Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]

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World of Kulan DM
@MetaVoid: Here is the corrected map. I only moved Rockhorn and Spritewing another 40 feet to be just past Tim. If you want them to be another 20 feet into the room, then let me know where exactly.

(I also fixed it to say 'stasis'. Heh.)

Tim and Rockhorn Enters the Portal Room.png


World of Kulan DM
Initiative Order (Round One)
Phelix's Corrupted Portal: n/a (goes first every round until dispelled/destroyed)
Strike Force Loyalist Soldier: 18 (new combatants)
Vincenzo: 18 (double move)
Tim: 17 (full attack; hits)
Custodio: 16 (runs [x4])
Tuck: 14 (moves; fires hand crossbow at thug)
Vitus: 12
Akos: 12
Rockhorn and Spritewing: 11

Strike Force Brelish Thug: 10 (arrived near end of special surprise round)
Falen: 8
The Deaf-Mute Knight (prone; critically wounded; poisoned): 1
Trapped Genie (temporal stasis; near death): n/a
(no actions until freed)
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World of Kulan DM
Update to the portal room map with the new combatants for round one. The four Loyalist Soldiers go first, then Vincenzo and and Tim. The Loyalists closest to the knight and Rockhorn will move to attack them. The other two will move to attack Tim.

I'll post their attacks later. I need to take a break for a while to rest my arm.

Loyalists Come Through the Portal.png

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Tim, realizing the gravity of the situation, decides to take a defensive approach to this fight.

He will not dual wield with Rizvan; he will simply use the shield for defense only.

Tim's normal attacks with his greatsword are +19/+14.

His normal AC is 29.

He will call 3 pts. of Combat Expertise, making his AC 32.

That will give him two attacks with the greatsword, at a rating of +16/+11.

Since it's not yet his turn, the AoO will be at his normal dual wield number (+17)

Has anyone cast any buffs that I should know about?


World of Kulan DM
Taking a bit of a break from my computer for a while before posting my next IC reply.

EDIT: Custodio will run (x4) to get into the fight. Tuck will move inside and find a place from which to fire his light crossbow.

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