(IR) The 3rd IR, 2nd Turn (thread 2)

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William Ronald

An expression of gratitude

"The Kevellond League is eternally greatfuly to the Dwarven spelljammers, the Union of Light and Shadow, and the United Commonwealth of Toril for their aid in this time. We ask each of you to take residence at the village sized embassy grounds we have allocated for you and all our valiant allies."

"You have acted bravely to save the lives of the innocent."

"The Union of Light and Shadow does have a concern about the fey having left Toril and the possible evils of industrialization. Certainly we have no wish to see a repeat of the wars Toril experienced. Also, it would be a tragic loss for Oerth if the fey ever left."

"We respectfully urge the United Commonwealth of Toril to discuss the possible return of the fey to Toril. Siobhan Surenir (sorry for any mispelling, Black Omega) is a representative of the court of Oberon and Titania. The return of the fey to Toril could only add to its beauty and well being."

"Such negotiations would be difficult, but I believe worthwhile. The fey have proven their courage countless times. The representative of the court of Oberon and Titania has my undying gratitude and respect."

"To the Prince Corond, I send 40 barrels of the finest ale. I send the Union of Light and Shadow a gift of 40 of the finest barrels of wine. To the UC of Toril, I give 40 barrels of the finest brandy."

"I salute the warriors of the UC of Toril. I spoke with some. They are well disciplined, dedicated, loyal and intelligent. They are truly remarkable individuals."

"To all my allies, I ask that you please set up your embassies in the places I have provided for you. Let them be centers for peace and mutual understanding."

"The Kevellond League lands are home to peoples of many races, creeds, and beliefs. We have learned to work together inspite of our differences. We urge all to seek to resolve their differences in the name of peace."

"I believe what unites us is far more important than what divides us. Truly the troops of the UC of Toril seem to embody that spirit."

"In the name of the people of Veluna, the Kevellond League, and my god Rao, I express my gratitude."

Turrosh Mak, I have to get ready for a real life game. I cede control of the Kevollond League forces to you. Uvenelei, when he left last night, gave me control of his forces. Zelda, who is away for the weekend, has left me in control of her army near the dark swamp.

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This a question, not a complaint:

When is turn 3 goint to start?

We have had several battles, a robot invasion, Acerack is eating people. The Shade have gone from smart-aleks to boot-lickers to smart-alecks, again.....

The not knowing is making planning difficult.... :)


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To Turrosh Mak, To Edena

Turrosh Mak said:
To The God-King of the Great Kingdom:

No doubt you are aware of the united Commonwealths deployment of forces in Veluna, and their sucessful battle against the strange consructs from the mountains.

Do you still think that they are soft?
Do you still think that they have forgotten what it is to be a warrior?

If you do, then I suggest you come to their embassy in Keoland and tell that to their face.

~Turrosh mak, Emperor of the Pomarj and Protector of Ulek~

To Turrosh Mak, Emperor of the pomarj

I never questioned their strength. In fact it was because of their strength I considered them the greatest potential threat to the independence of Oerth. I feared their involvement in the war that is now ending. I know they could have destroyed us. I know they can still destroy us all.

The God Emperor of the Dark Union of Oerth and the Great Empire of Aerdi

Edena: We no longer attack anybody, our forces have redeployed to defensive positions. They have withdrawn from the battles in the Duchy of urnst and against the lendore fleet.


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Edena, I just sent you an email regarding the possibility of a few of my archmages teleporting to Irongate and creating teleportation circles to help with evacuation --


trying to reopen the gates/create a new one. I have the best elven wizards and kobold sorcerers, you know :).

But I'm not going to try to talk someone into ferrying 100PL of forces over there to enter the war. The ferries probably aren't there, meaning I couldn't get there in time anyway :(.



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Forrester, you can do that.
Based on Maudlin's playing, Acererak will immediately respond, I do believe.

