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Mordigaarz seems to be trying to weight the options at first, not fully trusting the situation.

He breaks out all of the sudden in a fit of laughter before putting his sword away and placing a chain around Shadowknaves neck. "Blarmy as Slaadi."

Shadowknave looks incredulously at Sir Reginald. "Is it really the laws of Sigil to steal all a mans things and hand him over to a crazy man!?" The fear in his eyes is evident, he's pleading. His facial expression changes however as Mordigaarz fist catches him in the chin, nearly knocking him from his feet.
"Bonebox closed. Get the dark from you we will. Where put you after depend on you answers." Mordigaarz turns and faces Lex as he starts walking towards the door. "Good chaos. Favor to repay have I."

OOC: Unless anyone has anything further to say or wants to try and stop them the Chaos men will leave with their new prisoner.
Leau watches after the Chaosmen, shaking his head. "I'm not feeling great about this, all around. I'm really not sure that 'escort' counts as letting him go safe." He lifts a hand to scratch at the back of his neck with a sigh. "Still guess it's better than letting him run off to tell his leads. Or figure something new out."


Good Morning, loose ends

With the group remaining in the ruined building a smoke comes in through a gap under the rotting door. It smells of very hot fire and molten metal, the distant noises of the smiths and factories can be heard in the uncomfortable silence of the room.

The path ahead is not clear. The Chaosmen seem to have taken the killer to do with what they will and the implications are that the Dustmen are up to something dark.

Fradak seems to have traded one dark evil place for a darker place with it's own set of problems but takes comfort in the absence of any signs of slavery.

Leau finds himself increasingly wary of this places politics.

Lex has yet to find the person he is looking for.

Sir Reginald wonders if law was served by his current actions.

The silence is broken by the creaking of the door as it opens. A box shaped cheature much like Lex opens the door, looks around, takes a step inside the mechanical sounds of it's movement the only sounds it makes as it turns as if to leave.
OOC: I am sorry but this isn't working well for me. I read the updates, but I keep ending up without absolutely no clue about what to do since the interrogation scene. I feel incapable of picking up any clue... :( I am and will be still here, hoping that someone else would take action because right now it just feels like Sir Reginald has nothing to do but to return to his own errands.


OOC: Sorry, that is my failure as a DM. The intent at this point was that the party would have enough interest in the deaths that they would want to go back to the Dustmen to try to figure out what is going on there and maybe try to put a stop to it.

The Modron walking is is a door opening to another possible quest but no one seemed to interact with it. Let me see if maybe I can open that door a little further and you guys can decide if we want to call it quits or you want to follow one of these 2 paths.

The odd Modron stops in the doorway, turns, walks back to Lex, taps three times on his forehead and looks around at the others in the room.

"Is this one awake or still connected to Primus?" The modron seems slightly confused as to if it is talking to Lex or the rest of you.

"I am Click Clack. Please answer the inquiry."
*Slowly approaches Leau and whispering"

"I need you to facilitate my dishonest interaction with this other modron. Please accompany my ruse."


Click Clack stands in the doorway, looking around at the party, focusing on Lex last and trying to copy his winning smile. The result is something fairly unsettling.
For all intents and purposes he seems to be analyzing the other Modron in the room.

Click Clack is odd for a Modron. Marked by damage and with a greenish almost tarnished tint to his body and wearing a faded stamp imprinted in the upper right front corner of the side of his "head" that looks like the emblem of the Society of Sensation.
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Most in the party have heard of the society of Sensation (Often called Sensates). Their mission is to experience all there is to experience, in order that one might learn more of the multiverse. A Modron being connected to them in any way other than as a tool would seem odd.

In general the Harmonium distrust them, and the feelings are somewhat mutual. The Harmonium doesn't like the members of the Sensates that have a tendency to roar around drunk on whatever sort of liquor and ale and cause all sorts of trouble. But secretly, some members of the Harmonium see the political power of the Sensates and worry... they're accomplishing more through song and dance than the Harmonium has in all their years in Sigil.
Leau turns his head briefly to Lex. He blinks, nods slowly once, and deals with it all by trying his own hand at that charming smile.
Between the imitation and his unease, it's also disquieting. "Sure. I haven't the foggiest with these."
*To Click Clack, in the staggered speech pattern modrons commonly use*

"Does unit: m/Click Clack require assistance in open routine, yes or no?"


"Oh... It has been so long. Let me see."

Click Clack seems to think for a moment.

"Srch command log march bad command unit not ready override user name admin primus execute"

Click Clacks speech seems old fashioned and not necessarily correct to Lex. While he waits for a response he turns to the others in the room.

"Did this one seem to shudder or freeze up momentarily recently? Any strange behavior?"


The Modron does not seem hostile but is clearly concerned about something.
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Click Clack brings both hands up to the side of his head. "Oh no! That should not have happened. I seem to have broken your Modron. Unless it always acts like this. I will leave before I do more harm."

Click Clack Turns and starts out into the street. As he is leaving. "Try to find me if he starts acting... More Strange, or starts reporting errors from Primus."

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