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Brock... Garindell...
Belaria... Jay...
The logic of the quiet commentary from Gaio Verde was undeniable, and Brenda agreed. Brock and Garindell ceased before a single cut had been made. Fit, excited, and energetic, the five youths made a rather quick return to their village, first coming up to the back of the Boar’s Head, signaling one of the cooks to fetch Mayor Giodavi, not wanting to bring the dead animals into the kitchen. Giodavi was greatly pleased by the success of the youths, and waved them on at the mention of taking the hides to the two famous tanners, but bid them return when that business was complete.

The elder Rheini and elder Spiofthest congratulated the five on their success. It was not a condescension, as such would be completely against either man’s nature, but the words were phrased as elders speaking to youths. This particular dialect was not something the youths would even yet recognize, feeling proud of the mention of success. Raven and Leaf offered the youths 15 ocrin for the hides. It was a good offer.

Upon returning to the Boar’s Head, Giodavi sat the youths down and began to tell one of his stories. The man had a gift for speaking, even if he always used too many words. The story of an ancient stone structure in the Thelanarest Forest left undisturbed for a great many cycles piqued the curiosity of the five. This seemed like the type of adventure to give them a name of recognition, not just ridding the community of some fish thieves. The tale of the ancient structure offered mystery and wonder with the possibility of intrigue.

Giodavi was not certain of the exact location, but he assured the youths that it was real. He confessed that he had wanted to search for it many times, himself, but with age came responsibility and the trip was never undertaken. Besides, how could some aged man with a growing belly be expected to traipse off through the forest for a season or two? He might die of fatigue, or at least that is how youngsters would see it.

Depending on how much the forest had grown up or thickened over the centuries, the ruins were supposed to be about 6 to 9 days due southwest of South Road Fair, a direction that no one ever really traveled. Giodavi suggested that the best means of approach would likely be to take the trade road south for 3 days, then divert due west into the trees. Even the topography of the land in that area was not known.
Garindell: full wellness
Brock: full wellness
Belaria: full wellness
Gaio Verde: full wellness
Brenda: full wellness

15 ocrin
OOC: Each character receives 5 DP. State nominal actions and intentions and provide a random roll.

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