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D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


OOC: Not sure what time of day it is. Thinking we could bed down this day and then say we talk to all the guides in the morning/afternoon and are all together deciding who to pick.

Again are funds may be doing some of the deciding for us. lol

"We're goin' then," the dwarf asks? "Guid I need sume sleep it be true."

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Dusty Dragon
Plenty of time for a good meal, a drink and some rest!

... we can't afford most of these guides, so it does limit the list somewhat... I guess all that is left is choosing who's side adventure we mind the least...


OOC: Well... you could also try to talk the guides down on it, if there's one you like that you can't afford. Technically, you won't hear about their rates until you speak to them. I will take into account that I haven't been too generous with the loot.


"Gawasha seems to be the no-brainer. Druid, Emerald Enclave, Undead hunter, no up front payment. And ready to negotiate if we kill undead. It's almost too good to be true."


Qawasha was clearly an eccentric. He and his vegepigmy companion constantly argued (by pounding on their chests and making strange popping noises, as well as various hand gestures - vegepigmies did not have voices).

He said, during the interview at the Thundering Lizard, "The Chwinga have guided me to you. I had only just returned to Port Nyanzaru from Fort Beluarian when you summoned me here. I have heard of the violence perpetrated by Jobal against guides who operate outside of his influence - beatings, blindings, even beheadings. I do not have his permission, but I have the protection of the Flaming Fist. Unofortunately for you, The Flaming Fist can be similarly brutal to adventurers who operate without their Charter."

He argued with the vegepigmy for a moment and said, "You may avoid their patrols in the west, but if your travels take you east, you may regret it if you do not first go to Fort Beluarian and purchase a charter. I can take you there, or we can go west and if we run into a patrol, I can perhaps speak on your behalf."


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo agreed with Fradak, but was a bit concerned by the interview - both by the eccentricity, but also by the power plays being revealed

"I'm sorry... but who is Jobal you speak of?" He then added Our destination is the the south west, away from the Flaming fist's fort, if I am not mistaken
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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Miss Imogen corrects Rodrigo's claim. "With respect, Rodrigo, that is not true. I have repeatedly been assured that a journey to Fort Belurian, and beyond, was on our itinerary. And I have told you of its pirate queen. Is it no longer your intention to follow all of the threads which guide us? Perhaps I must be clearer: I am working with this group on the assumption we will realize our several goals. If that is not to be the case, sir, then perhaps we should visit the fort before Camp Righteous." She knows this is an unrealistic expectation, but she is concerned at being used and ignored. She pulls her weight. If the group is not committed to achieving her task eventually, then she has no reason to risk her life for them.

(reference back at post 389)


Miss Imogen had gone to Poe's Pottery House and spoken to her uncle. He had been concerned about the snakes, and interested in acquiring them, she could tell, but he told her that it was part of the open-hand agreement that he must tell her to give them to the Wren, who could better assess their threat.

Regarding going to the fort, her uncle was again content to wait. His plan was to journey there as a servant named Rokah to gather information, but there was still much to do in Port Nyanzaru, and it could wait until they returned from Camp Righteous. On the other hand, he was ready to go at a moment's notice, if the Sticks chose to go.

She had returned to the Thundering Lizard after a light supper with her uncle, to find Rodrigo, Dellrak, and Chrysagon interviewing guides.

OOC: Sorry I jumped around a bit. It's after supper at the Thundering Lizard. I haven't seen 'Goyle around, so at the moment, 'Harb' is off doing whatever he does. The plan, I suppose, is to hire a guide and set off in the morning.

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