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An IP inspired in a no-Western civilitation is possible. A good example is Disney's Aladin. I don't talk only about the movies but mainly the TV show where new characters and monsters are added and the mythology becomes richer. Maybe in a future Hasbro talks with Disney and we could see a D&D version of Aladin and Mulan places in al-Qadim and Kara-tur.

In the entertaiment industry you shouldn't point with the finger and say "you are the bad guys" because you can get into troubles, and this means losing audience. Don't dare to believe you are smarter and you are saying a truth so big as a cathedral. For the other side it is only your own point of view based in your prejudices, and then your speech loses all credibility. If you are in a debate you have to remember the other has got the right to doubt all said by you. You can't force them to believe you. Your strategy has to be realistic. If you disrespect then they are going to untrust you and they will not want to keep listening you.

I would bet if WotC is going to publish a new setting based in a no-Western culture would be Japan, they know that market and the manganime is popular in the Western culture. Other option would be collabs with 3PPs to be published within D&DBeyond, and this would be right.

If the sales of a future D&D LEGO are good, maybe we could see Kaladesh because this has got vehicles.

Some times I wonder if "Legend of the five Rings" could be added to the D&D multiverse in the future, but let's remember WotC would rather to start from zero with absolute creative freedom.

Other point is a no-Western fantasy could need space for possible new classes, for example the psionic mystic and the martial adepts. This could be an important key in the marketing strategy.

* Maybe the future plane "Thunder Junction" is added to the D&D multiverse. This is Far-West themed but with magic instead of firearms, and then power-balance shoulnd't be so easy to be broken. Bloomburrow would need a lot of work for new PC species. Duskmourn is a horror setting where maybe the firearms are possible, but the bullets aren't so useful against the supernatural menace.


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Anyone scratching even a tiny bit below the surfaces of global human history will quickly realize there is no culture/people with clean hands. There’s blood in everyone’s ancestry.

So it’s pretty disappointing when someone tries to minimize the horrors of their own heritage in comparison to others.

Let’s stop going down that path…in this thread and others, thank you.

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What would make it? Probably a bunch of hopepunk that I would have zero interest in.
I dunno if they really need to do a setting contest. Just look at all the huge kickstarters.
I think there's truth in both of these, honestly.

@darjr is right about there being a lot of huge Kickstarters, but I will say that there's a big difference between being an officially endorsed and integrated setting that might appear in future WotC products, and a 3PP setting. Eberron has had more real influence on D&D than any number of 3PP settings, I'd say.

And re: the settings that do get made via KS and the like - I think they're often ones recent WotC wouldn't even consider, for various reasons, but often because they're either in competition with existing WotC settings, or because they're not on-brand and safe enough for WotC (even though many are pretty safe!).

And I think @Scribe is right that certainly the WotC of say, two years ago, if they did a setting contest, would absolutely go for a very safe and very unchallenging setting, and quite likely one presenting as "Hopepunk", of the specific kind which doesn't really have any punk - i.e. there's nothing being rebelled against, it's just a jolly setting where, inexplicably, the main mode of play remains going out with weapons and spells and slaughtering sentient beings and taking their stuff.

I do think you could do something interesting with a hopeful setting - a fantasy version of Star Trek (but on a single world), with a good guy "Federation" equivalent surrounded by antagonists - not unakin to Blue Rose's default setting (which long predates "Hopepunk"), but I don't think the recent WotC is the company to do that.

I say recent, because who knows where WotC will go in the future? But I kind of think until WotC are willing to take a few more risks and to move away from seemingly wanting everything to be as safe as possible, any setting contest would be rather counterproductive.


A setting of demigods gathering followers to boost themselves into an opening in the setting's pantheon cold be a top 5.

There could be one demigod for each class and each one runs a dungeon that acts as the base of their power in which the PC can delve to steal their stuff.

And as demigods, they could act as warlock patrons, paladin oaths, and cleric gods and as BBEGs for the PCs to defeat over and over as they crawl out the Underworld after being slain if their followers remain.

WOTC could promote these named heroic and villainous demigods and their henchmen in dice, toys,and video games.


One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
would 'a world that actually makes you need to apply survival and exploration mechanics' be a controversial suggestion?


B/X Known World
Cool show where someone is doing that in this thread.

False. This is a whitewashing of history to make one of the worst colonizing forces in history into the good guys just so their modern descendants don’t have to admit their ancestors did wrong.

You mean the history told by the contemporaries in Latin America (stop with the Hispanoamerica stuff, no one who lives here says that) and their descendants? Because that’s where this history comes from, not from Britain or France.

Who am I marking with tags? Cortez?

Okay, sure. He was a murderous genocidal monster. 🤷‍♂️

And don’t give me any “bad apple” nonsense. No one in power tried to stop him. No one in power tried to stop the church from converting the natives at the end of a sword (or as often, by threat of starvation and the kidnapping of children and forcing them into reeducation schools).

Saints. You don’t have to live in the part of the world that still bears the scars from your “saints”. Burn your saints.

If you dismiss all of history that doesn’t appeal to you as enemy propaganda, you won’t know down from up.
Exactly. The "Black Legend" nonsense is pure rewriting history. It's the literal denial of multiple genocides.

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