D&D 5E One Shot - JustinCase's Within The Circle (OOC)

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LoL I got 2 tom-boys out of the deal, so dating wasn't to much trouble. My wife would have "errands" for me to run whenever my oldest had her boyfriend come pick her up for a date.

I married a really smart woman. haha

When I figured it out, (months later) I look at her and said, "Well played, my dear. Well played."


3 girls sheesh, you do know you have to murder the first boyfriend so word gets around that's 3 life sentences.

My Step dad got around the problem by making sure he was cleaning his rifles or sharpening his swords every time my sister had boys coming round. The threat seamed enough to keep them in line.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Alright, last IC post is up, adventure is done! Thanks for playing everyone. :)

Any feedback on my DM-ing is greatly appreciated. I found this adventure (originally a 3rd edition adventure, which I converted as needed) in Dungeon #130.

Although the adventure is well-written and has some very positive reviews online, I was surprised when you guys didn't wait for the goods delivery to Belig and instead set off the evening before. It seemed very natural, despite the adventure not taking his possibility into account, and I adjusted the encounters somewhat (e.g. the muckdwellers didn't have their trap ready yet).

How did you like it?

Posting this here, too, in addition to the IC thread:
Here's the xp and gold you get from this adventure:

Traubon: 112 xp, 461 gp
Gorir: 412 xp, 522 gp
Magdalena: 412 xp, 522 gp
James: 412 xp, 522 gp
Thadius: 412 xp, 522 gp

Experience points: * denotes that Traubon was still part of the PC's; after that he was functionally an NPC.
*muckdweller: 50 xp
*goblin x1: 10 xp
goblin x9: 90 xp
mlarraun: 200 xp
Belig: 450 xp
Chief Krig: 450 xp
roleplaying: 100 xp each

60 / 5 = 12
1190 / 4 = 300
So Traubon gets 12 + 100 = 112 xp. Everyone else gets 12 + 300 + 100 = 412 xp.

Baron awards each PC 400 gp
fine rapier 25 gp
sacrificial bowl and dagger 100 gp
gold brick 50 gp
30 spearheads 90 gp
7 bottles of wine 70 gp
masterwork painter's tools 55 gp
masterwork flute 100 gp
3 fine portraits 60 gp

It seemed fair to grant Traubon half of what everyone else gets, except for the Baron's reward. Assuming everyone wants to trade these goods for money (if not, feel free to replace your money with the items, as prized above), Traubon receives 400 + 61 = 461 gp. Everyone else gets 400 + 122 = 522 gp.


Thanks for running this. It's been pretty good. Glad to see that you adjusted things to suit the PC actions rather than just having a series of encounters that are static until the PC's turn up.

See you in six months to 18 years I guess.


the magical equivalent to the number zero

Actually I'm looking for a new game to play in, now that EarlyBird is missing in action (I didn't realize I was in so many games of his). As a DM... not sure if I have enough time at the moment. So yeah, I'll be around. :)

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