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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Homebrew Setting:

This is a magic infusion, early technology, fantasy world populated by men and monsters. Of course, some men are monsters. The particular technological age is deliberately set during the early Iron Age, progressing toward the Age of Discovery, so that the actions of characters, outside of those dedicated to combat, have a direct effect on the political, societal, and technological advancement of the various communities throughout the land.

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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
South Road Fair:
South Road Fair is built along the Southern River in the middle of the strip of a conifer forest that runs mostly west to east across the Southern Trade Road. It is considered to be the transition point between the Central Region and the Southern Region. It is an open array town with no wall, though it does employ roving archers and scouts. The forest is about a 3-day travel, by foot, in width, north to south but stretches from the mountains in the east all the way to the western coast. A small patch of grassland exists along the road to Bergbaulager, of about 2 days’ diameter in any direction. Public buildings are marked by placards, decorated with symbols designating their function, because knowledge of reading and writing is scarce. The languages of Ansylin and Centrin are equally spoken, as both are used for trade. There exists no prejudice against acceptance into this community and any peaceable peoples are welcome to trade or immigrate.

Beholden to neither Boga City to the north nor Asylim to the south, South Road Fair is an independent town under the rulership of a self-appointed Mayor named Giodavi, an Ansylin who was once a caravan leader from Asylim. He is boisterous and kind-hearted, spending his days walking about the town, politicking, and his evening at his own tavern, the Boar's Head. He has established a group of advisers, entitled as Ministers, to help govern. Clavo, an Ansylin and former caravan guard, is the Carpenters' Guildmaster and the Minister of Construction. Lyndha, a Spiofthest-Centrin Bajinin and the heartmate of Giodavi, runs the Trade Store and is the Minister of Finance. Sannit, an Ansylin, former caravan guard, and independent explorer, whose party was responsible for establishing contact with the Mhytre community of Bergbaulager, is the Minister of Foreign Relations. Clavo, Sannit, and Giodavi also work together to coordinate the town defenses.

The Carpenters' Guild doubles as the Home Guard, and its carpenters and teamsters are trained in melee combat. Clavo, the Guildmaster, oversees the training himself, though his skill is augmented by that of Sannit, who occasionally lends instruction, and other members of the former South Road Seekers. There are three crew leaders, White Oak, a Spiofthest man, Olivia, an Ansylin woman, and Tablio, a Centrin man. The guild also has the use of 5 burros.

The Hunting Lodge doubles as the ranger post, teams of archers, who are not actively on a hunt, patrol the area around the village. This group includes a far greater number than that of the carpenters but does not have one specific leader. The members are divided among five groups, each with its own crew leader. The crew leaders collaborate when it becomes necessary. The five leaders include Passaro, a Rheini man and the father of Indigo, Siofra, a Shimadow female with bright red hair, Zephyr, a Spiofthest man, Aust, a Centrin man and former member of the South Road Seekers, and Indigo, a Rheini female who was also a former member of the South Road Seekers. The entire unit employs 25 more hunters, one trained redwolf under the guidance of Zephyr, and one trained leopard, under the guidance of Indigo. The hunting unit led by Indigo will always accompany a trade caravan to Bergbaulager. It is not much known by the general populace that both Zephyr and Indigo are Benders. Player characters definitely do not know, but they may later suspect it, as they develop in power.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Levels of Technology:
The overt indicators for the expression of technology within any given society are represented by construction, fashion, and weaponry. The subtle indicators are communication and art. The village of South Road Fair was built using felled timbers, which are readily available as the town is located in a conifer forest. There is no masonry, with no supply and little need. The largest structures are the Boar's Head and the Trading Post.

Fashion is paranormally advanced with regard to leather goods but remains fairly simple with regard to textiles, though silk is the most available product. Knowledge of metallurgy for weaponry and other metal goods is non-existent, as Bergbaulager is now the source for such needs. The citizens are considered to be fairly simple with regard to communication or art. Ansylin and Centrin have similar written forms and can be exchanged one for the other, but only Lyndha, the Minister of Finance, can use either, proficiently. Lyndha is willing to teach others to read and write, but exposure is limited. The demonstration of the arts could be applied to the decorative nature of leather goods, but anything else is limited to wooden carvings and simple jewelry.

The base currency is a coin, called a Clam, manufactured from Ocrin, the alloy of tin and zinc, and is minted in Boga City, where it is simply called an Ocrin. The local name comes from Asylim, where it is the same coin that is minted in Boga City. South Road Fair is a major waypoint along the Southern Trade Route. Caravans from Asylim pass through town on their way to and returning from Boga City, carrying various goods. A single caravan, under the control of the South Road Seekers, travels back and forth to Bergbaulager, mostly trading fuel oil for metal goods. Fuel oil, manufactured by combining the liquid from crushed lighter pine with pork fat, is unique to South Road Fair and highly valued.