I now await Acererak's response - his theoretical response if you have not yet sent those mages - to your attempt to help the people of Irongate.

For you see, Acererak, himself, is IN the city of Irongate. Personally leading the assault.
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Message sent to the UC only:

I will ferry any troops that need to be moved. Where ever you want to go this turn, I will take them. The Free Council will not stand idly by and watch thousands perish.

To Edena:

If nothing changes or the UC will not make a move. I send the Dwarves to rescue as many as possible.
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Edena -- you said "Yes you can"

To which? Creation of a gate? Opening a gate?
Or only teleporting in mages?

And I thought that Irongate hadn't fallen quite yet.

It has -- completely? Acerak and his forces are INSIDE Irongate?

Um . . . that's, like, bad.

I don't think there's anything I can do, then. The few PL of forces I could teleport in would be quickly killed by Acerak and his overwhelming numbers.

Sorry, guys :(.


If he is IN Irongate, I will not sacrifice the dwarves on a suicidal rescue mission. Though if many can be rescued aboard the spelljamming mountains, with not too much risk, then that is ok.
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If its an attack force, I will carry them no matter the risk to myself.


Since he has not taken Irongate, I think a rescue mission to evacuate the populace could be acomplished, I defer the decison to the UC.
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To Acererak

"Though we under the terms of our alliance support your attack on the Iron League I believe it would be in your best interest to cooperate with the evacuation of Irongate or at least not obstruct the Commonwealths efforts overmuch. I ask you to consider what a UC involvement in the war would mean for your chances of success."

The God Emperor of the Dark Union of Oerth and the Great Empire of Aerdi (Peacemaker)


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This is my final decision, given Irongate has not yet fallen.

I will send some archmages to help teleport out as many as we can -- or bring them safely to the dwarven spelljammers. The mages will be escorted by 20PL-->10PL worth of soldiers.

I will blow many Limited Wishes, and even a Wish/Miracle spell or two. Yes, I realize that I will probably take a small PL hit, or some other thing, for using Wishes, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

But I'm not going to do any massive troop ferrying. Hopefully, though, my brave mages (who obviously won't stick around to fight to the death) and my Wishes will save as many inhabitants as possible. But combat will be avoided when possible -- when it is not, we leave.

I am also interested in finding out, Edena, if my forces are attacked by:

1) Acerak
2) The Scarlet Brotherhood
3) Anyone else

So I know that I need to crush them mercilessly later on.

Just a helpful reminder: I have 450PL-->225PL forces on Toril, demilich-boy. That doesn't include the copious numbers of epic-level NPCs traveling with me. You've eaten enough -- let them go. (And the Scarlet Brotherhood should SURELY be wise enough to know when they've gone too far . . . )

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I did'nt read the whole thing yet, as I just got back, but if theres still Riftcrag, the League of Warlords will hold off attack (remove troops) on the Duchy of Urnst and continue defending their territories (against Creamsteak, if he still attacks).
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Hand and Eye of Piratecat [Moderator]
As it is not too long yet, I'll leave this thread open for now, so Edena can post statistics or a summary or something if he wants. :)


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I'd read this if I were you

As Bonedagger is leaving the IR, Vecna and Vecna's Legions are now must be played by someone else.

I will run Vecna and Vecna's Legions.

I knew about Vecna 20 years ago IRL. I have known of him since I was a kid, first starting in Dungeons and Dragons.

Be afraid. Be very, very, very afraid.

I say this to all of you now:

If Vecna can destroy you all, including all of Toril, Vecna will destroy you all, including all of Toril.
I have worked hard on the IR.
I will work equally hard, within the rules, to ensure that Vecna wins.

As Boromir told Frodo in a certain recent film:

What chance do you think you have?
You will be found.
They will take the Ring.
And you will beg for death before they are finished.

If Vecna wins, all of Oerth, Toril, Greyspace, and Realmspace will be pulled into Ravenloft, and will remain there, forever.

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