Upward from Land's End


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Upward from Land's End
OOC: All the World is a stage, the men and women merely players. -- Shakespeare

Homebrew Setting:
This is a magic infusion, early technology, fantasy world populated by men and monsters. Of course, some men are monsters. The particular technological age is deliberately set during the early Iron Age, progressing toward the Age of Discovery, so that the actions of characters, outside of those dedicated to combat, have a direct affect on the political, societal, and technological advancement of the various communities throughout the land.

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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
This one of the four major cities of the land. It controls commerce and trade in the southern region. At the inception of play, it is considered to have been in existence for about 200 cycles (years). It is built upon the southwestern tip of the continent, in the desert area that lies between the Dragon's Tail and the Dragon's Footprint, at the mouth of the Southern River that flows across the sand from the north by northwest, out of the Western Jungle beyond the ridge.


The city was founded by the Ansylin people, a desert tribe who discovered the marshland along the coast. Later, the Shimadow people began to immigrate from the Western Jungle, following the river downstream. Recently, Amiradthan people, from the pine forest north of the desert, have also immigrated and quickly risen to powerful positions. Ansylins form the majority of the population.

There was originally one species of people, called the Yahdram. After the War of Heaven, the Yahdram was split into three different species: Aedamans, who populate various grasslands and desert, Faethrins, who populate forests and jungles, and Mhytres, who populate mountainous areas. Of these three species, there are 27 distinct tribes. No Mhytres live in Asylim.

This species of people tends to be taller in height and muscular of build, though colorations may vary dramatically by tribe. Aedamans have bonuses to strength (benefits combat), confluence (benefits magic), and persona (benefits commerce).

This species tends to be average in height but athletically lean of build, though colorations may vary dramatically by tribe. Faethrins have bonuses to motility (benefits combat), cohesion (benefits magic), and knowledge (benefits investigation).
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
The Flats:
This is an unwalled area on the west side of the river in the floodplain of the delta. The natural delta has been augmented for better use by a tiered system of daises made from faux stone, having replaced the first addition of sun dried brick. The cyclic flooding of the river from the rains in the Western Jungle during the Drenching Season normally covers everything below tier two. Occasionally, greater rainfall floods everything below tier three. All permanent structures are above tier three and manufactured of sun dried brick with thatch roofing.


The city is ruled by 7 Magisters, serving, sequentially ending, 6-cycle terms. The positions are elected by popular vote, though there are no term limits. All known methods of intimidation, coercion, and misrepresentation are used during the election process. Generally, the only way that an incumbent is not re-elected is if he dies. All Magisters are male and only males are allowed to hold office, though the Magistrate is comprised of all three resident tribes. Only residents who are paid up on dues are allowed to vote. Each Magister is considered to be of equal authority. The odd number prevents any decision from becoming a tie, as no member may abstain from voting.

Asciutto Zucchero, an Ansylin, holds the Flats seat and is the third youngest Magister at 44 cycles, having held his position for 3 terms. He is known to be petty and boisterous but not so ambitious, though constantly attentive to his power and income. He occasionally visits the Flats to speak to the residents from its Pavilion, in order to show face. The names of the other Magisters are not known to Flats residents.

Commerce and Agriculture:
Cattails, reed cane, and thatch still grow naturally and are harvested from such state. Bulbous bromeliad, okra, rice, and sugar cane are agriculturally managed. Coin is paid and salt is traded by the Harbor for bromeliad fruit, okra, reed cane, rice, and thatch. Fresh water and avocado are traded by the Highlands for rice. Coin is paid by the Artisan District for clays of various consistency, okra seed, and rice. Coin is paid by the Alchemy District for okra seed, rice, and sugar syrup. Coin is paid by the Moonlight District and the Guildmaster District for okra seed and rice.

Laborers are paid a day's wage for the collection of a certain amount of each of those items. Collected materials are taken to the Pavilion for recording and pay before being carried by skiff to loading docks of other districts. Individuals can make extra pay for the collection of various wildlife. Even for characters, daily collection is considered a given, unless avoided by the nature of a post. It is the opportunity for extra coin that provides impetus for advancement.

Other paid labors by residents who are unable or unwilling to venture into the marsh (not player characters) include threshing rice, lashing thatch, and boiling syrup. Elder residents cook community meals at the Pavilion, dry skins, and make straw hats. Various goods can be purchased at the Pavilion, as well.

There is a belief in two main deitific powers, both of whom are considered to be malevolent, and two lesser powers who are semi-benevolent. The most powerful deity is called the Burning Sun, represented by the light source of the day (the sun) and is considered to be male. Blood sacrifice of animals is given to appease him. The second most powerful deity is called the Maelstrom, represented by an actual maelstrom passed the farthest point of land where the two oceans meet and the currents mix. He is also considered to be male. The actual maelstrom is large enough to sink a sizable ship. Blood sacrifice of animals is given for favorable weather and seas.