The small village is also known throughout the land for the manufacture of exquisite leather goods, including armor, due to the coordinated efforts of Swift Raven, a Rheini, and Fallen Leaf, a Spiofthest. Well-to-do explorers of established reputation will travel to South Road Fair to have a piece of armor commissioned. The sale of wine, made from locally collected grapes, rose hips, and hawthorn berries, adds some to the profitability of the town. Outside of commerce dealing directly with trade caravans, there is also a barber shop, a bathhouse, the Boar's Head Tavern, bunk houses and hammocks to let, two grist mills, an herbalist and apothecary, a weaver and seamstress, the tannery, and the Trade Store.

With the application of the economic system, which is basically Socialism, laborers are not paid an actual wage. Residents function more on a barter system. All workers and their families are generously housed, fed, clothed, and equipped by employers. Children are not expected to work. Competence and efficiency are rewarded with better equipment and titles. Housing is generally static, but it is good. Due to the genuine benevolence of town leadership and residents, no resentment exists with regard to the system of commerce. Actual coin for trivialities or personal desires may be earned by anyone, from the collection of game, hides, or beetle carapaces. The elytra (chitinous wing coverings) of beetles are used in the manufacture of shellac and lacquer, which is unique to South Road Fair.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Though the community is heavily populated by former residents of Asylim. These residents have forsaken their previous religious rituals for The Maelstrom and The Burning Sun. The Centrin residents, most of whom are formerly from Boga City. The other residents, such as Rheini and Spiofthests, have various rituals and beliefs from their former nomadic and tribal lifestyles, but they are almost identical to those of the Centrins. There is no official religion and no restrictions on any faith, though blood sacrifice is not acceptable in town.

The Life god, whose symbol is the Wind, is commonly called Benevolence and is the dominant deity. His symbol is represented by a line that is curled back on itself, about half way from one side, leaving the remainder extended. Most believers wear a symbol made from wood. Sacrifice of blood is not made, but time for ritual is offered instead, credit for the inspiration or invention is given, and wealth or labor is donated for honorary constructions. The opposition to Benevolence is called Malevolence. She is represented by a small piece of cord with three knots, which is almost never openly displayed.

Two minor deities are represented by the world’s two moons. Harmony, the name for the silver moon, is believed to be female, and she controls the seasonal changes in temperature, which affect the production and germination of most seeds. Bounty, the name for the orange moon, is believed to be male, and he controls seasonal rains, which affect crop growth and animal health. During the Chilling Season, when the silver moon is full and the orange moon is missing, small gifts are imparted to others outside of one’s own family, secretly and anonymously, as a gesture of Harmony. During Harvest Season, when the orange moon is full and the silver moon is missing, if the harvests were good, hedonistic festivals are held where attendees are masked and copious amounts of alcohol are consumed. If the harvests were poor, a great fire is ignited in the roadway, in homage to Bounty, and alcohol is splashed into the fire in order to garner a more favorable return in the following cycle. The road is the safest place to build such a fire.

Malevolence is believed to have coupled with three separate mortals to give rise to the minor deities of Malice, Misfortune, and Injustice. Malice is believed to be male, while the other two are believed to be female. The three work to inflict misery upon the lives of people, especially people with a sense of altruism. By immaculate conception, Benevolence is believed to have impregnated three different mortal women to give birth to three minor deities to oppose Malice, Misfortune, and Injustice. These three deities are Charity, Fortune, and Justice. These three are called upon to give hope to the people. Charity and Fortune are considered to be female, while Justice is considered to be male. Fortune, also called Luck, has acquired quite a following in the entire region, which is spreading into other regions as well, as people perform a ritual of tossing a coin over ones own shoulder or into running water, in order increase the odds of a better future.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
The slight majority of the residents are of the Aedaman species of the Ansylin tribe followed by Centrins, though that majority has dwindled in recent Cycles, as Faethrins of a clan of Rheini and a clan of Spiofthests have immigrated. Accepting of any tribe and having recently established a trade route to Bergbaulager, a Maldrog village on the Lunaedriac Lake in the Dragon's Spine Mountains, there are a few Mhytre Maldrogs and peoples of other tribes who may not specifically reside but are frequently found there. For this campaign, player characters should all be played as one of the more benevolent personality types but not necessarily altruistic: Pragmatic Altruist, Protectorate, Whimsical Entertainer, or Pragmatist.

