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D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


The disembarkation occurred twenty miles (or so) up the river, near the first of what would be several waterfalls. This was not one of those sheer cliff-style falls, but a rolling series of drops that led to a deep wide pool of slow-moving water. The Brazen Pegasus anchored there, the anchor-cable pulling taught with the current.

When the canoe was dragged heavily up to the side of the ship, it was found that its protective tarp had failed - the boat was nearly full of water. It had to be bailed before the Sticks could row it to shore. Ruddy climbed down the side and helped with a large bucket, but the incessant rain made it impossible to ever complete the task.

Qawasha said, "We can roll it over and dump out the rest when we get to shore. The first part of our journey will be to carry the canoe up the trail around the falls. It looks like the way is still clear from the last expedition, so at least you won't be hacking at the jungle."

His vegepigmy companion made a squeak and pounded on its chest.

"Weed will lead the way." Qawasha translated, "Come, we have six hours of daylight, and this first mile will likely take one of them from us."

Captain Swift said, "Good luck on your expedition. Keep an eye out for zombies."

Ruddy gave Miss Imogen a bear-hug and helped her down into the canoe. When everyone was aboard, the canoe cast-off. Before the sticks even had all the oars in the water, the Brazen Pegasus had raised its anchor and was working its way about. The crew waved, a few of them shaking their heads as they went back to work.

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Dusty Dragon
OOC: So we are no

Rodrigo gave the captain a salute - "thank you and safe travels"

He then turned to the others.

"We should get going. Anyone here is familiar with canoeing? I've dabbled with them as a youth but I am no sailor... but we must make haste before the rain get worse."

"Once on land, I propose that one of us be on guard at all time while the others carry - this is heavy work, and distracting. We can rotate the position so that everyone gets a breather."


"I've left solid ground only twice, including this one. So, I'm sure that you and Qawasha will manage."

Chrysagon kneeld at one end of the canoe and looking to Rodrigo, said "Ok, Rod. Ready? 1-2-3 Humph... Ho shìt! Let's go, let's go, let's go!"

Grumbling, Chrysagon reviewed mentally everything the dwarf put in that boat yesterday.

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Harb was mostly quiet for the entire trip, almost seeming to compete with Ruddy for the least vocal. When the rain started he stayed out on deck, content to soak in the atmosphere and meditate in some unused portion of deck. When the time came to depart, he took to bailing the canoe out and kept doing that as they set off, helping to keep them afloat until they could reach land.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Miss Imogen received Ruddy's hug warmly. Normally, her guard was up, but there was no need for such interpersonal defenses. Even in the rain, the man's huge chest smelled like a spring mountainside, she thought.

She blamed herself for the leak in the tarp -- her supervision had been inadequate, and she hoped her colleagues did not blame her for this. Nevertheless, she was tired quickly, and grateful for the leadership of the small vegepygmy.

As instructed, she kept watch for zombies.


It took a few moments for Rodrigo to get everyone rowing in the correct order and some of the sailors laughed as the Brazen Pegasus pulled away, but soon enough, the Sticks had a rhythm, and they pulled to shore below the waterfall as the rain beat down on them.

The canoe was lifted out and flipped over, and drained of water. While it was very large and awkward, it wasn't particularly heavy. Two could carry it for very short distances and four made it quite manageable. The way was hacked clear of underbrush and the Vegepigmy, who Qawasha called simply "Weed", led the way squeaking and thumping when it wanted attention.

It was just past mid-day and in spite of the rain it was very very hot. Qawasha constantly pointed out plants that were beneficial or dangerous, and he had the Sticks drink from a large leaf that had collected water, to avoid using their limited supply as often as possible.

OOC: Okay, let's get some checks. At least two need to carry the Canoe at any given point. Your options for Tasks at this point, then, are: Keep an Eye Out for Trouble (Perception); Carry the Canoe (Athletics); Help Navigate (Survival); Forage for Extra Food or Water (Survival;. Other (You Tell Me). We will cover two hours here, so if you want to do one thing for an hour and then another for the other hour, go ahead. Everyone give me two rolls, even if you chose to do the same thing twice.


Harb took the lead of the canoe and did his best to keep an eye out ahead for danger as they moved. He also paid attention to their guides dissertations as he had a working knowledge of medicine and was always seeking to learn more. He politely asked the man to take some samples of each so that he could study them during rest stops.

OOC: Harb should be able to keep an eye out as long as he's at the front of the canoe he isn't terribly strong but is intent on pulling his weight.



Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Miss Imogen watches the men juggle the canoe between them. Instead she walks near the front, with Qawasha and Weed. The water pouring down her face makes keeping her vision clear difficult. Nevertheless she does what she can to help navigate and forage.

OOC: Survival (untrained): [roll0]. [roll1].

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