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D&D 5E EB's Curse of Strahd IC (Year One)


OOC: The H/I rocks? Thought you were going to use your action next round to climb the J/K rocks.

As Joisah falls he hears the sound of his pistol going off over and over again.

"Good girl," he says as darkness takes him.

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The firing of the pistol brings Digger to semi-consciousness for a brief moment. He is face down in the road, and can feel the hot breath of a wolf on his neck. He can't see what is going on but, he hears a strange male voice before darkness takes him once more.

".... brave little girl. I think we will..."

OOC: Another round of saves please.
Digger AC:16, HP: 00/25, death saves; 1/3 success; 1/3 failure
Irena AC:15, HP: 00/24, death saves; 1/3 success; 2/3 failure; [roll0]
Halo AC:18, HP: 00/27, death saves; 1/3 success; 0/3 failure
Joisah AC:14, HP 00/21, death saves; 0/3 success; 1/3 failure


Halo's eyes open to a golden and warm light all around her. She feels as if she is floating but can't seem to move any part of her body. She watches as she rises up to the bright white center than looks like a slash across the golden glow and knows soon she will become one with the light one with the warmth.

"My daughter," a deep male dwarven voice says sadly. "You must resist, must return. Your soul will be lost should you die upon that evil plane. Please my child resist. Fight, as a true daughter of the All Father."

OOC: I think this may be the last round of saves. Lets see.
Digger AC:16, HP: 00/25, death saves; 2/3 success; 1/3 failure
Irena AC:15, HP: 00/24, death saves; 2/3 success; 2/3 failure; [roll0]
Halo AC:18, HP: 00/27, death saves; 2/3 success; 0/3 failure
Joisah AC:14, HP 00/21, no save - stable

Medicine check: [roll1]


Halo struggles in her resolve. Of course she wants to obey her patron, her father... her god. But it is HIM. He's speaking directly to her, and she swears she can feel the warmth of his breath as he whispers in her ear. Couldn't she have just another few moments?

And then the words echoed again, and endless harmony singing through all of her senses. Resist...

OOC: [roll0]


The young priest wants badly to go to the light, to bask in its warmth and forget the cold cruelness of the mortal world. But she feels a slight almost gentle push on her soul, and the pain of gasping air into her hurt lungs as her soul returns to her body.

Digger AC:16, HP: 00/25, stable [roll0]
Irena AC:15, HP: 00/24, dead
Halo AC:18, HP: 00/27, death saves; 2/3 success; 1/3 failure [roll1], [roll2]
Joisah AC:14, HP 00/21, stable [roll3]


Time: 3:42pm (same day)

You finally awake from the darkness of your near death experience and take a moment to get your bearings. The wolves are gone, save for a few dead ones along the road. And you see Tllly crying in her fathers lap as he rests against a rock and pats her head to calm her.

Your unsure as to why the wolves didn't eat the lot of you, and as you count heads you find someone missing. Ireena is nowhere to be seen, and after a moment all you can get from Tilly is "He took her."

OOC: Everyone is at 1 HP, but poor Irena is dead.
You may (and should) take a short rest.


OOC: Cool beans!

Josiah looked at the first aid Tilly had given him. It was fairly well done. He stroked her hair, trying to calm her.

“We need to rest up,” he said to anyone who could hear. “The wolves haven’t been back. Let’s tend our wounds and regroup.”

OOC: HD used: [roll0]


Halo lays still for a moment on the soft ground, her eyes still closed, the damp earth sifting through her clinching fists and caking underneath her fingernails. I failed her, she whispers into the nothing behind her closed lids as Tilly breaks the news. Forgive me, All-Father, and bless me with the fire and the might to free this realm of that abomination and offer that sweet girl the solace she so deserves.

She slowly makes her way to her feet, and she can see Moradin's blessing already at work.

OOC: Cast prayer of healing to heal six of us for [roll0] hp each.


Tilly huddles close to her father as she listens to Halo chant softly. She has cried herself out and there are no more tears left in her. Sniffling she begins telling her short tale.

"I took the pistol and fired and fired, until the wolf was...was dead." she says staring off at nothing, remembering the event. "And then he said I was brave, and that he would let me save you if I could."

She shivers and looks frightened as she remembers the next part. "Then the world slowed, everything slowed but me, and him. He nodded and said now was my chance. The wolves didn't move or make any noise the world looked like it was in a bubble and I was outside of it looking in."

She looks to the patch work of Joisah's wound and gives a small triumphant smile. "He said that I had earned the right to live, and when the world was right again he sent the wolves away. Yelled at them to go, and they fled back into the forest."

She looks to the trees and then to the sky, "When I turned around he was flying away," she points off to the east. "Carrying the noble woman we met in the scary town with him."

When she finishes a minute later, Halo's ritual is finished and the group is bathed in a warm golden glow and most of their wounds are healed.

OOC: Gave you back one of your HD, as the healing would have gone off before the hour of the short rest was done. Ammo count?? want to say -7 this fight leaving you with 9 bullets left?

You may spend HD if you wish.

Digger AC:16, HP: 12/25, HD 3/3
Halo AC:18, HP: 12/27, HD 3/3
Joisah AC:14, HP 21/21, HD 1/3

Time of Day is now 4:45pm

Level Up!

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