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[NEW] Star Frontier Adventure [IC]

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"Is there any chance you can expedite a requisition for me? There is a chance the Bernard's might be hiding in the higher altitudes. We'll need respirators if that is the case." Alex thinks for a second. "A military scanner would also be nice."


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"I'll forward your request to the Quartermasters. Stop by there and speak with them directly. That's their job, too distribute an additional goods that a Regulator might need and not part of my authority. Sorry, best I can do." Schneider said with a bit of a frown.

GM: So for making requests of the Quartermasters is a Reputation ability check. The maximum amount that the organization will grant to the group is based on the organization (1,800cr in this case). I would let you add bureaucracy or something similar as a skill. With Schneider forwarding his name I am going to make it an Easy check (TN 7). If you want Respirators for everyone but the droid and basic scanners for everyone I will increase it to a Routine (TN 10). Or others can make their own requests but again the maximum for the mission is 1,800 cr
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Standing just inside the door to the office was an android. It looked like a model designed for human interaction, as it had the distinct size and shape of a human female though was clearly mechanical in nature. More distinctive was the incredibly detailed humanoid face, articulated with memory-polymer 'muscles' and covered by some kind of synthetic composite the looked, moved and felt almost exactly like human skin...only the fact that the rest of its head was obviously robotic, and the sleek light grey color, would set the android's face apart from a live person's. Although there was no need for modesty from a robot, it was wearing a uniform jumpsuit.

It stood so still and quiet during the briefing that one could be forgiven for forgetting it was there, or perhaps assuming it was just a personal assistant to the Deputy Director.

Then it asked in a feminine-sounding voice, "Is there competition? Have precautions been taken to ensure they do not flee the planet?"


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SThen it asked in a feminine-sounding voice, "Is there competition? Have precautions been taken to ensure they do not flee the planet?"

"Competition?" The Director say somewhat sarcastically "No, the Regulators are the only people allowed to collect bounties within the Reach. Chenzua Corporation might not be the most enlightened corp when it comes to worker conditions or rights, but they stick with the regulatory requirements of the UFA to trade freely with nearby colonies. Besides they don't want to allow any more armed "non-corporate personnel" on-planet then they have to."

"As for fleeing the planet" he continues "I doubt it as Chenzua has not reported any missing space capably vessels, even non-FTL ones. That may change in the next few weeks and we have no ideas who the family might be planning on selling any of their stuff too. Again Chenzua is the only game on planet."

Alex surpressed a groan. He had this feeling the quartermaster didn't like him. He did know the man liked a couple of the others. He'd need to ask one of them to put in the request.

"Yes sir, I'll make sure to see them."

OOC: So I have no REP or anything other skills that I can use for the check. Not sure if someone else wants to make the check for the group. The only other option I have is to roll my luck.


Marx checked out his teammates. Two women, two men, and a robot who thought it was a woman. He felt slightly outnumbered.

He’d grown to respect their talents over the last few weeks, but some he liked more than others. This Axel smelled like the people from The Spire, who’d taken him from his family as a child. Secret and psychic. Young enough that Marx felt comfortable calling him “Kid”, he could be another breakaway, like Marx. Or he could be a spy trying to pull him back. Either way, he’d be watched.

Angel seemed competent, if stern. Pretty enough, and she’d been a sheriff. He appreciated lawmen...er...law women. He’d worked with them quite a bit as a detective, and later as a Star Knight.

Summer was more akin to the type he’d hunted over the last twelve years. Brash. Liked bucking the system. She was hot, though. That, at least, was in her favor.

And the robot. Android. Whatever they were calling themselves, now. He didn’t have much of an opinion about cybernetic people. As long as she didn’t leak oil on the floor, he didn’t care much.

He went back to looking at the portraits, memorizing them.

“Do any of them have any psionic ability? Cybernetics? Just want to know who we’re dealing with.”


As Marx asked about cybernetics, Angel caught Axel's eye and tilted the screen of her phone to him. She had already pulled up the requisition forms. "Talk later," she mouthed, not wanting to interrupt the meeting.

OOC: Angel does seem to have the best roll for this. Unless anyone objects, I'll have her go for regulators and/or scanners.


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After the group left the Director's office they headed down two floors to the Quartermaster's Floor. This level of the space station was twice as high as most of the upper floors were and was dedicated almost entirely to supplies for the Regulator teams. Having called ahead the crewman on duty - a board blue skinned Borian by the name of Dolo according to his name badge - handed over four rebreathers. Dolo explained that these were just cheap respirators that would provide a normal atmospherics oxygen levels in a low-level atmosphere like Corvus. "So you a whatin' a scanner also? Well fills out this here a form and we will see what we got..." he said handing over a clear ridged plastisheet form towards the team.

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