[LPF] Bats in the Belfry


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"Don't worry!" shouts Syldar. "We'll help you!"

[sblock="Dice roller"]Is the dice roller broken? I've tried four different ways to roll initiative, but nothing has shown up yet. If the GM can roll 1d20+5 for me, that would be my initiative.[/sblock]

[sblock="Stat block"]HP: 8/8
AC(T/FF): 16/13/13
Speed: 30
Bardic music: 3/6
Spells used: Level 1: 0/2

Init (from HolyMan): 23
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Aldern Foxglove

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"Huh, we will? Sure why not. I like heroic, fits my face, I can do heroic!" Izzik says, stopping with one foot in the air and spinning on his heel. "Fear not fair..." he squints, "um, I mean poorly skilled halfling punters! Aressa this way love."

Aressa turns back and wrinkles her nose dubiously, "I don't like water..."

"Because you're a kitty." Izzik injects nodding his head agreeably.

"I hate you so much."


"Time to get out of the way, Alf." Ausk comments as he watches the scene on the gondola. A blur of a weasel disappears into the nearest shadows to watch the upcoming fun.

[sblock=ooc]How deep is the water or does Ausk have a way of knowing?[/sblock]

[sblock=stat block] HP = 11/11
AC/Flat/Touch = 14/12/12
Speed = 20
Level 1 spells = 0/4 used[/sblock]

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Maia waves gaily at the strangers accosting her, but when the halfling falls in the water her expression turns to one of horror, and she starts running along the bridge, east, towards the fracas!

[sblock=Statblock]HP: 9/9
AC(T/FF): 12/12/10
Speed: 20
Cloak of Stars (hrs/day) 1/1
Spell Slots Remaining: Level 1: 4/4[/sblock]
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Thy wounds are healed!
[sblock=OOC] Sorry sunshadow21 Ausk is new in town (if you had any ranks in know local that would be different ;)). I will roll Syldar's init after I post this. Can everyone go back and add in a Stat block to their above post please (and thank you).

Shayuri east or west. East is towards Ausk(and the side of the boat the halfling fell in) - West is towards the group. Just edit in the above post, plz.

Well give [MENTION=10309]Otakkun[/MENTION] a little time not sure what's up but we should wait a little.


Thy wounds are healed!
Round 1

Hurrying to the waters edge Ausk sees it is dark as night and still rippling from the halflings impromptu swim. He scans the area around the boat and sees... (perception check plz.)

The others near the edge and as Xan's eidolon hits the water they decide what to do.

INIT Order:
Syldar 23
Ausk 22
Aressa 19
Mia 18
Xan 17
Izzik 17
Xan's eidolon 14 - currently in water
enemy 14

Group is up.


Ausk checks out the scene more thoroughly while telling the strange voices inside his head its time to put up or shut up, asking for their help in the upcoming fray (casting guidance).


Thy wounds are healed!
[sblock=Ausk] Your character notices a small dark splotch near the boat. It is even darker than the water. [/sblock]

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