OOC: Endur's Return to TOEE part 2


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Endur said:
In high level games, Buff Scry Teleport does come into play.

Hadn't really thought about it that way, but yeah, that's pretty much what happened.

Good thing the DoMT has a high caster level. :lol:

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That was quick. ;)

If Belaver hadn't sent Neshi, Lenya would have picked up the skull next round (almost posted that for my last action) and tried to UMD it to plane shift us away, since it was pretty likely, that the skull had that power. And winning that combat didn't seem incredibly likely. In fact, surviving more than one round there could have been a challenge already. :eek:

Thanks for the great game, Endur! Good job! :D



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Manzanita said:
I'm sure I have some questions too.

Ask all the questions you like.

I made some modifications to the adventure.

1. Return to Temple of Elemental Evil was the first 3.0 module, written before they even finished the core rules. I updated stuff to 3.5 and also incorporated later WOTC books (Feats from Draconomicon for the Dragons, etc.). Some examples of things that worked differently in 3.0 vs. 3.5 -- at various times, you acquired magical items/spells that no longer existed in 3.5. (ring of warmth). Advanced monsters that changed size categories were much more powerful than the initial 3.0 rules (i.e. the Large Gargoyle that slew Neshi's snake form and almost killed Kerwyn, the Huge Howler that killed the drunken paladin NPC).

2. I added a lot of flavor based on Greyhawk or the prior TOEE module, because RTTOE was more of a mechanics module and counted on the GM to provide flavor.


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Manzanita said:
For the record, this is the only game I've been involved in that has concluded so neatly.

To be candid, it did not occur to me that you might wish for Lareth to be summoned to you. I had to re-read the 3.5 wish paragraph on Transport Travelers to see how that would work.

Probably the first time I've seen a 3.x wish used for something other than an inherent bonus.


Xael said:
Two more years for me (probably more for Dalamar) still left. :\
Yeah, 5 years or so left. What with changing my major from Information Processing to English Philology.

And it's more of a "Damn anime and student parties!" for me ;)
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