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5E (IC) Scourge of Daggerford

Titus & Enseth

Titus the Wolf leapt up at the gates and bounced off, making only a light thumping noise. Enseth, on the other hand, made a loud crashing noise as he tried to throw open the gates himself. The goblins' wedge held, and the doors remained closed. The two goblins on the bridge called for backup while furiously trying to get the bridge to burn.

OOC: Yikes. Those are some bad rolls. Others can try, or they can shoot through the window. (Dandin could fit through the window, if he wants to be on the other side.)

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Dandin winces as first Titus and then Enseth bounce off of the door. He looked at the setup with a quizzical eye and then shrugged.

"Can somebody give me a boost? Maybe I can open it from the other side. Er, and maybe shooting a few arrows to make those goblins think twice about their strategy?"

With a quick boost, Dandin squeezes through the window and drops into a crouch to take a look at the door.

OOC: If it's something he can easily remove he will. If not, he'll draw his rapier and charge the goblins.

Squeezing through the little window, Dandin landed on the top of the bridge-ramp. He spotted the trouble immediately and yanked the bent metal spikes out from under the gates. Satisfied, he opened the gates to let the others through. By this time, the goblins had seen him and were moving up the ramp. Averiel dashed along a branch of the tree she had climbed and jumped over to the narrow ledge of the upper bailey's palisade. She saw Dandin and she sent some covering fire.

OOC: I am out so I will put her arrows on my next post when I get home. Gate is Open.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tommi has primed three stones, and is ready to burst through the doors. He's sore, but ready. Gutter is hanging from his belt, its horrific deformed handle visible across Tommi's belly.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Nothing happens as the Daggerfordians bump against the gate. It's only when Dandin is pushed through the hole that the gate is opened, and Tommi worries about his friend as he begins to run.

He launches a stone at the nearest goblin he can, and then runs south, towards the boats, wanting to catch them before any of the villagers are taken away for good.

OOC: Move: 30' through the gate and south.
Bonus: Dash, another 30'.
Attack (at convenient point along that movement), at a goblin. Ideally one that is setting a bridge on fire, and better yet if it is adjacent to an ally. (I can't see where or what that would be from this map).
To hit: [roll0]. If a hit, damage = [roll1], plus [roll2] if possible.

Tommi swings his sling, but finds the rock can't even stay in the saddle, as it tumbles uselessly to the ground.

OOC: strategy: This is just a suggestion, but with three major groups (church, tree, docks), and the leader being at the docks, I think that has to be the first target. If we can clean that up quickly, then the leader is down. If reinforcements come, they'll be from the tree, and that leaves that group of villagers undefended. If the goblins at the tree stay with those villagers, then there are no reinforcements.

I think we don't want stealth (true?), since we want to pull the gobs away from the villagers. If we secure the dock, kill the leader, I think we have our best chance. Feel free to offer alternatives, if you think this analysis is incorrect).

OOC: Just so you know, the Bridge is about 60 feet long, sloping downward. Even double-moving Tommi would only just reach the goblins. There won't be any allies there yet. I can't imagine how anyone else would get there before Tommi. Edit: Except maybe ORB4. I had forgotten how fast its speed is. Morwin could do it too, but he would have to double-move. Turns out ORB4 could get to either goblin and still use the "Help" action.
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Titus races across the bridge to the nearest goblin, snarling at them.

OOC: Gotta do something. I’ve got a 40 ft speed, so I can make it to them, but I can’t attack till next turn. I’ll move 40 and dodge.

OOC: Titus' Round One action was attacking the gate. The goblins were always expecting the possibility of trouble from the upper bailey, so there's no surprise here. Edit: You can let me know what you want Morwin to do, though.


OOC: Ah. Right. Silly me.

Morwin will fly overhead, just another flying thing nobody pays attention to, keeping an eye on things. He’ll take the Dodge Action.

Tommi & Averiel vs Goblin1

As the goblins began to move toward Dandin, Tommi ran past him, dropping his sling-stone. Averiel gave them both covering fire from her perch on the palisade, striking one arrow into one of the goblin arsonists. The goblin squeaked, but it was only wounded.

Damage Taken:
(BGs) Goblin1 4 (Averiel's Arrow);
(PCs) None; (NPCs) None
Averiel's arrows vs Goblin1
2#1d20+5: 2 # 18 [1d20=13] 6 [1d20=1]
2#1d6+2: 2 # 4 [1d6=2] 6 [1d6=4]

OOC: I'll just have Angis dash after Tommi so we can move on...

Angis & Goblin2 & 3

As Tommi ran down the bridge alone, Angis thought Ach laddie, yuir gonna get yuirself killed f'shuir. So he ran after Tommi as fast as his dwarven legs could take him. He saw two more goblins, who had been in a dark lane between buildings, run out into the firelight. One slung a stone at Tommi, striking him in the cheek, while the other ran up the bridge to engage the boy with a spear.

