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[NEW] Star Frontier Adventure [IC]

Alex glances over at Angel's hand terminal. Seeing the requisition he looks up at the sheriff and gives a weak smile. His violet eyes quickly shift to something behind Angel. The smile fades and Alex shakes his head no. He pointed looks back towards the door actively trying to ignore whatever he had seen. As he sits the fingers of his right hand twitch nervously.

The others in the group have noticed this behavior before. It happens with no warning or obvious trigger. One moment Alex is talking or working on something the next he is staring off into space. Occasionally he will speak as if talking to someone but mostly he just ignores whatever it is he seems to see. Anyone that attempt to talk to him about the episodes gets a no committal answer about being an artifact of his gift and a quick change of topic.

[sblock=Marx]Marx will know that one of the only times he can sense any emotions from Axel is during these episodes. It is a confusing jumble of emotions. Mostly fear and sorrow, but mixed with joy and several other competing emotions.[/sblock]

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"Thanks," offers Angel, taking the forms. "Yeah, we're going to need a scanner, and some cold weather gear, if you can spare it. Say," she adds, as if a thought had just struck her. "This world we're headed to is only partly terraformed. So you could probably log the equipment against the Hostile Environments Operations budget, instead of standard enforcement. Maybe a little more slack there?" she asks hopefully.

OOC: REP +2d6 Bureaucracy +1d6 Luck +1d6 = 4d6 {roll=bureaucracyroll}4d6{/roll}
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OOC: REP +2d6 Bureaucracy +1d6 Luck +1d6 = 4d6 {roll=bureaucracyroll}4d6{/roll}

GM: I'm cool with the first "test" roll you had in the OOC counting as your roll. You got a 13 so...

Dolo chuckles lightly as as Angel fills it out the datafile. Nodding he adds "It all comes from the same pot. The UFA an't real big on separate budgets. Everything appears in order though. You are in good standing with the UFA. So yes, four sets of cold weather outfits, assuming your robot don't need one. I can also issue you a military scanner and a set of electronic binoculars. Got anything other on your wishlist?"


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Echo pads forward, looking around.

"Did you know 'robot' means slave?" it asks the quartermaster conversationally. "It's derived from an old Earth word that literally means 'forced labor.'" Its' eyes meet the man's. "If you must refer to me by something other than a pronoun, or my name, I'd prefer 'android' or 'synthetic.' It's Echo, by the way."

"A sensor suite capable of detecting electromagnetic and thermal energy would be useful, I expect. There are ways of blocking military scanners, but it is quite difficult to mask emissions, especially in an environment with a steep thermal gradient."

(OOC - Augh, and now Echo has GlaDOS' voice in my headcanon. Damnit.)


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Dolo's smile grows to almost fill the Borian's face, saying "An't not Earth historian there 'Echo' but thanks for the lesson. Now for what we got for scanner I suppose I could set you up with a scientific scanner instead. It can be used to pick up both life forms and energy signals. Military one can scan for movement also though..."


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After a few short minutes of silence as the group debates among themselves Dolo adds "You need some more specifics? If not we are pretty busy down here and I needs to get back to work"


"I think we're good," Angel assures him. "The cold weather gear and the electronic binoculars, and whatever scanner Echo asks you for, if you please." She looks to the android to make the decision.


United Frontier Authority Station Alpha/Deputy Director’s office
November 16, 2321/1033

“Hey, we got more credit. Let’s not be cheap,” Summer said. “We also need extra handcuffs. We have multiple bounties to bring in, and they’re worth more alive, which means restraints. At least five. Some stun grenades and breaching charges will be good in case they’re holed up. And how about a phaser rifle. It has a stun setting, unlike my disruptor pistol.”

[sblock=Rep check, if needed]
Rep 1d6+Diplomacy 1d6
Rep check: 2D6 = [1, 6] = 7

[sblock=Character Tracker]
Summer Knight Character Sheet
Descriptor: A suave Human smuggler who can’t resist a pretty face.
Melee Defense: 18
Range Defense: 14
Mental Defense: 14
Vital Defense: 10
Health: 12/12
Luck: 3/3d6
Suave (1/day)
Seat of Your Pants: Replenish Luck an extra time per day.

Cold weather gear*
Extra handcuffs
Stun grenades

  • Bring in Bernard family for the Chenzua Corporation on Corvus: Alexandre (father, dead or alive), Nicolette (alive), John (dead or alive), Ike (alive), William (dead or alive).
  • Retrieve Chenzua Corp stolen property.
    • Mobile Mine Processor
  • Register reward levels with UFA A.I. onsite.
  • Contact: Damian Atos (Chenzua general manager), Alpha City, Corvus[/sblock]

Xern Junk-Scout Type II Maranda
This is a longer range, updated junk-scout vessel used by the United Frontier Authority (UFA) for standard Regulator transports. It based on an older model Union Scout (at least a hundred years out of date) with various upgrades. It carries no weapons, but its range allow for Regulators to move about within the Reach with little difficulty. This ship is not suitable for patrol or anti-pirate work.
Weight: 429 tons; Cargo Units: 15 (0 available; capacity 0.2 tons)
Hull Class: 0-II (INIT +1d6)
Traits: none
Crew: 2 (cost 400cr/m); Passengers: 4 (standard)

Command & Control Systems
Computers: 1x Highwatch SM-1 Computer (CPU cycles 8; max FTL 8; checks +0d6)
Sensors: Chen-Collins SS-2 (range 4; checks +0d6)

Engine & Power Data
Subluminal: 1x Star Corporation SF-2 Fusion Reactor (power 12; Speed 11; fuel efficiency 1.2)
FTL: 2x Cui-Green Alliance SH-1 Hyperdrive (power 4ea; FLT-X 8.0; fuel efficiency 0.8)
Operational Range: 30 parsecs; Travel Increments: ​8 parsecs

Defensive Data
Superstructure: 6; DEFENSE 28; E-DEFENSE 10
Shields: 1x DayCorp Systems SSN-2 Navigational Shield Generator (power 1; SOAK n/a)

Luxury: 100% (adequate; +0d6)
Facilities: Brig (2), Double Cabins (3), Messhall (6)

General Systems
Fueling 2x Fuel Bay Alteration
Market Value: 48.2 MCr (used 24.1 MCr)[/sblock]


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Dolo nods to Summer and after check inventory says "All I can spot you right now would be the extra handcuffs and either a couple of Stun Grenades or maybe a Slugger Rifle with an extra clip of ammo" He then moves over to a shelf and grabs out a box from one of the cabinets. Digging around inside for a moment he pull out five sets of new handcuffs and sets them on the work station with the other gear.

GM: So yes gear then is Winter Clothing for everyone who wants it.
Rebreathers for everyone who wants them (cheap Respirators that work only in Low-Atmosphere)
Survival Tool Kit for everyone who wants one
A Military or Scientific Scanner
A Electronic binocular
5 sets of Handcuffs

At Summers base roll she can have either 2 Stun Grenades or a Slugger Rifle with two full clips of ammo. Your choice.
NOTE that a Phaser Rifle is 500cr so you are going to need a 13 to get that. An 11 will get you both 4 Stun Grenades and the Rifle.

If nothing else we will move to the space port to pick up your junk-scout and away you will be
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