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D&D 5E Greenmtn's Planescape Game IC


"The gate to the realm of flame is nice and warm. The zombies seem to decay at a normal rate. Do you use an ointment to keep the undead from drying out in the warmth? " Ashir really wondering why the mortuary sends the bodies to the flames and keeps the place warm .

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In the Mortuary

Toranna almost smiles at Ashir's questions.
"There isn't much point in preserving the bodies of the laborers. Skeletons can do any job that Zombies can and smell less, most of the mortuary is kept cooler than this however. I like that you show interest. Have you interest in joining and seeking final death?"

As the blackened slab is pulled back out of the portal you notice there is no longer any sign of a body on it and within moments the portal closes leaving an empty stone archway where it was.

"If you are interested in Joining I could bring you to someone that you could talk to about that. Otherwise if there are no further questions perhaps we should be going, I am sure by now I am needed back at the entrance."

Deus Machina

First Post
Leau seems to have given up the habit of wrapping his arms around himself. Now he's twisting at one of his braids nervously, almost threatening to start a new dred with it. He nods stiffly alongside Khefren with a whisper. "Yeah, I agree. Changed my mind; I'm not really scared of these zombies. They're not... uncontrolled. I'm scared of being trapped with them if the boss gets ideas."
He still keeps his eyes darting, though. Zombies aren't exactly the high point of his time even in the city.
And, while walking upstairs is hardly an issue of anything but some coordination, he has to prepare himself to walk down stairs.


Talking with Toranna

Toranna's eyes narrow for a second and her body shifts slightly showing that she is uncomfortable with something in this situation. "No," She then collects herself. "I could check my notes but I don't remember that persons body coming here recently."

Since you went with Investigation I'm going to treat it as you were looking strictly at body language there than tone, inflection, voice, etc.
Deception [roll0]

You get the impression that she knows the name and isn't willing to talk about it.
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mike peabody

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*Takes Toranna's hand gently in his mechanical grasp, speaks sweetly, quietly, and without patronizing*

"Toranna, I know the Dustmen seek the truth. Integrity and a correct apprehension of reality are important. I also know it is not easy to be completely oneself while at work. As a modron, I know that well, perhaps better than anyone. If you would like to meet with us later, near the Shattered Temple, we would make ourselves available and honor your discretion."

1d20+4 1D20+4 = [8]+4 = 12


Talking with Toranna

"With so many meeting final death most are sent to other planes. The flames of the plane of fire destroy the bodies of those who don't make other arrangements."

Toranna looks at the Modron kind of sideways with a look on her face that is a mixture of confusion and discomfort.

"Right then, Since you have seen what you came here to see, it seems our business is done. I will see you out."

Toranna escorts you out of the mortuary. When you get back outside you notice that it is getting darker as it is closer to Antipeak than Peak and that the crowds are thinning.

In parting Toranna say "be sure to come again if you would like to sign a contract."

Just after Toranna leaves you notice a figure coming towards you.


She quickly moves her head in several quick motions, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, then reaches out and shakes Lex's hand before running off without a word. After a moment of confusion trying to make sense of the interaction Lex realizes there is a small piece of paper in his palm.

[sblock=Letter to Lex]He's been found, come see me. BM[/sblock]


Outside the Mortuary

Lex leads the group for quite some time through the cities winding roads and alley ways. If the district you were in before were bad, things have only gotten worse. Razorvine grows over empty tenement style buildings. The streets are empty except for the occasional rat that scurries away. The sky is now getting darker but visibility is not yet affected. Lex finds the sign he is looking for. 2 torches above a door, burning with an enchanted red flame.
The building looks abandoned other than the torches, The weathered door warped and cracked, barely still on it's hinges and seeming to be held in place more by friction than any kind of latch. The windows are all covered and there is no sign of light coming from inside.

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