Greatest single seasons of TV

Twin Peaks season 1
The X-Files season 3
Veronica Mars season 1
The Sopranos season 2
Monty Python’s Flying Circus series 1
Lost season 2
Stranger Things season 1
Granada’s Sherlock Holmes series 3
Battlestar Galactica reboot season 2
The Wire season 4

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Here's a few more recent shows, because I can't remember that far back anymore...

The OA, season 1
Sense8, season 1
Hannibal, seasons 1 & 3
Pushing Daisies, season 1 (Did it get more? I can't remember!)

And one classic...

Star Trek (TOS) season 1

Some repeats from others:
Buffy - Season 3
True Detective - Season 1
Hannibal - Season 1?
The Good Place - Season 2

Some new ones to consider:
Twilight Zone - Season 3 (I could easily be talked into Season 1 for this)
The Simpsons - Season 6
Monty Python's Flying Circus - Season 1 (I could easily be talked into 2 or 3 instead)

Alternatives for your consideration:
Ed Sullivan - Season 17 (The Beatles first three appearances, but lots of other good stuff, too)
Jeopardy - Season 20/21 (The Ken Jennings run)
Rick and Morty - Season 1
South Park -Season 1

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