The two lesser deities are called the Veil of Night and the Cover of Darkness. They are both considered to be female. Flats residents pay no heed to either of these and few even know of them.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Scenario Goals:
This is a different type of game from those I have previously run. Characters in this scenario are most definitely not the "good" guys but should neither be psychotic. Intra-party conflict will not be tolerated, but characters will be motivated by personal advancement, personal gain, and social status, as they are beginning life in the lowest position of the caste system, the Flats. The social status decreed by birth dictates all of life for those not suited to push against such boundaries in order to find a way though them or around them.

Flats residents do not have an insignia coin and are not permitted to travel into other districts, but permission may not be an exact prevention to industrious individuals. Stupidity, however, has harsh consequences that can get characters killed.

Characters will need to learn information of other districts, acquire an insignia coin, and relocate.

Characters should not engage in combat where others may witness and report it and should not visibly display magic.

Generating a Character:
This scenario is designed for basic characters of adolescent age and limited to Ansylins and Shimadows for species and tribe. Gender is irrelevant as only Magisters (which is not a goal) are limited to being male.

Pronounced AN-sil-lin. Usually tall and fit, these coffee colored Aedamans tend to be sociable and peaceably revelrous. Ansylins have bonuses to strength, confluence, and persona and are better suited for physical conflict.


Starting Statistics:

Pronounced SHIM-uh-dow. Usually a bit shorter than average and lean, these unnaturally pale Faethrins, who often mark their skin with various dyes, tend to be impatient and avaricious, though some individuals have adjusted to living in society. Shimadows have bonuses to motility, cohesion, and knowledge and are better suited to magic oriented charcters.


Starting Statistics:

At inception, clothing is rudimentary, which offers no protection during combat, and weaponry is limited to a reed baton and/or staff. Sticks may be sharpened to use as a spike. Player characters are not restricted to the tribal precepts and are discouraged from being malevolent in personality, as this detracts from the playability of the game. Narcissistic will not be considered malevolent in this context.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
OOC: "There must be some kind of way out of here," said the joker to the thief. "There's too much confusion. I can't get no relief..." -- Bob Dylan

"Mita," which was the Shimadow word for mother, "why are we so different from the Ansylins?"

From a child who was just old enough to have lost the pudginess from when he was a toddler, it was not a malicious question. Of course, what he really meant was look differently, since the variations of personalities spanned the gambit through all three species and all 27 tribes of people.

"I do not know, gito," which was the Shimadow word for son, not the boy's name. The woman was a mere mud grubber, as all in the Flats were derogatorily deemed. Prejudice is dictated and taught based upon station of birth, not specific tribe or appearance. The woman was still young enough to be pretty, despite the hard labor and terrible living conditions, which was how she found herself giving birth to a son four and a half seasons after an amorous occasion with an unscrupulous javelineer.

She never ceased harvesting rice while she spoke with her boy. "I can tell you that many, many cycles ago, the Ansylin people left the Burning Sands to found this city, here, where the river that flows from the cliffs that hold the Western Jungle in place empties into the sea. Without this river, there would be no city."

"Our kind, the Shimadow, came later, from the Western Jungle, following the river. At first there was war

She sighed. "Our kind always fights first and negotiates later. Seems backward to me, but I am just a slave. What would I know? Anyway, about 100 cycles back the Shimadow joined the Ansylins in expanding the layout and function of the city. It was a joint effort to form its systems and regulations, but you are too young to be interested in all of that, and I could not competently explain it. I am just a slave."

The boy grew. The mother died, young. The Flats was the worst place in the city to have been born. Criminals who were not put to death were remanded there. The labor was hard, it was constant, and the pay terrible, especially after all the fees. Laboring residents are paid 5 clams a day, of which 1 coin is returned for wildlife protection, 1 coin for voting dues, 1 coin for guild dues, and 1 coin for water rations, leaving each resident with a single coin per day. It made little since to Antapkos. "Why tell a worker he is earning five clams a day when he is only getting one?"

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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Animal encounters may seem incidental but should be intently pursued, as the placement of traps and snares away from harvest areas is advantageous and should be investigated. The placement of snares and traps can be a source of conflict with more able-bodied residents. Common denizens are recognizable by all characters.

various edible Fish: (hand size to arm length)
Valued for meat, anything larger than hand size requires the use of a fishing javelin, which only requires simple skill to make from a native reed cane. Smaller fish may be caught in traps or nets, which must be purchased.

Reptiles: (half arm to arm length)
Valued for their meat and hides, these must be hunted as they cannot be captured in a trap or snare and are often blamed for the destruction of such.

Rodents: (hand size to head size)
The omnivorous marsh rat, which is about the size of a person's head, is valued for its meat and hide. It may be captured in baited snares.