Pragmatic Altruists: (Stoic)
Tempering a benevolent disposition with a heavy dose of logic, representatives of this personality type are often called stuffy, aloof, or prudish by other people. Individuals will be charitable, but the offer of charity must fit within a certain code of ethics. They believe that people who cause their own plight deserve no assistance, unless the loss of life or detriment to another is imminent. Sacrificially, individuals tend to have little regard for their own safety and will endanger themselves to help others, deemed worthy or if the act is ethical. Despite such benevolence, individuals can and will kill in defense of themselves or others but will offer quarter if asked.

Protectorates: (Dutiful)
Considering themselves to be inherently suited to watch over others, representatives of this personality type tend to be rigidly aligned to a particular code of honor, unswayable and indomitable. The matter of benevolence or malevolence does not weigh into their decisions for action. Their concern is that a task needs to be done, society needs to be protected, and to maintain their code. Clans of this nature are often considered by others to be boring and monastic, though trade and other negotiations with them will be offered fairly. Individuals will initiate violence, if deemed unavoidable, and can defend with avarice, having no aversion to killing an enemy.

Whimsical Entertainers: (Prankster)
Fundamentally benevolent but lacking in restraint or wisdom and usually being highly extroverted, representatives of this personality type are considered to be good natured but can be overly rough or sarcastic, sometimes to the point of injury. Individuals are always focused on personal gratification, looking for a good time. They tend to drink too much, party too much, and fight too much, but they never intend to do any real harm and feel genuine remorse if any is caused. They are often forgetful and never hold grudges. While being rather unreliable with regard to prolonged tasks, they are often fun to be around, as their behavior can be infectious.

The best way to describe this personality type would be dull. Individuals with this personality type are completely guided by necessity, having little motivation and almost no aspiration. They can kill or spare life, in the course of an action, without thinking of much difference between the two, preferring whichever seems to afford the least amount of future effort or confrontation. Representatives of this personality type often live away from society, finding nature to be more stable of an environment or remand themselves to mundane labor, if residing within civilization. Individuals will never initiate violence but do have the ability to defend with avarice.

GM: Starting characters are considered to be adolescents and may be of either gender and any existing tribe, if the background story fits. Players should select a species, gender, and tribe, describe their character and post a plausible back story. Character records will be kept in a Google Document in which all players have editing privileges. Data for character statistics will be added, based upon this description. Message me with any questions.
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Eric Zephlaer

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Being the fourth child of Tablio the carpenter and Maria his heartmate and their only daughter, Belaria grew up tough, being hazed by her older brothers. She was also a bit pampered by her parents and by adolescence showed signs of taking after her father's personality. She may be the youngest and a girl but she thought of herself as an inherent protectorate. She looked after her brothers, despite their chiding, and her friends, even once taking the blame for an antic gone wrong. She may be a bit small, but she is strong for her size and much quicker on the uptake than any of her kin. She does not really want to grow to be a carpenter or the spouse of a carpenter. Her friends are more adventurous than the remainder of the general populace, as well.

Green Jay or Gaio Verde in the Rheini language is the son of Blue Teal and Wading Heron; but more importantly, the grandson of Swift Raven. Though is grandfather is one of the two famous leather workers, he was not raised with any special privilege. No such concept would be tolerated by his grandfather even if it were permissible in such a small community as South Road Fair. Even before he reached adolescence, though, he discovered that he was born with something special. Like the legendary figures of the South Road Seekers, he discovered that he, too, could sense and manipulate waylines. To have the talent manifest itself at such an early age, those in town able to handle such knowledge considered him to be a mystic, though he had been kept away from the passing caravans to prevent undo complications. Like all of his family, Gaio is rather pragmatic.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Garindell is an orphaned Pelimonra, found in the woods as a baby, wrapped in a swaddling cloth, and placed inside a tall, sturdy, wicker basket. He was found, adopted, and raised by a Centrin couple, Bardok and Pernella Swiftshear. The Swiftshear family were gatherers, of little or no formal education, and as time passed, Garrindell found himself wanting a better life than that of a simple villager. His parents had named him Vardok (after his father) but as he grew, and heard the tales of the Southroad Seekers, he changed his name to Garindell, in imitation of his idol, Merindell. All of Garin's friends are also of the same ambitious nature; none of them want the quiet life of a common villager. However, despite his adventurous spirit, he is often at odds with his friends; Garindell is seen as a "stick-in-the-mud," because of how seriously he takes the prospect of being an adventurer. While his friends want to take off, throwing caution to the wind, seeking fame and fortune through brave deeds, Garindell is careful, and calculating. He is a maker of plans and maps and supply lists. His closest friend, Brock, wishes he would drink more beer.


