D&D 5E Greenmtn's Planescape Game IC

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Click Clack leaves, walking the streets of Sigil apparently oblivious to the fact he is being followed by the group.

At one point he stops a boy in the street. You over hear him asking the boy where the nearest transportation station is and after giving the boy 2 coppers he is given directions.

The next thing of note you see as you follow him is when he stops to pick up a piece of trash off the street and looks at it. From your vantage point you can tell that it is a copy of a subscription newspaper called SIGIS.

"OH! OH No. The timing is off. Something must be wrong. I need to find help." Click Clack deposits the paper in the trash and starts walking away hurriedly.

As you begin to follow you glance at the discarded paper and a headline reading "Modrons March Through Automata Chaos in Gatetown to Mechanus


Click Clack seems driven, focused on getting to his destinations quickly but interacts with people around him in a way that leaves no doubt that this Modron has gone Rogue.

He finally arrives at his destination. A shop that seems to move and gyrate with sliding sections moving in and out up and down with a magnificent clock tower rising above it all. The door it's self opens and closes regularly as you approach.

Inside he stands on a gear mounted horizontally on a vertical screw that it spins up and down slowly transporting people to other levels of the building. He quickly steps off at a raised area still on this level. You can over hear him talking to a Gnome. Seemingly trying to work with him to confirm when the last time something happened was.

You see Gnomes, Dwarfs and other studious creatures seem to be inside at various workstations tinkering on all manners of mechanisms.

A man in thick glasses and a heavy leather jacket quickly comes up to you. "Hello Hello Hello! And welcome to the hands of time. How can I help you today?"

Epic Threats

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