[NEW] Star Frontier Adventure [IC]

OOC: Did Axel get the ambush? Also if the Stealth roll was to access the ambush turn I should have rolled 2d6 more dice. Another question, I can't tell but it seems that exploits allow you to increase the dice pool above the maximum set by the Grade. That would determine if I am rolling 5d6 or 7d6 for initiative.

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GM: I believe Exploits allow you to exceed the 5d6 limit (so lets say they do just to make it official) and normally I would have said that Angel did not get the Ambush. If you want to roll again with the extra I will give her one free Round of actions, depending on her roll


First Post
GM: Yes sorry. Sure and now that I think about it... I am going to say that Axel AND Angel can both get an Ambush Action which is one Action they can take BEFORE John gets his Initiative action (or we going into Initiative Actions). Normally an "Ambush" requires a group check, and while Axel and Angel succeeded, Summer did not. But I like the idea enough. You were both 1 action move away from him or could take a ranged action, etc. Ambush actions also take place at the same time, sort of before Initiative.

You can also get a Bonus Action in your round/Initiative step by spending one of your LUCK die (which everyone has at full as far as I remember, no one used any today).

Axel locks eyes with Bernard and something shifts in his mind. His eyes begin to glow a deep purple. Suddenly everyone around him seems to be stuck in honey. To Angel and the others Axel blurs springing against the wall to maneuver past. As the man lands he throws out his hand and a bolt of electricity crackles towards Bernard to strike the man.

OOC: Initiative: 7d6 26

Ambush action: Spending 8 Psi and activating Hypercognition as a free action, this gives me an additional action for the 2 turns.
Moving past Angel to within 10' of Bernard Getting past Angel (Agi + Acrobatics0: 5d6 19.
Using 6 Psi to use Electrokinetic Blast.
Electrokinetic Blast vs Defense: 5d6 24
Electricity Damage: 3d6 12


First Post
As the group was moving down the stairs the Bernard eldest seemed to have heard something. He was just turning his head when Angel took a quick shot but some of the railing deflected the energy blast. Before the man could fully react, Axel rushed past Angel on the stairs - defy with an acrobatic flip - and unleashed some sort of electrical blast from his hands that struck the villain full on!!! And while it appeared that the man's armor absorb part of the it still causes the man to scream in pain and drop his baton! He shouted more obscenity into his com as he turned to run for cover as his right hand started moving towards his pistol...

GM: Initiative So Far...
26 - Axel
16 - John Bernard
15 - Angel

John's armor does not have any type it normally ignores but I am going to say that it only provides 1/2 protection for psychic energy so 12-4 = 8 health of damage, he is down to 4 health.

Axel can react before he can move. On his action he is moving twice on his action to take cover. That will impose a -1d6 complication on ranged attacks against him.

I believe when you have 3 actions you take the 3 one on your Initiative -10? Any way Axel still have 2 actions he can take before John.

Any other Initiatives from other players?


December 6, 2321
Round 1

Initiative: 3D6 = [5, 1, 3] = 9

Summer cursed as John Bernard spotted them, even as Angel and Axel managed to take shots at him. She clutched her disruptor and pressed to the wall for cover. Well, at least this one would be easier. John was wanted dead or alive. But he might have information on where the rest of his family were.

[sblock=Character Tracker]
Summer Knight Character Sheet
Descriptor: A suave Human smuggler who can’t resist a pretty face.
Melee Defense: 18
Range Defense: 14
Mental Defense: 14
Vital Defense: 10
Health: 12/12
Luck: 3/3d6
Suave (1/day)
Seat of Your Pants (1/day)
  • Disruptor 20
  • Slugger rifle 20
    • Reload 20


  • Bring in Bernard family for the Chenzua Corporation on Corvus: Alexandre (father, dead or alive), Nicolette (alive), John (dead or alive), Ike (alive), William (dead or alive).
  • Retrieve Chenzua Corp stolen property.
    • Mobile Mine Processor
  • Register reward levels with UFA A.I. onsite.
  • Contact: Damian Atos (Chenzua general manager), Alpha City, Corvus - DONE[/sblock]

Xern Junk-Scout Type II Maranda
This is a longer range, updated junk-scout vessel used by the United Frontier Authority (UFA) for standard Regulator transports. It based on an older model Union Scout (at least a hundred years out of date) with various upgrades. It carries no weapons, but its range allow for Regulators to move about within the Reach with little difficulty. This ship is not suitable for patrol or anti-pirate work.
Weight: 429 tons; Cargo Units: 15 (0 available; capacity 0.2 tons)
Hull Class: 0-II (INIT +1d6)
Traits: none
Crew: 2 (cost 400cr/m); Passengers: 4 (standard)

Command & Control Systems
Computers: 1x Highwatch SM-1 Computer (CPU cycles 8; max FTL 8; checks +0d6)
Sensors: Chen-Collins SS-2 (range 4; checks +0d6)

Engine & Power Data
Subluminal: 1x Star Corporation SF-2 Fusion Reactor (power 12; Speed 11; fuel efficiency 1.2)
FTL: 2x Cui-Green Alliance SH-1 Hyperdrive (power 4ea; FLT-X 8.0; fuel efficiency 0.8)
Operational Range: 30 parsecs; Travel Increments: ​8 parsecs

Defensive Data
Superstructure: 6; DEFENSE 28; E-DEFENSE 10
Shields: 1x DayCorp Systems SSN-2 Navigational Shield Generator (power 1; SOAK n/a)

Luxury: 100% (adequate; +0d6)
Facilities: Brig (2), Double Cabins (3), Messhall (6)

General Systems
Fueling 2x Fuel Bay Alteration
Market Value: 48.2 MCr (used 24.1 MCr)[/sblock]

Axel watches disconnected in his accelerated state. The electricity arcs across the man and dissipates. The man barley moves as Axel assaults the mans mind. The purple flashes in Axel's eyes and a psi-blast slams into the man. Axel pauses for a second as he watches the results of his mental assault before he continues to move.

OOC: Action 1 to use my Psi-Blast exploit. I am spending a Luck die to add to my attack.
Psi blast attack w/ luck die: 3d6+1d6o6 29
Psi blast damage: 3d6 11 this is psionic damage.

If he drops then I will move towards him to cover anyone coming up the stairs. If not I will draw my pistol and aim so I get an additional die on my next attack.

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