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5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (Ensemble)


First Post
"Do we really wish to fight a dragon that is already dead?" Zander asks perplexed. "Why not hit some of the treasure, run as quick as we can. Then hide till the coast is clear, and repeat as needed?"

OOC: hit, run, hide, the highland way

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Prickly Pear

I am ready to go, says Sesto. May Lathander's Light lead your way forward!
SnorLoska chuckles. You will need all Lathander's help that you can get the way you rattle and clunk when you walk.

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Dusty Dragon
Udit frowned. "But, uh, how do we know if it's the same dragon? The cult may have brought their own, weaker pet skeleton-zombie-uh-mummy dragon, and are relying on the fearsome reputation of the predecessor? Imani was certain that the big, Dretchorooster whatever, was still asleep..."

Zalena shrugs, "You can always hope that is true. No one that I know of has seen a dragon bigger than the one that sits in the Audience Chamber, as far as I know."

Halloween Horror For 5E