[NEW] Star Frontier Adventure [IC]


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With no apparent additional questions Supervisor Atos assigns one of the security guards to take the team and their gear to the readied hopper. "Good luck and thanks for coming" he says before heading back indoors. The hopper was idling on its platform when the team arrived with a few ground crew making final adjustments. Summer and one other person could ride in cockpit while the rest and their gear was piled in the back hold. With the doors closed the space was comfortable enough as the team was quickly on their way.
[sblock=Hopper]this is a Air-Rescue Model but more or less the same
Hopper.jpg [/sblock]Summer found a telemetry beacon overlay for the mining outpost highlighted in her HUD and was soon hitting low orbit just over the speed of sound in no time. A few short hours later the hopper was at a much lower altitude and flying over the white glaciers of northern Corvus. As they approached the crevasse no other vehicles showed up at least not on the surface ice, nor was there any radio traffic from the mining outpost itself. All was silent.

The hopper then hovered over the edge of the crevasse in the ice sheet to see the mining outpost 100 some feet below. There was a wide landing area flattened out on the ground below where VTOL like craft could land but it would be a tight fit Summer thought. On the opposite edge of the ice walls where the mining outpost was located seam could be seen rising out of ground, indicating that the thermal vent was at least partially active.

The only part of the mining outpost visible was the combi-hab stack/main processor
[sblock=Hab Stack/Main Processor]HabStack.jpg[/sblock]

The stacks did not look like they had suffered any damage and Summer piloted the vessel down into the crevasse to the landing area. It was somewhat loud but there appeared to be no activity non any radio challenges from the structure...

GM: From the teams perspective there is two normal entry ways, one about 2/3 of the way up on the side of the stack with access to it from a metal staircase bolted to the side of the structure and one near ground level. There is also a larger cargo like access door near the ground level access port. How does the team wish to approach? If you want to use any skill go ahead and roll them

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Axel scans the outpost as Summer brings the Hopper around for landing. He notes the entry points trying to decide which would be the best infiltration point for the team. As the hopper sets down on the landing pad Axel hops out the door and scans the area for danger. Axel speaks quietly into his comlink.

"So do we want to see whats behind door #1, door #2, or door#3?" Axel gives a lopsided grin. "I vote the cargo door."

OOC: Perception roll: 3d6 8


First Post
As far as Alex can tell no one is around or observing them. The 'window-ports' on the upper level of the hab appear to all be closed. Even with their winter gear the team can feel the deep cold when the step out of the hopper. One can only imagine how cold it must get with nightfall.

GM: I realized that the picture of the hab above has a LOT of open doors and windows. Just assumed all those are closed ;)


"If you can get the cargo door open, go for it," offers Angel. She unslings her rifle, a battered slugthrower with a wooden stock. "We've got two rifles. Someone should pick up the second, and we'll cover the rest of you from here while you get the door."

She scans the surrounding terrain, searching for evidence of intruders outside of the hab structure.

OOC: Perception [roll0]


First Post
Scanning the area, Angel does not see anyone about but the Regulator Team. She does notice that the landing pad area has some fresh ice forming on the other side of where the hopper landed. It appears something very hot had been in the area less then 24 hours ago. As she was examining this she noticed something half buried in the snow. Getting closer she spotted a half-buried human body just past the landing strip. An examination of the body snow was a human male that was wearing dark green and yellow utility uniform of a Chenzua Corporation employee and it appeared that he had several burn marks on his back like those made by of a laser or disrupter.


First Post
Echo held back for a moment and watched the team fan out. After weighing the potentials of the scene, she trotted after them to catch up. Once she was close enough the android said, "Radio silence. Even if they can't crack encrypted transmissions, they may be equipped to track signal sources."

Then she looked at the habstack and pointed at it. "Lets start with that. The cargo door is more likely to let us into the complex, but any clues or evidence we can find before going down will be bullets in our clips."


December 6, 2321

“Easy as pie,” Summer said as she set the VTOL down on the ice. She removed the flight helmet and shook out her long black hair. “So definitely seems like nobody’s home,” she noted, peering at the part of the outpost that remained above the ground.

Summer shivered and tucked into her parka a bit more as she exited the plane. She drew her pistol, just in case. It was better for the close quarters of a building than the rifle, and she was better with it anyway.

Echo and Axel had a difference of opinion on where best to enter, and Angel found a body.

“That does seem to track with someone hitting this place,” Summer commented. “Clearing the place top down does seem best.” She indicated the higher entrance to the habitat unit. “Won’t leave anything behind us.”

[sblock=Character Tracker]
Summer Knight Character Sheet
Descriptor: A suave Human smuggler who can’t resist a pretty face.
Melee Defense: 18
Range Defense: 14
Mental Defense: 14
Vital Defense: 10
Health: 12/12
Luck: 3/3d6
Suave (1/day)
Seat of Your Pants (1/day)

  • Disruptor 20
  • Slugger rifle 20
    • Reload 20



  • Bring in Bernard family for the Chenzua Corporation on Corvus: Alexandre (father, dead or alive), Nicolette (alive), John (dead or alive), Ike (alive), William (dead or alive).
  • Retrieve Chenzua Corp stolen property.
    • Mobile Mine Processor

  • Register reward levels with UFA A.I. onsite.
  • Contact: Damian Atos (Chenzua general manager), Alpha City, Corvus - DONE[/sblock]

