D&D 5E If WotC Did A New Setting Search

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The difference between semi-finalists and finalists is that the finalists sold the IP to WotC just to move forwards in the competition: the two other finalists actually got their material absorbed into Ebrron by the time it came to print.

But the semi-finalists could publish on their own.
That's what I remember too. People were able to assemble a list of 7 of 11 of the finalist entries. WotC didn't disclose what the settings were, and not every author disclosed their submission.


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Exactly. The "Black Legend" nonsense is pure rewriting history. It's the literal denial of multiple genocides.
Yep. I have no issue with also calling French, English, and Belgian colonizing forces of the era a bunch of monsters, especially Belgium’s actions in Congo. It happened, some of us live in the places where these things left long scars. It is what it is.

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