a loss."
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In the five years since the Battle of Refuge Taylar Nibscry has kept up his warrior's trade. Although keeping Refuge as his home, he travels between the many communities, overtly just a humble fighter working to keep the routes safe. Covertly, Taylar keeps regular meetings with different contacts, sharing information and marking possible threats to the peace. He keeps the Outliers in the loop with relevant information, but keeps his dealings secret with others.

To Plumeir he says in Markidian, "We are an unusual group as well. Perhaps we can help. If we find these captives alive, we will free them. If they were sacrificed, we will avenge them."
Taylar wonders if he knows anyone that has information on this aggressive group.


Almost one cycle after she fought with Enri, Astarte gave birth to a half-Kinamin baby girl, who she called Star Wolfess. The child was a result of the encounter with two Kinamin men prior to the very first meeting with the Outliers. The red savages attacked Astarte while she was on the road. She finally killed them both, but not before one of them raped her.

During the next four cycles, SW proved to be a very hard, independent, willful and disobedient brat, so Astarte was forced to sacrifice most of her time to care for her, as it was really difficult to find anyone to help her with it, or those who were willing had already other duties (or lived too far).

Besides of looking for SW, Astarte started to produce jewelry, which she later sold to the traders. Rattling trinkets and colorful stones, which were mostly used to make them, could catch the attention of little SW for long enough, to let her mother focus on the work (except of keep watching if the child had not swallowed something).

Another thing Astarte spend time for was developing her powers under Vittero and learning from him about The Religion of Light. He also seemed to be the person, not only liked by SW, but also able of making her a good girl (at least for longer amount of time, that her mother ever could). The problem was, he had too many other obligations and SW disliked his children and wife.

When Astarte comes to meet with Plumeir, she carries sleeping Star Wolfess in her arms, as she doesn't wanna leave the four-years-old alone in the tiny cottage they both occupy, which is also many times her workshop and magazine full of unsafe objects.
"I think I need to bring this young lady to auntie Richelle from Outpost before I can go to any adventure" she says to Taylar.

"We also forget to introduce ourselves" she says to the newcomer "Name's Astarte and this is Taylar. Only 5 cycles back, we had some serious problems with a really nasty guy with god's syndrome. He almost killed me and my daughter (with whom I was pregnant then, but I didn't know). The most horrible crime I committed was criticizing corrupted worshipers of The Lord of the Day and tolerance to unbelievers, while this distasteful hypocrite (for whom murdering and tormenting children and secretly worshiping Dusk or maybe Darkness was completely fine) plotted to condemn me for tortures and death for doing something that instead of me, he had been doing in secret along with his mean buddies. What if some of they are still operating here? I don't know if they abducted these poor youngsters or some other people did this. Could both of these groups combined. All I know is I cannot let them harm my child, whoever they are."

Before Astarte will move SW to Miss Fluorin, she will pack all the jewelry she made (except of her private) to later give it to the woman. In the past, whenever Astarte visited her, she always brought some trinkets as a present; but this time she feels obligated not only to thank Richelle for babysitting SW longer then ever, but also to pay for her needs.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Though he was not one of his contacts, and he did not know his name, Taylar recognized Plumeir. The three specific, other Maldrogs that were used as contacts at the Mining community thought highly of the man, unlike any of the other clerks, whom they called stick wavers. This particular clerk was not afraid of combat and was quite proficient at throwing knives.

As the last offense had occurred some three days past, the man’s sense of urgency had been borne of his frustration rather than any immediate need. It was deducted that the actions of these kidnapers or headhunters were not random acts of violence. They seem much more calculated and planned, as if they are serving a particular purpose or goal. Plumeir admits that he had not checked with any of the smaller communities nearer the mines, but Outpost had neither seen nor heard of any such actions. Those captured had been of both genders and all tribes, but all were specifically adolescent, not younge,r not older. Four were captured each time and were taken away, alive. The captors had not entered and departed the area by the same directions. Once departed, they moved through the forest very quickly. Though the Outliers were no longer a functional group, even if only Taylar and Astarte were agreeable to investigating, they seemed a far better choice than any unit of soldiers.

Vittero was no longer in a position to be traveling the countryside, nor had he been for some time. His unit of Daughters had not reported any other similar events, but they did not venture as far north as the Mining Community. He did offer that anyone willing to venture stealing children from miners had to be rather formidable or phenomenally sneaky.
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