(IR) The 3rd IR, 2nd Turn (thread 2)

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The Shade ambassador responds:

Of course we do not wish a war with the Empire of Iuz.
It is not our fault you have deployed forces to the Cairn Hills to our east, and to the Kevellond League, to our west.
Do not presume to tell us that this is meant as a peaceful gesture!

Do you realize that, while your forces are down here threatening us, the Solistarim are sitting on your northern border with their entire army, untouched?
They do not wish the Rule of Shade, of the Rule of Law.
They only wish the destruction of us all, as they themselves have stated.

The Union of Aerdi is wise, for it has fortified it's borders and has amassed it's troops.
Enemies that threatened it have been annulled, and through strength peace is kept.

Will you do this, Iuz?
Will you remain at peace, and observe the Rule of Law?

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I will ferry the troops from Toril, taking care that no one can zap in and take control of the controls so to speak. Also I will be careful that the dwarves don't get to close to the robots.
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Edena- I thought you ruled that the Ferry Services were out of Action Points at the moment. Has this changed? If so I don't really mind just curious.


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Okay, hold on. Time out. I just looked at the map.

EDENA: What is the force of the Robots, approximately? 8PL?

If that's the case, then I have a change of plans. I'm not going to need any ferrying.

But I need 100% confirmation first that a 10 to 15PL force could take down the robots. (I can't believe Veluna doesn't have one -- shees!)

William Ronald


Veluna and the other Kevellond League nations are not very large individually. At most each has about 8 PL or so.

I have granted the UC of Toril an embassy in my lands.

Also, Kalanyr, the dwarven spelljammers move at 200 miles per hour. Sufficient to move troops face.

Dagger, thanks again. See my e-mail.:)
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Black Omega

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Re: A plea for help

William Ronald said:
The Kevellond League humbly and respectfully asks the Sky-Sea League and the Dwarven Spelljammers for their aid in transporting the troops of the UC of Toril to fight the robots.
We weren't asked but with the HF airbattle over...reluctantly...and only because it will save countless innocent lives in Veluna...the Elven Spelljammers will help get the troops of the UC there to stop them. If The Kevellond League can work with Iuz, we can work with the UC. This once.

"The Kevellond League agrees with the eloquent statements of Turrosh Mak, Emperor of the Pomarj. We stand with our allies. Our representative will arrive at the same time as the representative of the Emperor of the Pomarj."
The Coalition of Light and Shadow stands with it's allies will send a representative from the Seelie Court to this meeting. The cease fire will be honored. POW's (we took prisoners? Wow...) will be well treated and closely watched. the prisoner exchange idea is a good one.


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Ah, good.
Creamsteak's forces did not cause the Truce hammered out between Turrosh Mak, Dagger, Williams, and the Shades to collapse (hehe, I was so hoping he would attack ...)

- - -

The Torilians come to Veluna.
They go up against the robots.

None of those watching, via magic or otherwise, have seen anything like this before.
THESE are humanoids, with a capital H.
Think of Lurtz, from Fellowship of the Ring, with the brains of Einstein, and the psionic power of an Athan Adept to boot.
Think of kobolds with extremely high levels as sorcerers, able to move with the speed of a high level monk, and the fighting ability of the best of the warriors of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

They go in, and they take out those robots.
They know how to fight high tech enemies, unlike the Oerthians, for they've had to do it before.
They sneak, play hide and seek with the enemy radar and motion sensors, and they win as often as lose.
When they are hit by beam weapons or lasers, they survive hits that would kill an ordinary humanoid, or for that matter any human or demihuman.
Even missing arms, legs, or with hideous wounds across the torso, they somehow manage to leap right up and still smash at those robots.

They are carrying swords and daggers with enchantments that the adamantite armor of the robots cannot resist (imagine it hitting your knights with their ordinary armor, or better yet ... don't).
Those blades, sword and knife, go through the armor plating, into the chipboards, right into the motherboards that run the enemy computers, and control the robots.
The humanoids of Toril seem to know exactly where to strike.
They play cat and mouse with the big machines, until they have the chance to leap upon them, and hack through their legs, or carve holes in their foot thick armor, crawling inside to sabotage the device from within.
They hide underground, and come up below their foes, stabbing through their lower plates into their electronic brains.

Thousands of Torilian humanoids die in the assault, as the energy weapons and high explosives of the robots do their work, but the robots go down, one by one, until the battlefield is covered in the wreckage of robots for as far as the eye can see.

Finally, the robots realize that here is a force that is their match, and they retreat.
The humanoids give furious chase, and the robots continue to fall, stabbed, slashed, broken into spare parts, all the way back across Bissel, and far into the Barrier Peaks.

Only then do the humanoids of Toril stop pursuing.

