Pathfinder 2E [OOC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Pathfinder 2 Playtest Adventure. (Closed)

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I know.

Here's a heads up on what, at a minimum, is coming:

Fifth, there are a few pieces of early errata that we need to get up immediately.
  • All PCs are trained in being unarmored.
  • Both Alchemists and Druids should be trained in 3 skills (+ Int Mod) each (instead of 2 and 4 respectively).
  • Alchemists can use Quick Alchemy for any alchemical item in their formula book.
There are a few more coming as well, but they are not as critical to this part of the playtest. These errata and all others will soon find a home on as a simple PDF. When that goes live, we will make an announcement.​

Rumor says the sorcerer's signature skills being automatically trained is also going away.


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