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I haven't thought much about the many questions you all ask. My usual is about typical of D&D assumptions, I think. Magic is present but not ubiquitous like Eberron. Setting will be a frontier Barony on the edge of The Wilds, a place where all races mingle and all sub-races may be found to some extent. This Barony is built on the ruins of an ancient kingdom, and the Baron's castle re-built and expanded the palace of the ancient king and subsumed other nearby structures. (They built things smaller in those days.) These are rumored to include a temple and a wizard's tower. Some parts of the ancient construction have portions that have not been visited in recent memory, and strange noises are occasionally heard emanating from the deepest parts of the basements.

How does that grab everybody? Actually, it came out sounding more 'haunted-housy' than I intend. But there is a dungeon entrance right under the Baron's castle. I don't know the details of Gary Gygax's Greyhawk game, but I have heard some things and that's kinda what I was going for.
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That sounds good to me! Good old fashioned dungeon crawl! Which method would you prefer for the character generation method? Point-buy/Standard Array or dice-roll?


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Dungeon delving under the barons castle sounds fine to me.

If you don't specify what method of stat generation to use, I'm just going to use cyotecode to roll & go from there.


Sounds good! What is everyone thinking of playing? I tend towards fighter-types, but if we need a proper thief I got a character for that! :)


Hmmm, I'm quite busy the next week or so, so not likely to be able to do much.

After that I will be having a lot of free time if you are still looking for players.

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