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[NEW] Star Frontier Adventure [IC]


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Supervisor Atos looks a bit concerned for the first time by Axel's question "I'm afraid to say we don't know. We can't prove they do or they don't. We suspect they do because why steal processed ore? Its not like they can sell it to someone else on the planet. They must have someone who has promised them they would get money for it, but we just don't have any idea who it could be. Our sensors and scanners are minimum here. We have a satellite in orbit around the equator as that is were most of our operations are located. But the only reason we detected your ship in orbit was your UFA transponder and Hyperspace-Wake*. Without it we are fairly blind for anything in space. We do have a small research and development team located on this planet's moon and some shuttles that run back and forth between the two, and they have minimum scanner capability. But nothing military grade. It would not be too difficult to slip a ship past them. But we have seen no evidence that its happened. And of course, most interstellar craft are pretty easy to detect when the enter an atmosphere and we have not detected anything like that either."

After a second he shakes his head again "Sorry, I'm just not sure."

GM: *The Hyperspace-Wake effect is a pulse of energy that burst out at light-speed from the point of entry and exist of hyperspace by an FTL spacecraft. It is usually only detectable out to 10 AU without specialized sensors.
Also most interstellar craft that could carry large cargo's like processed ore are very large and have a huge radar signature. The planet's satellite would be able to detect it unless it was able to get down to the surface very quickly as it's orbit is fairly fast or had stealth capabilities, which are expensive

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Looking back at Summer, Atos adds "We are pretty sure they must have some kind of atmospheric areocraft but we have never observed it. We don't have any such vehicles reported stolen ourselves and it would take a bulk hauler cargo lifter to move the Mobile Platform. "Mobile" being a lose term when it comes to the Zhua-class as they only can make 15mph on good terrain. There advantage is that it can travel at slower speeds over extremely rugged ground. We also think they have access to a ground transport of some kind. Again, sorry they don't leave much evidence behind... or any witnesses."

GM: Sorry this was suppose to be to replying to Summer not Angel ;)
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Angel frowns. "It's tempting to wonder if this is about sabotage," she observes. "But that doesn't seem to fit either. Why steal all of that equipment if they could just as easily scuttle it?"

She chews her lip. "How sure are you that there were no other people on this planet before you started your operations? Could there be a settlement out there that wants the ore or the gear?"


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Atos said "Not great I'm afraid. We don't think so as we have gotten some vidpic scans that were not completely scrubbed by the family to cover their tracks that only show the Bernards. You must understand that most every outpost off the equator is fairly small, as the most labor intensive jobs are work on the atmospheric processors and final refinement of the various mineral ores before export. The mining outpost that just went silent only had a crew of eight workers for example. A lot of the basic work is automated."
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Looking over the team again, Atos asks "Anything else? You will need rebreathers or respirators where you going as the mining outpost is fairly far north about 4,000 miles from here. The underground sections and hab itself both have atmospheres pumped in through the control room, but the Bernards have exposed such areas in the past. Generally only after we leave, at least we think so. Anyway, the hopper* should make it in about six hours. Hope you packed for the cold because it can drop pretty low up there. The outpost is in a natural crevasse in the ice sheet created by a thermal vent that cuts all the way down to the planets surface."

GM: *Hopper is slang for a transport VTOL and also can make low-orbit and are fairly fast and rugged.


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"Bulk transports" Atos answers. "They are scheduled every 30 local days and drop off most equipment and food at the same time. Chenzua leases a number of Slamothma 'Slab'-Class XI Bulk Freighters that ferry goods between four planets within the Reach and back towards the Core Worlds. This is a bit of a balancing act and these thief's have been hitting our bottom line pretty hard. The sooner this is resolved the better."


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"Its cold" Atos says with a smile "Sorry, bad joke. But no, the thermal vents created a fissure in the glacier that allows access to the bedrock. And the vent also has disported various rich minerals of value. There are a number of mining outposts like this in the northern hemisphere that provide about 40% of our total planetary mining exports."

"There is a landing platform right next to the mine itself and the vent is around 60 feet at its widest and a 100 feet long. The hopper should have no problems maneuvering down into the vent or landing."

"The installation has no radar or other sensors directed outward so no one will know you are coming unless you radio ahead and someone is listening."
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December 6, 2321

“Sounds like a wonderful place to vacation,” Summer said wryly. “So let’s get this done and get paid. Where’s this bulk transport I get to lovingly coax into the sky?”

[sblock=Character Tracker]
Summer Knight Character Sheet
Descriptor: A suave Human smuggler who can’t resist a pretty face.
Melee Defense: 18
Range Defense: 14
Mental Defense: 14
Vital Defense: 10
Health: 12/12
Luck: 3/3d6
Suave (1/day)
Seat of Your Pants: Replenish Luck an extra time per day.

  • Disruptor 20
  • Slugger rifle 20
    • Reload 20



  • Bring in Bernard family for the Chenzua Corporation on Corvus: Alexandre (father, dead or alive), Nicolette (alive), John (dead or alive), Ike (alive), William (dead or alive).
  • Retrieve Chenzua Corp stolen property.
    • Mobile Mine Processor

  • Register reward levels with UFA A.I. onsite.
  • Contact: Damian Atos (Chenzua general manager), Alpha City, Corvus - DONE[/sblock]

Xern Junk-Scout Type II Maranda
This is a longer range, updated junk-scout vessel used by the United Frontier Authority (UFA) for standard Regulator transports. It based on an older model Union Scout (at least a hundred years out of date) with various upgrades. It carries no weapons, but its range allow for Regulators to move about within the Reach with little difficulty. This ship is not suitable for patrol or anti-pirate work.
Weight: 429 tons; Cargo Units: 15 (0 available; capacity 0.2 tons)
Hull Class: 0-II (INIT +1d6)
Traits: none
Crew: 2 (cost 400cr/m); Passengers: 4 (standard)

Command & Control Systems
Computers: 1x Highwatch SM-1 Computer (CPU cycles 8; max FTL 8; checks +0d6)
Sensors: Chen-Collins SS-2 (range 4; checks +0d6)

Engine & Power Data
Subluminal: 1x Star Corporation SF-2 Fusion Reactor (power 12; Speed 11; fuel efficiency 1.2)
FTL: 2x Cui-Green Alliance SH-1 Hyperdrive (power 4ea; FLT-X 8.0; fuel efficiency 0.8)
Operational Range: 30 parsecs; Travel Increments: ​8 parsecs

Defensive Data
Superstructure: 6; DEFENSE 28; E-DEFENSE 10
Shields: 1x DayCorp Systems SSN-2 Navigational Shield Generator (power 1; SOAK n/a)

Luxury: 100% (adequate; +0d6)
Facilities: Brig (2), Double Cabins (3), Messhall (6)

General Systems
Fueling 2x Fuel Bay Alteration
Market Value: 48.2 MCr (used 24.1 MCr)[/sblock]

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