Brock Stonefist is the son of a Bergbaulager mason by the name of Brollin Stonefist. Brock is a pale / lightly-tanned male Kozzog. Brock grew up with a myriad of friends, from all kinds of backgrounds and heritages, and like his friends, he yearns for a life of travel, adventure, and excitement. Thus, when he was of age, and feeling strong enough to fend for himself, he left Bergbaulager and found his way to Southroad Fair, where he immediately formed a new group of friends, again, with a diverse mixture of backgrounds and heritages. He is one of two pranksters in his immediate group of friends, and the butt of their jokes, more often than not, is Garindell, whom they have nick-named "Stick." (He is tall, thin, a miserable know-it-all, and an insufferable stick-in-the-mud; yet, he is also their loyal friend, so all of their picking is in jest.) Brock is an avid drinker of beer, preferring stouts and lagers. The only thing he likes more than drinking beer is fist-fighting. Brock is also interested in (bordering on obsessed with) the twin-hulled Hebrian sailing vessels that are guided by the wind; these craft have captured his imagination, and it is his future ambition to sail one of those vessels alone.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
“Hold on to 16 as long as you can. Changes coming ‘round real soon make us women and men.” — John Cougar Mellencamp

As the group of friends has reached that age where the townfolks will be expecting them to begin contributing to society in some manner, and they are starting to want personal belongings, such as a weapon or piece of armor, they come to the realization of two important facts. They are, in an unseen manner, quite different from most others of the community, which creates a desire for a much different type of life, one more interesting and, possibly, more dangerous.

While sitting at a table having lunch in the Boar’s Head, they discuss options. Though no one possesses sufficient equipment to actively hunt game, something small might be acquired using a snare, or beetles, if encountered, might be smashed for their wing coverings. Everyone begins life in the same manner, but the destination should be a choice. Perhaps the Seekers will not be the only known legends to come out of South Road Fair.

As these desires will take the group farther and farther from the town proper, trouble is sure to arise in the sparsely inhabited land of The Untamed Wilds that will push the adolescents into the realm of discovery, since they live in a world with limitless possibility, where excellence reaches potential far beyond that of mundane aspirations, and aptitude aspires to deitific proportion. The key element that separates a player character from the mass of existence is the talent to Manipulate Waylines (use magic), commonly called Bending or Weaving. Bending is the term for affecting others, while Weaving is the term for affecting oneself. To the general populace, seeing any demonstration of such talent is greatly feared, for it is the substance of folklore, myth, and legend; but to those who can feel and warp the Waylines, it must be an integral part of life.

Giodavi, the self-appointed Mayor of Southroad Fair and owner of the Boar’s Head, approaches the table, pulls over a chair and has a seat. “You youngsters look old enough to start looking after yourselves instead of relying on others. The fact that you are still sitting here means that you have not yet come to any particular decision. I have a proposition for you to help you start earning your keep. Just downstream from town, where we have the larger fish traps placed, it has been brought to my attention that something is breaking into the traps and eating the fish. I was going to have one of the units of rangers look into it, but seeing you five, idle, here, I think you are best suited for this sort of task.”

I will set you off with some rations and some waterskins, because you might have to camp overnight too see what is causing the problem. If the culprit happens to be something that you cannot beat with a stick, come back and report it to me; otherwise, bring back the carcass. What say you?”
Garindell: full wellness
Brock: full wellness
Belaria: full wellness
Gaio Verde: full wellness
Brenda: full wellness
OOC: State reply, intentions, and provide a random roll.

Eric Zephlaer

Gaming Aficianado
Belaria looks over at Gaio, to catch his eye, then at each of the others, giving an almost imperceptible nod of her head. "I hope it is a big lizard! Can we kill a lizard by hitting it with a stick? Anyway, it is something no one else is doing. Maybe I will find some nice bird feathers while we are out. Come all of you! Say yes."

Gaio, who rarely speaks, smiles at the overt encouragement. He nods his head twice, indicating his agreement.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Brock smiles as he downs the rest of his drink, and wipes the excess Pine Vine from his mouth.
He says, "Yes, yes indeed! Sounds like a great time! What do you say, Stick?"


Garin frowns, then grins, at Brock, "It won't be me that keeps us sitting here, idle, you drunken sloth. But if it's an animal that is smart enough to open a cage, i.e., an animal with sensitive hands, such as a Raccoon, then perhaps we should find some long branches that could be sharpened into makeshift spears? Those things are vicious, I would not want to get close to one."

Garin = 61
Brock = 60

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