(OOC) Scourge of Daggerford (Full)

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@Neurotic and @MetaVoid, neither of you have posted in a bit, so I had you setting up camp. I hope you'll find time asap to post a turn.

EDIT: I just noticed that I already bugged you, Neurotic, and it was only a few hours ago! I don't know how I forgot that already, but there you have it. Please only take it as how eager I am to read your next post, and not as too much pressure.


I'm trying to keep my own momentum going in my games, so they don't slow down like they did early in the year. But I need your help! (This goes for everyone.) If you can find time to post, please do! Even a short comment will let me know that you're ready to move forward.


Sorry, I was out on a tour for two weeks, covering for covid-sick colleague. It came in suddenly so I had no chance to check-in. I've only came back last night. Mobile access in not easy in the wilderness :) Great joy of tourism is that you don't get to enjoy holidays :(


Answers to a few already asked questions:

Yes, Vairar and Dornuk are to the side of the easiest way in and out.
Yes, Lionel would have advantage if he range attacks.
Yes, Escella can have an EB "readied" and turn and fire. They know she's there, though.
In fact, only Tommi and Lionel count as "hidden" ATM, the others are just "not in plain sight".


Hiding was more important as evidenced by her next action.

Then we will go with that. She's hidden like the other two. Helgrim, Dornuk and Vairar all donned shields, IIRC, so they are hunkered down behind cover, but not hidden. (Which doesn't automatically mean that the monsters know they are there, exactly, it just means that the monsters will find them easily if they try to.)

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