Fowlers: (half arm length to head size)
Though their hides are valued for the production of leather, Opossums, Minks, Otters, and especially Skunks can be dangerous if captured in baited snares for marsh rats.


While all of this character knowledge seems as mundane as the locale of its origin, conflict is assured to rise quickly, giving impetus for that much needed change in lifestyle. Flats characters know very little, aside from general knowledge, of the city and its religion. Local adolescents, filled with the pride of life and feeling indomitable, often try a ploy or two to escape the misfortune of birth. Very few succeed. The most direct method is to walk around the wall separating the Flats from the Highlands, but to actually be identified as belonging there will take a bit of cleverness. Highland residents have and insignia coin. Acquiring one would open further possibilities.

Feel free to PM me or email me at macconnellsylvester@gmail.com or message me on LINE CHAT (id. macconnell). Character records should be kept in Google Documents for mutual editing. Framework records have been created for both tribes and permissions to edit can be sent upon request.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
GM: The Pavilion is generally the starting point for each resident at the beginning of every day. Of course a day off is a day without pay, but sometimes rest is more necessary. Guild clerks from the Guildmaster District, who have been taught to read and write the cuneiform lettering of the Ansylin language, keep ledgers on all aspects of commerce and its laborers. Data on Flats residents is recorded by name. Though no resident can read, they are not prevented from seeing the information. A few have learned to recognize their own name.

"Ho! Top!"

At hearing the commonly used, lazy moniker for his name, Antapkos withdrew from his own thoughts and turned to nod at his friend, who everyone called Cormorant. This was not his name. As most Ansylins were afraid of deep water and flowing currents, the nick name was because of his ability to swim. Cormorant was about a head taller than Antapkos and dark, even for his own tribe, dark as the night when the orange moon was in the sky and the silver moon hidden. Perhaps constantly working in the sun darkened his skin even more. The Shimadows never did darken. They turned a pinkish color. If the pink became too pronounced, the individual may even die from the exposure. Everyone wore hats. Antapkos had figured out that if he was able to keep sweating, he did not burn. Continuing to sweat required water, clean water, which was rationed, and food.
GM: Flats residents wear hats that resemble the oriental jingasa or Mexican sombrero. Guards wear much different hats.

"I am poling this skiff by myself, you sot!"

The two boys had deposited their day's collecting for recording and received their meager coin and were heading farther westward into the marsh to set some traps and snares.

"I am sick of this. I have to get out of here."

Cormorant gave a quick laugh. "Yea, me too. You figure out how to do it, let me know. In the mean time, start poling!"

Antapkos laughed. "All right. All right. Let's go inland at the third cut and see if we can get a rat or two. With some extra coin, maybe we could each get a carving knife. We can't even clean our own game right now. We have to start preparing somehow. Spending our one clam everyday for food is leaving us with nothing."
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Antapkos... "... Let's go inland at the third cut and see if we can get a rat or two..."
Butterflies as big as a person's head and dragonflies as long as a person's arm were a common sight deep in the marsh. Fortunately, there was no such thing as insect pests, no ants in the marsh either, too wet, nothing to bite or sting. A suitable site was chosen and the skiff was pushed up into the reeds. Slogging through the mud, several snares were set in drier locations, and a trap was dropped into the water to get small fish for snare baits. A small rice ball was used to bait the fish trap. The two young men were used to the wet and the mud and settled down near their skiff to rest.

An hour more toward evening, voices were heard nearing their location, then the sound of a skiff or two being poled. Antapkos sat up and noticed Cormorant was rising to his feet. Most people would respect first rights and move on, but some would not. Antapkos stood, retrieving his skiff pole, incase whoever was coming was of the 'not' category.

Cormorant calls out, "Ho! We have this location staked. Move on."
OOC: Each character receives 1 DP.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Cormorant calls out, "Ho! We have this location staked. Move on."
Poling into the inlet are four youths on two skiffs. There is one Ansylin female, one Ansylin male, and two Shimadow males. Each is, maybe, 14 cycles in age, younger than either Antapkos or Cormorant. The girl prodded the Ansylin boy, who is in the same boat. He says, "there are four of us and two of you. You move on."
OOC: Each character receives 2 DP.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
... Ansylin boy... says, "there are four of us and two of you. You move on."
Irritated by the response and deciding to escalate the situation, Antapkos replies, "Do your parents know that you are out here or did you sneak away in the skiffs?"

Some more words and insults are exchanged, but it is obvious that the younger four were intent on a confrontation, because, what they really wanted was trouble. The girl is obviously in charge. More than looks, which might be enough for one boy but not realistically three, it will soon be determined why she is.


OOC: Provide two random rolls with next intended action (printed or LINE CHAT). Each character receives 2 DP.
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