D&D (2024) What's the future of Xanathar and Tasha? (+)

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Part of me misses the simplified naming. I knew that the Player's Handbook 2 would have new character classes/subclasses and player options
In addition to the issues with naming that others have already mentioned, I think WotC has moved away from making books that are just player focused or just DM-focused. They want to have something for both groups in each supplement.


B/X Known World
They will no longer be printed and be legacy content on DDB. If there’s anything left that’s not ported into the 2024 books, tgat stuff will likely be put into a future book alongside enough new stuff to fill a book.


Why do you assume the puzzles won't make the cut?
Because those are not just text to be ported/integrated, they had a lot of handouts that takes "space". A lot of dm toolkit are text that updates / superseede the original text (encounter builder, traps, downtime in Xanathar) or are small text or essentials ones, like Session 0 and Parlaying in Tasha)

I mean you certainly can ask your DM if you can use or rework a feature, but you shouldn't expect to simply show up in a 2024 game with these options without discussing it first with your DM.
WotC literally said you could and should do that, but okay.

most likely as part of those two books is in PHB2024, rest will be redone and put in PHB2 or whatever working title of that book will be pretending it's not PHB2.

and how much material it is, I would not be surprised if PHB2 drops in 2025.
First post nails it. This is exactly right. We can expect a PHB2 or similar, probably in 2026 which will re-incorporate a bunch of stuff from those books, including an updated Artificer.

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