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D&D 5E One Shot - JustinCase's Within The Circle (OOC)

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Ok so it looks like I won't get time to finish up tonight having both kids at home makes creating characters difficult, apparently.

Here is a brief run down of my characters as I am happy playing any of them.

James Hermain the human rogue with a troubles past following him around looking for redemption. He is a skill monkey with positive mods in 95% of skills.

Samuel Underbush is a halfling far from home looking for a way back. His role would be bringing the pain I guess.

Jermain Dunharrow is a cleric (tieflingi think) who is just out to improve the world be believes all life is sacred and should be cared for. His role would be a supportive healing role with some front line potential.

Nargi is a lizard folk fighter who isn't very well defined yet.

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I've posted my fighter with the noble background, I was thinking maybe a cousin of the baron, not important enough to be "in society" so therefore keen to be owed one by someone as important as the Baron. The story is still rattling around my head a bit so I'll see how that goes.


I have almost the same build for a fighter, no way I was passing up heavy armor master at 1st level

There isn't much you can do with a fighter at level one. GWM isn't really worth it until later and HAM is just sooooo good. I do feel a little dirty though, but nothing else really fits with the character.

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