In Defence of Chickens - DCC RPG (OOC)


Alright, in that case @FitzTheRuke it's your turn. Markus is directly in front of the wounded minotaur monster, together with the injured Dav. Wenzel is just by the side of the door as well. There's too much of a crush by door for Talia to get stuck in.

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Sorry for the glacial pace this week, kids - been a bit busy for me.

@FitzTheRuke - Margrit'll be able to get up to the group this go, and can examine Dav next turn. Give me an intelligence check for her next turn (with a d20, since she's a healer after all!)

@jmuchiello - most of your lot are right by the door with the monsters, Prinx can reach them this go if she wants to. What do you want to do?


The dice don't like you lot, but you finally brought the big boy down!

@thirdkingdom - Koby is just near the bunch by the doors and could squeeze past them if he wants to deal with the rest of the beastmen. The rest about a good 40 ft away, out of danger (for now...)


Yep, up for it:)

Just gotta catch up, Ill try and do the character roll ups by tomorrow
Good stuff. I was looking for someone to take over thirdkingdom's guys, so they're already rolled up. Here's the gang:

0-level Occupation: Orphan
Strength: 7 (-1)
Agility: 12 (0)
Stamina: 11 (0)
Personality: 13 (+1)
Intelligence: 14 (+1)
Luck: 5 (-2)

AC: 10; HP: 2
Weapon: Club -1 (1d4-3)
Speed: 30; Init: 0; Ref: 0; Fort: 0; Will: 1

Equipment: Hammer - small (5 sp)
Trade good: Rag doll
Starting Funds: 41 cp
Lucky sign: Path of the bear (Melee damage rolls) (-2)
Languages: Common, Bugbear
Alignment: Neutral

0-level Occupation: Dwarven blacksmith
Strength: 9 (0)
Agility: 10 (0)
Stamina: 12 (0)
Personality: 14 (+1)
Intelligence: 16 (+2)
Luck: 13 (+1)

AC: 10; HP: 4
Weapon: Hammer (as club) +0 (1d4)
Speed: 20; Init: 0; Ref: 0; Fort: 1; Will: 1

Equipment: Backpack (2 gp)
Trade good: Mithril (1 oz.)
Starting Funds: 15 cp
Lucky sign: Lived through famine (Fortitude saving throws) (+1)
Languages: Common, Dwarf, Bugbear, Troglodyte
Racial Traits: Dwarven ability: Infravision
Alignment: Neutral

0-level Occupation: Dwarven miner
Strength: 13 (+1)
Agility: 8 (-1)
Stamina: 14 (+1)
Personality: 8 (-1)
Intelligence: 10 (0)
Luck: 10 (0)

AC: 9; HP: 4
Weapon: Pick (as club) +1 (1d4+1)
Speed: 20; Init: -1; Ref: -1; Fort: 1; Will: -1

Equipment: Holy water (1 vial) (25 gp)
Trade good: Lantern
Starting Funds: 40 cp
Lucky sign: Fox's cunning (Find/disable traps) (+0)
Languages: Common, Dwarf
Racial Traits: Dwarven ability: Infravision
Alignment: Neutral

0-level Occupation: Elven navigator
Strength: 12 (0)
Agility: 11 (0)
Stamina: 13 (+1)
Personality: 7 (-1)
Intelligence: 14 (+1)
Luck: 14 (+1)

AC: 10; HP: 5
Weapon: Shortbow +0 (1d6)
Speed: 30; Init: 0; Ref: 0; Fort: 1; Will: -1

Equipment: Flint and steel (15 cp)
Trade good: Spyglass
Starting Funds: 20 cp
Lucky sign: Raised by wolves (Unarmed attack rolls) (+1)
Languages: Common, Elf, Harpy
Racial Traits: Elven traits: Heightened senses, iron vulnerability
Alignment: Neutral

Below's the setup. The dwarves and the elf are off by the fire-damaged building. They're a good 40 ft from the main huddle in front of the surviving tower. Koby is stood just behind the gang in front of the tower, who have just killed a big bull-headed monstrosity. From behind the corpse of the monster a gaggle of twisted and mutated figures are running towards you - in the darkness in the back you can see more human looking shapes dangling from ropes.

Koby could squeeze through the throng and tackle the monsters head on, if he's the suicidal type.


(incidentally, anyone know why I'm no longer able to share images from imgur?)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Hoping to hold the line, but with their poor rolls, I don't hold out much hope for them... ;) See the IC thread.


Alright kids. Calvin and Ranken are both dead. The monsters stormed through the gap just created and are running towards the portcullis you opened. @FitzTheRuke - how would your characters like to react to a bunch of monstrosities running past them?

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