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Needs more 4e games! Every time I find one it's either closed or has so many recruits already.
L4W should provide more 4e games. Probably getting up and running within a few weeks (at the latest by our mid-sept deadline). See my sig for links to the wiki (explains more details).

We're currently doing a lot of voting on various issues, so if you think you're interested you might want to take a gander at the forum too (also in my sig).


First Post
I think its really pissy when everyone drops their 3.5 games just to play with a new rulebook. We have all spent quite a bit of time building and growing our characters just to be dropped like an old game by a child that sees a new toy. I thought the story was whats important in PbP not the mechanics, I guess I was wrong. :( (granted this rant is because I can't afford the new books, but its still a valid arguement)

Re-recruiting for Kill Bargle! A Pathfinder RPG Beta Playtest

Hi folks,

This is to let you know that I am re-recruiting for the Pathfinder RPG adventure "Kill Bargle!" which I am running. I am looking for a few (3-4) (1-2) interested players who'd enjoy a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl/revenge adventure.

Please post your character concepts to THIS THREAD. Rules for character creation can be found in the first post of this thread.

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L4w opens!

The Living 4th Edition Enworld Campaign Setting is (finally!) open. [main wiki forum]. Our Launch date is September 15th (give or take a bit) but we're open for characters and adventure submissions now. We have launched.

The Character Creation Guide will help you get started, or you can look at the setting (Transitive Isles) for inspiration.

Right now we're anticipating 4 games around launch with more hopefully opening soon after.
If you're interested in running a game please take a look at our (very rough) Adventure Submission Guidelines and email the judges [l4w.judges@gmail.com] with your submission (or if you're not sure you can just post to the Adventures I'm thinking about running thread)

Incidentally DMs will be rewarded with DM credits for running games. The details are buried in the forum right now but it's fairly generous (provided you manage to actually complete your game; disappear in the middle of the game and you'll be left with nothing).

Please note: we're launching with PhB + races in the appendix of the Monster Manual as the only available material to make PCs. That decision will be revisited three months after launch, however for the time being it is non-negotiable; so no swordmages or genasi to start and drow/warforged/etc can't use material from dragon or other non PhB sources.
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L4W has launched. We have one game already going and two ~ three more that will probably start before the end of the month (we have an adventure approval process and all that so it takes a bit).

Right now we have an investigative city game and a monstrous pirates game that still have slots open (as of this post anyway).

If your interested in playing 4e consider visiting the forum, the Character Creation Guide will help you get started, or you can just poke around the setting (Transitive Isles) and see if its interesting.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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