Damage Taken:
(BGs) None;
(PCs) Tommi 3 (G3's Sling Stone);
(NPCs) None
Goblin3 Sling Stone vs Tommi
1d20+4: 15 [1d20=11]
1d4+2: 3 [1d4=1]

Location: Julkoun Lower Bailey; Encounter: Gorhag the Slaver & his Blood-White Banner

End Round One; Begin Round Two

[sblock=Party (PCs)]
Name * (Space) * Perc * AC * HP * Hit Dice * Notes
Angis (CQ14) PP14* AC14 HP 31/31 THP3/3 HD 3/3
Dandin (CV9) PP14 AC14 HP 18/18 HD 3/3
Enseth (CW8) PP14 AC20* HP 22/22 HD 1/3
Wolf-Titus (CU8) PP13/18 AC13 HP 11/11 THP 3/3
Tommi (CP18) PP14 AC14 HP 11/21 HD 3/3
[sblock=Allies (NPCs)]
Averiel (DE14) PP15* AC14 HP 26/27 THP 3/3 HD 2/3
Morwin (CN13) PP15* AC12 HP 5/5 Dodge
ORB4 (CU14) PP13* AC11 HP 1/1
Zasha (AZ14) PP11 AC11 HP 3/3 (Hidden)
Julkounians (Lots)
[Sblock=Enemies (BGs)]
GoblinBully1 (CM20)
Goblin1 (CP19) HP less 4
Goblin2 (CN19)
Goblin3 (CI23)
Hobgoblin1 (BT26)
Hobgoblin2 (B25)
Near Tree
HobArcher1 (AT40)
Hobgoblin3 (BF49)
GoblinBully2 (BH45)
Goblin4 (BK45)
Goblin5 (BK47)
HobArcher2 (BO51)
Gohrag (CK58)
GoblinBully3 (CL56)
Goblin6 (CM63)
Hobgoblin4 (CP59)
HobArcher3 (CL64)
Bannerman1 (CM65)
Bannerman2 (CP54)
Town Shrine
Hobgoblin5 (AB35)
Hobgoblin6 (AB41
GoblinBully4 (AE36)
Goblin7 (AH36)
Goblin8 (AI39)

[sblock=Map] JLBailey2.png

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
OOC: It's hard to tell from the map, but is Tommi now in Melee range of the goblins on the bridge, or is there still more than 5' between them. In the former case, he could use his reaction from round 1 to move an additional 15' (as a skirmisher), with no opportunity attacks. In the latter case, he's free to use his sling without penalties. If he moves, it would be retreating 15' (back up the bridge) to maintain distance from the ones burning the bridge. Thanks.


It'd worked. Now his friends were spilling out across the bridge. Dandin followed Tommi and Angus. He tried to sling a stone of his own, but the swaying of the bridge tripped him up and the stone splashed into the water below.

OOC: Sling:: 1d20+4 5 1d4+2 3

Yay, natural 1!

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Unable to get a clean shot with his sling, Tommi stands in the middle of the bridge, and wonders what to do.

Twelve Years Earlier...
Tommi and Sheren are playing at the edge of the Daggerford wall, where they've been hiding together all day. Their hands have brushed each other a few times over the course of the day, but now as twilight falls, their fingers are entwined and each is smiling privately to themselves. This is not the evening that they kiss for the first time, but it is a moment they both remember. The town constabulary were going around lighting torches on the main streets, a slow process that helps keep Daggerford safe, until the lamps run out. It's the same job Sheren's current team perform nightly, though she no longer has to take part. But back then, that night, hiding in the shadows holding hands, the two of them watched Old Miller struggle with a light, but it always going out. It was being extinguished by Tommi, who had always had the Gift, and could play with flames like this as a lark. Old Miller was struggling to fill the lamp, raise his torch, and as soon as it was lit, Tommi would twitch his nose and snuff it.

The third time, Sheren laughed aloud. A warm laugh and a squeeze of his hand, and that's the bit Tommi remembers best. Miller blustered and chased them, and who knows if he finished his tasks that night. It had been mean to pick on them, but Tommi had made Sheren laugh, and she was still holding his hand, as she pulled him into Jyn's house, where Tommi's mother made them tea.

The Present.
Tommi stands on the bridge, watching the goblins trying to light the bridge, and all he can think to do is to snuff out the flames. He'll run and dodge, but for now, he starts with the biggest flame he can see, and wonders if he can frustrate the goblins by snuffing their flames the same way he did Old Miller all those years ago.

Tommi twitched his nose.

OOC: Since there's no one to help with sneak attack, case Druidcraft, to start extinguishing fires --- the spell works on anything up to a small campfire. Perhaps the goblins aren't that far along.

move and (bonus) dodge to keep out of the way.


Titus, as a wolf, races to the goblins.

OOC: As a wolf, Titus has a 40 ft speed, but I don't think that's enough to make it to the nearest goblin. If not, Dodge action. If he can, Bite with Advantage due to Pack Tactics: [roll0] or [roll1] with a DC 11 Strength Save or be knocked prone.


