GM Needed: SR5 "Blizzard" party for a relaxed game

Full disclosure: this is a cross-posted ad, which will appear in several different places. We're all aware that "looking for GM" requests have a low success rate, so I'm casting about in several places to increase the chance we find a great GM. Now, without further ado...

It sometimes feels like there's only three kinds of SR5 game types:
1. Street games with low numbers, but low options too
2. Only "vanilla" options (no metavariants, priority only, etc.)
3. Expecting high optimization (e.g. 12 dice in core skills is mediocre)

But...we'd like something that isn't those things. Something where we can spend some karma on weird stuff, where we can have some quirky or "snowflakey" characters, where we agree not to optimize hard so the jobs we take don't have to be utterly cutting-edge and we have some room to grow. We're still pretty open on a lot of character- and game-concept stuff, so that's up for discussion. But we're generally agreed that we'd like:
  • openness to fun/zany/offbeat and not-fully-optimized characters, while starting with usual (not street-level/street-scum) resources
  • agreement from players not to push pools too high, especially at the start, so we don't have a session 0 GM/player arms race
  • a slightly more lighthearted tone, that can get serious or humorous at turns
  • a somewhat grounded take while still having colorful characters and situations: somewhere between Pink Mohawk and Brown Business Suit
  • open to both totally street-level and more wide-ranging/globetrotting situations, whatever a GM finds interesting
  • making sure magic isn't the end-all, be-all. It's still cyberpunk!
  • having some room for all three of "This Machine Kills Fascists" jobs, feel-good runs, and moneymaker jobs

On top of all that, we welcome you telling us what YOU, as prospective GM, want from a game of SR5. Nobody wants unenthusiastic participants, and that must include the person running the game! Obviously some of the terms above (snowflake, Pink Mowhawk/Brown Business Suit, feel-good runs, etc.) are in the eye of the beholder, so we can talk it out and, with any luck, find a wonderful partnership.

You can check out my original thread from GitP here.
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