(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1


5ever, or until 2024
"Hopefully the scout is safe. In any case this may be our best chance to find anyone or anything of interest still in the Steading"

He looks at the Reeve then the Rogue as he says the last part.

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By now, Bible and Jack had sorted and counted their treasure. In coins of varying denominations, origins, and vintage; and gems of various size, cut, and rarity (including a gem that was cut in the form of a coin, carved with a foreign prince's family crest, and used only in high-end shipping contracts) they had a grand total of 824.27 when valued in standard gold. In addition, one of the two gourds held healing potion - Bible recognised the smell (though this was worse - sweeter). The gourde was so large, that they could split it into four smaller vessels without losing potency. The other gourde was something of a mystery.

OOC: A mystery that can be solved with a dc14 arcana or investigation check


Jack stands as the wizard studies the gourd. Looking at first to Bible, then to the steading, he says quietly, "We need to go back. In there, somewhere, are answers. I mean to find them."

Then more loudly to the party, "Now if I were them, I'd have barred the courtyard gate - and left a few guards behind to boot. Maybe up in that watchtower." Turning his attention to the druid, he adds, "Any chance you can pull off that owl trick again to case the joint?" He then tightens the straps to his pack after carefully backing away the party's treasure.


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"I think Jack has, erm, the right of it. We were told to find answers, and all we know now is a rough idea of the scope of it - not why they have banded together nor any details that will break them up.

"Also, before we get to the steading I can make one person fly or one person invisible. At least until I need to cast another spell."

Quinn nods to Jack. He agrees with the need to investigate the steading more. When Jack asks him if he can take the form of an owl again he nods a second time.

"Yes, I can take the form of an owl and scout the compound again."

OOC: Posting this here as well.

Just a heads up I am going camping with my son on Wednesday through the weekend. I will have minimal internet access while there. If you need to have Quinn do something feel free.

Just in case Quinn will cast Pass Without Trace before we move back to the steading. I will also transform into an owl to scout the area when we arrive. If Tenibor does not cast Telepathic Bond again I will create an eerie token and hand it to someone so I can relay what I see while scouting.


Tenibor sniffed the strange liquid in the gourde. It seemed that Varrga had been taking "performance enhancing" potions to steel his reputation as a mighty giant. This was a potion of Giant Strength, made by the Cloud Giants of the Cumulous Citadel, to bring their non-giant minions up to snuff. To gain the potion's full effect, one would have to drink it's full contents - quite the task for a man-sized creature. On the other hand, prolonged exposure in small quantities might serve as well.

OOC: It's a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, but it's a gallon (4.5 litres). As an action, you can drink the whole thing if you pass a dc13 CON Save, and gain a 27 STR. Otherwise, if you take gulps (or if you fail the save) there are 10 uses, but you must roll 1d6: 1-3) a use is wasted; no effect; 4) STR 19; 5) STR 21; 6) STR 23. Each time you use it, you gain a cumulative +1 to future rolls. All STR gains last 1 hour.
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Cromby passed his spyglass around and allowed a few of the others to take turns at his lookout position behind a rocky outcropping. From there, they could see the north-east corner of the steading. A few orcs had survived, and they, along with a few grubby hill giant "schlubs", had piled bodies in front of the north and east gates, and set them on fire. The fires burned still (and probably would throughout the night). Then the gates had been closed, and presumably double-barred.

A somewhat surprising failure on the giant's part, was that their previous approach (using the outbuilding as cover from the watchtower, until they were able to sneak around the exterior walls) appeared to still be available for them to exploit.

"They may be good at bashin' heads," said Cromby while shaking his head and whistling, "But hill giants're not known for smarts."


OOC: So can we assume Quinn has taken owl formed and performed an aerial recon while we approach the corner of the outbuilding again? If so, can we get a map of what he sees?

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