It'd worked. Now his friends were spilling out across the bridge. Dandin followed Tommi and Angus. He tried to sling a stone of his own, but the swaying of the bridge tripped him up and the stone splashed into the water below.

OOC: Sling:: 1d20+4 5 1d4+2 3

Yay, natural 1!
OOC: Der, forgot I get free rerolls on a nat 1 per Halfling Lucky abil.



Angis Honack
Julkoun/Goblin barracks
10:05 PM
Round 2

The goblins were still too far away for Angis to engage. He muttered the words of a spell, marking a goblin, and rushed forward, throwing a handaxe at the creature, then quickly pulled another handaxe to replace it.

[sblock=Angis’ Actions]
Free Object Interaction: Draw handaxe
Action: Throw handaxe (disadvantage range)
Handaxe: 1d20+4 18
Handaxe: 1d20+4 24
Disadvantage avoids the crit, but 18 should still hit.
Damage & Hunter's Mark: 2d6+2 13
Bonus Action: Move Hunter’s Mark
Horde Breaker:
Reaction: Absorb Elements or Opportunity Attack
Concentration: Hunter’s Mark (Closest Goblin)

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +1
Perception: +4
Speed: 25
AC: 14
HP: 31/31+3thp HD: 3/3d10+2

Bolts: 15
Bolts used: 0
Handaxes: 11/12

1) 2/3 Absorb Elements, Cure Wounds, Hunter’s Mark
4/4 Boon of the Elk. Can cast Knock four times (without the loud sound) as an Action. Until he uses the last one, non-good aligned Fey count among his Favoured Enemies.

[sblock=Party Loot]

Stop at Julkoun and ask about Estor the priest for Hadesha, the priestess of Chauntea in Daggerford. DEAD
Find out the fate of the storyteller Findledan (Jester’s Pride tavern) for the dryad Oyfanen outside Julkoun.

Tommi - human rogue urban bounty hunter
Dandin - halfling bard guild merchant
Enseth - warforged war cleric shield guardian
Angis Honack - dwarven ranger outlander merchant
Drui Holderhock - dwarven cleric of Tempus soldier
Titus - human Waterdhavian noble fighter


Angis stepped in front of Tommi and flung his handaxe into a goblin who was chasing Jynn's boy up the bridge. The axe buried itself in the goblin's chest with a hard thump and the goblin fell on its back with its arms and legs splayed. Though distracted by thoughts of the past, Tommi concentrated and the flames on one side of the bridge burnt low, and then went out. The goblin with a torch that was there cursed in frustration and began to move up the bridge, only to be harassed by ORB4. Enseth followed his familiar with a javelin, that pierced the goblin through its neck, and it too fell to the wet wood of the bridge.

The goblin on the other side of the bridge rushed forward with his torch as Enseth formed a front-line with Angis. The goblin shoved the torch in Enseth's face and stabbed him in the abdomen with a pronged fork, disrupting some of the Shield Guardian's systems. Then suddenly, from behind Enseth, leapt the wolf that was Titus, and it knocked the goblin on his back and mauled him with powerful jaws.

Dandin slung a stone, hoping to get the goblin at the bottom of the bridge. For a moment, he thought the stone had gone in the moat, but the splash he heard was something else - the stone had slipped free of his sling early and hurled high in the air. By some miracle, the goblin moved forward to sling a stone of his own at Angis, which struck the dwarf in the cheek. Then Dandin's stone came down and knocked the goblin on the head. The goblin staggered, and Averiel put two arrows into it from her perch on top of the upper bailey's palisade.

Aside from the goblin under Titus' paws, who was still struggling, the bridge was clear. However, a hobgoblin who had heard the ruckus came running from between the village's buildings. He had not raised an alarm, but he would soon.

GM: Fhew! That's a lot.
Damage Taken:
(BGs) Goblin1 6 (Enseth's Javelin, Dead); Goblin2 13+ (Angis' Crit wasn't long-range, Dead); GoblinBully1 8 (Titus' Wolf Bite); Goblin3 3 (Dandin's stone) & 4 & 5 (Averiel's arrows) (Dead);
(PCs) Enseth 9 (GoblinBully1 Fork Crit); Angis 4 (Goblin3's stone);
(NPCs) None
GoblinBully1 Fork vs Enseth
1d20+5: 25 [1d20=20] Crit!! 2d4+3: 9 [2d4=2, 4]
tglassy forgot to roll Wolf Bite Damage:
2d4+2: 8 [2d4=3, 3]
GoblinBully1 Strenght Save
1d20-1: 4 [1d20=5
Goblin3 Sling vs Angis
1d20+4: [B]20 [1d20=16]
1d4+2: 4 [1d4=2]
Averiel's arrows vs Goblin3
2#1d20+4: 2 # 21 [1d20=17] 17 [1d20=13]
2#1d6+2: 2 # 4 [1d6=2] 5 [1d6=3]

Halloween Horror For 5E