(OOC) Scourge of Daggerford (Full)

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
It works for me. I mentioned at the start of the last fight that the shield is on unless otherwise stated. So, yes, the shield is up (as I said, he learned from that orc encounter :p )


I'm sure we are all eagerly digesting the news about OneD&D.

If anyone is wondering what it means for this game, I will answer:

Only one thing: I will try again (I had given up) to remember Inspiration. It's not that I didn't like it, just that I never remember it. As such, I am going to implement the rule that you gain it on a nat20 from any d20 "Test". That said, because of the way PBP works, I often get you all to volunteer to roll ability checks in case I want to ask for one (just to skip the back-and-forth and save time). I don't use them in cases where I wouldn't have asked for them (I use them only to narrate fluff, not for actual ruling on success or failure).

SO... I will only award Inspiration for 20's rolled on ability checks if I use the result. To make that easier for you, you can assume that any time you roll a 20, you gain Inspiration (if you already have it, you can give it away. If you don't specify who, I will do it). I will let you know if the check did not apply (I think this will be rare enough not to be a big deal).

To get us started, I am going to award everyone Inspiration now. You all have it! Try not to forget to use your inspiration!

It'll come out. I'll look at it. I'll consider buying it if a lot of people are playing it and I want to play with them. In the past I've bought too many RPGs I never played. As I said, older, perhaps wiser.


Escella would be nowhere near Tommi. She thought it was foolish to be over there, IIRC. She would have been near the door the others are entering.
That would be why I left you in the middle, so you could keep an eye on both groups. But if you like, I'll move her up to the door. Heck, if you like, she can go inside.

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