D&D (2024) Out with the old, in with the new?

How much older 5e material will you keep in your game?

  • Hard reset. Once I get the new books, all that’s gone before is gone.

    Votes: 13 9.6%
  • Soft reset. I’ll keep a few things, at least until new books offer replacements.

    Votes: 26 19.3%
  • Pick and choose. Much will be carried forward, but some might be excluded.

    Votes: 50 37.0%
  • Everything is in. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

    Votes: 20 14.8%
  • No 2024 for me. I’m sticking with the books I have.

    Votes: 26 19.3%


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A few of my players switched from DDB to paper sheets when there was a big hiccup with the service last year- if your annual sub expired, you couldn't renew it.. and it locked out all my players from my campaigns. Took a month til DDB fixed it. GREAT way to get my players to move to paper, and they (happily) learned how character creation and the system actually works.

I don't REQUIRE players to abandon DDB but for my in-person games, I do encourage making your character on paper. I'm actually thinking of doing it online too via video :'D

tldr: your mileage may vary, but if your players have to detach from DDB they might actually be grateful.
Yeah, I canceled my Master-tier subscription for money- and OGL fiasco-related reasons, and now just have the free version. I only use that to make a character when the current DM seems to really want it there. Regardless, I'm using paper at the table now, and I prefer it.

If I'm running a spellcaster, I will build the character in DDB and use the Spells tab in the character sheet for that, but I will probably move that to paper, too.

I'm on screens plenty at work, and I don't need a connected device's infinite potential for distraction at the table.
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I'll experiment with the hard reset, because September should coincide nicely with the end of a very long campaign, and it makes sense to dive into the revised rules with the next one. But I'm not committed to it. If my players want to picn'n'mix, I'll be fine with it.


More like "I'm not switching for a half revision with less content and whose improvements don't feel like improvements".
Don't feel like improvement? I'm positively itching to play new PCs of classes I've played before in 5e, because these revised versions look like they directly address so many of the complaints I had while playing them. So maybe you read the UA material differently, or maybe you just played different classes. But I can't wait for my first post-September campaign to come.


Doing the best imitation of myself
We don’t know that there is less content the book is not out yet.
But we do know that there will be content released over the past 10 years that won't be in the initial 2024 release. We don't know if these will be directly compatible or if there will be adaptation for some or all of them. I'm sure there will be some adjustments needed. And that's something of a concern, at least for me.


More like "I'm not switching for a half revision with less content and whose improvements don't feel like improvements".
I never said the number of people currently playing 5E that would not buy the would be zero. Just that we don't really know what the number is. Nor do we know what that number will be, say a year or two from now. 🤷‍♂️

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