D&D 5E Finally

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Someone mentioned 'Drow Weapon Training'. Is that any different than the normal 'Elven Weapon Training'(Proficiency w/ Long/Short Swords & Bows)?


My brother pointed out that Weird is on the Wizard spell list. Is it the boring 3e "save or die" version, or the fun 2e "mental duel against your greatest enemy" version?

Guys, respectfully, a lot of the questions at this point are asking things that WotC has already revealed, either in the free Basic D&D download you should already have:


or in actual screenshots that were helpfully compiled for us here:


In particular, the proficiencies (saves, weapons, armor, skills, tools) for most classes are there.

And a big round of applause for the kind souls who have the PHB and are being way more tolerant of repetitive questions than I would be.


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The PHB and Starter Set entries are identical.
That is excellent news. The last thing I wanted was to have multiple, slightly different, stats for the same monster. This leads me to believe that when they get added to the Basic PDF and ultimately the Monster Manual, they will continue to be the same (although I expect the Monster Manual to have several common variations, expanded flavor text, as well as a nice picture).

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