The humanoids of Toril pursue without rest, without sleep, with a stamina and energy that would be a match for the Chosen of Mystra, and with a strength that rivals that of the titans.
Never before has Oerth been witness to such humanoids ... humanoids far superior in intellect and body than most of those they are defending.

When the battle is over, a great part of the Torilian force is dead, so they take their dead and return them to their base.
Apparently for resurrection.

That was only a tithe of the total force landed on Oerth by Toril.
A tithe. And it did all that.
Their main force did not deploy against the robots, or do anything at all.
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"Kender-kissing" my ass.

That was great.

Edena -- you can ignore my last email, I guess. Or take whatever parts of it you like -- clearly, what was important, happened :).

Turrosh Mak -- what do you think?

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Hand and Eye of Piratecat [Moderator]
William Ronald said:
I have contacted Darkness who is playing the Baklunish. I have asked them to call off the attack.
Done - we let the drow and their allies be. For now, at least...


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Correspendence to the Shade:

“Rule of Law, huh…cackle, cackle, cackle…That’s a good one…cackle, cackle, cackle”

“Your Rule of Law under you, I suppose” (Laughing continues for several pages)

“Oh, Oh, wait a minute, my side is beginning to hurt” (script gets a blurry as obviously the writer is grasping his side)

“Oh, Oh Melkor you jokester you…”

“Seriously, though have the troops entered your territory, no. We had discussed this at length and I thought we had come to an understanding. Clearly, this was not the case. The troops are merely there as a reminder. I can be your friend, I can be your enemy, or I can simply withhold my help and the forces of good will swarm you under.”

“My patience grows thin and my troops restless”

Iuz the Giggling


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Irongate, beset and losing to Acererak, sends a message to Forrester:

Please, save us! The demilich Acererak is literally devouring our people, and there are a hundred thousand innocent people in this city.
We saw you defeat the robots. We scried, and we saw.
We know you have the strength to save us.
We plead with you.




(There is nobody else who can save Irongate, for the record.)
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Edena- As soon as the Crescent forces back off (if they do) a PL 20 group of Kobolds and Formian is dipatched to deal with the Robot's spaceship.


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Where is Irongate on the map?

There are gates to Irongate, I understand -- which is closest to the west side of the map?

And how strong is Acerak at this point?


I really need a Prime Directive. The innocents should have gone with the Angels . . .

Turrosh Mak

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To Serpenteye

To The God-King of the Great Kingdom:

No doubt you are aware of the united Commonwealths deployment of forces in Veluna, and their sucessful battle against the strange consructs from the mountains.

Do you still think that they are soft?
Do you still think that they have forgotten what it is to be a warrior?

If you do, then I suggest you come to their embassy in Keoland and tell that to their face.

~Turrosh mak, Emperor of the Pomarj and Protector of Ulek~

(OCC:William has asked me to speak for his faction, as well as for the factions of zelda and Uvenelei, whom he was speaking for.)


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Kalanyr's force goes against the mothership itself.
Needless to say, the battle lights up the Barrier Peaks like a grand fireworks show was in progress.


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If I think there is a risk of the City of the Gods being awoken if the spaceship is bothered, then some of my troops (10PL worth) will guard the spaceship from anyone f*cking with it.

I mean, we're in the area, right?

Anyone going to the Spaceship -- you might well defeat my force -- but it will bring the rest of my army in against you.



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To Forrester:

Acererak is VERY, VERY strong!!! (as strong as he is evil)
And the entire might of the Scarlet Brotherhood stands with him.
And there are no Gates to Irongate (not now.)

Also, the Dark Union of Oerth is probably Acererak's ally.

Your force can deploy there using the Flying Citadels of the Sky-Sea League run by Kaboom, or the Dwarven Spelljamming Mountains of Dagger.

- - -

Uh, Forrester, Kalanyr's force reached the crashed spaceship first (and it is not anywhere near the City of the Gods, by the way.)
Do you really want to attack Kalanyr's force?
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Can the innocents still get to the Angels?

I will not enter the war in such a grand way -- you Oerthians need to work this stuff out for yourself.

But I will encourage the Border Guard/Angels to save the people of Irongate who wish to leave.


Turrosh Mak

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The gates to Irongate were sealed when Acerierak Captured the other end.
They will not be reopened because of the powerful death magics cast over the gate by the lich.

If you help Irongate (which I hope You do) you will need to find annother route there...


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The Angels cannot help, Forrester.

You can.

If you do, you will face war. Very great war.

If you do not, Acererak and his Minions will devour a hundred thousand souls, while the bodies melt into goo and evaporate.

It is that simple.

Dagger, Kaboom, you must ferry Forrester's troops if they decide to go to Irongate.
That pulls you into this, too.
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