Xern Junk-Scout Type II Maranda
This is a longer range, updated junk-scout vessel used by the United Frontier Authority (UFA) for standard Regulator transports. It based on an older model Union Scout (at least a hundred years out of date) with various upgrades. It carries no weapons, but its range allow for Regulators to move about within the Reach with little difficulty. This ship is not suitable for patrol or anti-pirate work.
Weight: 429 tons; Cargo Units: 15 (0 available; capacity 0.2 tons)
Hull Class: 0-II (INIT +1d6)
Traits: none
Crew: 2 (cost 400cr/m); Passengers: 4 (standard)

Command & Control Systems
Computers: 1x Highwatch SM-1 Computer (CPU cycles 8; max FTL 8; checks +0d6)
Sensors: Chen-Collins SS-2 (range 4; checks +0d6)

Engine & Power Data
Subluminal: 1x Star Corporation SF-2 Fusion Reactor (power 12; Speed 11; fuel efficiency 1.2)
FTL: 2x Cui-Green Alliance SH-1 Hyperdrive (power 4ea; FLT-X 8.0; fuel efficiency 0.8)
Operational Range: 30 parsecs; Travel Increments: ​8 parsecs

Defensive Data
Superstructure: 6; DEFENSE 28; E-DEFENSE 10
Shields: 1x DayCorp Systems SSN-2 Navigational Shield Generator (power 1; SOAK n/a)

Luxury: 100% (adequate; +0d6)
Facilities: Brig (2), Double Cabins (3), Messhall (6)

General Systems
Fueling 2x Fuel Bay Alteration
Market Value: 48.2 MCr (used 24.1 MCr)[/sblock]


"Top down, then," assents Angel. "But hold on one second." Keeping the rifle in one gloved hand, her other checks the pockets of the frozen form looking for access cards, keys, or identification.

OOC: Not sure I need a roll for this, but here's another Perception: [roll0]


First Post
Angel finds no cards or tools on the man but there is a name WARD, THOMAS stitched on the left breast pocket of his jump suit.

The team made there way as quietly as possible up the metal staircase to a small terraces. The door at the top of the stairs appears to be blocked though and there were no apparent locks or keypad like devices to indicate a lock on the outside. It could be blocked someway.

GM: Depending on what anyone would like to try. The door could be forced with a Strength ability check. While there is no lock a Agility + Thievery check could still bypass it. Or someone could try a Agility + Climbing ability check to make it to a window and see if they are locked, but the outside is icy so this might be dangerous. Other thoughts or abilities someone might think of?


Angel frowns. There was no reason for the Bernards to set up a barricade, so it had to have been made by the base personnel. So either the Bernards had broken in from the inside, or...

She slips her rifle back over her shoulder and draws her pistol. Anyone in the base should have heard their approach, and the melted ice on the launchpad suggested the Bernards had come and gone. "Have your weapons ready," she warns the others. Then she pounds hard on the door with the butt of her pistol.

"This is the Regulators," she shouts at the blank metal. "We are operating under contract with Chenzua Corporation, with authorization from Supervisor Atos of Alpha City. Open up!"

Pistol still in hand, she waits for any response. "Hey, you never know," she mutters to her teammates.


First Post
GM: Angel can make a Routine [10] Charisma + Leadership or similar type of check as she thought it up. Anyone else could make a Challenging [13] similar check...


First Post
At first Angel's shout seems to go unanswered when a voice comes from the other side of the door "Regulators? Voggs I think help has arrived. Help me with this." the group then hears something heavy to move on the other side of the door.

"Just a second" someone shout as move movement is heard on the other side of the door. After a few moment the door cracks and cracks open a few inches. A dirty face of a human female peeks though the crack. A look a relief washes over the face as the door opens the fully. Beyond is a small room with a makeshift barricade push to one side. Another female is in the room, partially hiding near an inner door, this one a large ogrun. She has a large wrench in her hands and seems to be debating whether or not to rush forward to attack of flee.

"Thank god your here, those bastards said that they would kill us when the returned tomorrow..." the human female said.


First Post
The android peered curiously at this woman and asked matter-of-factly, "Why did they wait? From the body we found already, they don't seem shy about killing."


First Post
The human looks over at Echo with a bit of confusion, but she quickly recovers "We don't know. All we know is that a few days back me and Voggs hear was sleeping, Thomas and Grottii was eatin' here in the hab and the rest was working down in the mines. Grotti come woke us up saying something was going on down in the mines and him and Thomas took off to investigate. We was getting dressed when we's heard shots outside. When we's looked Thomas was lying dead on the ground out by the landin's pad an we's saw a small hopper coming down. We's saw two people we didn't know holdin' Grotti at gun points and leadin' him into the mine. Two others gots out of the hopper and followed them into the mines. We barricade the door as best we could. They ignored us for most of two days I reckon. Then threes of em all got back into the hopper and took off. Then a big ugly cuss of a fellow was a banged on the door. He said whens the hopper got back that they would be by to... deal with us. And too enjoy ours last few days on this here planet. Thats was last night..."


Angel listens carefully to the Chenua employees. "Wait," she observes. "Did you say that something was happening in the mines *before* the hopper came down? That there were two people holding your co-worker, and the hopper hadn't landed?"


First Post
Both the females nod their head in affirmative, the human saying "Yes miss, I remembers the shots was whats gots us to look outside and thats when we saws the hopper coming in for a landing."

OOC: Do the people in the hab stack unit notice Axel as we walk up? I have perception filter so if their INT is lower than Axel's PSI of 8 they don't see me till I bring attention to myself.


"That's bad," observes Angel, in response to the two women. She is vaguely aware that something Axel is doing is giving her a headache, but a glance in his direction finds him simply standing there. The ex-bounty hunter notes the incongruity, but does not let herself get distracted by the oddity.

"It sounds like they came up through the mines," she observes to the Chenua employees. "Is that possible?"

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