Parallel Lines (OOC)

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DEFCON: I just realised, we need to talk about the Favored Soul class. I'm not sure which book it comes from (Complete Divine I imagine?), but I know it's not one of those I listed as appropriate sources. And there's a very clear reason why the books listed there are listed there - they're the ones I own. I have no access to the rules for the Favored Soul. So... you can either email them to me for approval (, or you can think about which other class might fit your concept.


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Decided to use the same backstory for my original character but took a different approach to the character creation. I may go Telepath instead of Kineticist at 2nd level, but I've got a whole level to decide. So what do you think?

Sorrenkhad of House Talisk (aka. Sorren Khadiir)
Kalashtar, 1st level Paladin of the Path of Light
Experience: 0 / 1,000

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 14

Melee Attack: +3
Ranged Attack: +1
Grapple: +3

Bastard Sword - +3 Attack 1d10+3 Damage

Hit Points: 12
Armor Class: 15 (+5 Armor)

Fortitude: +4
Reflex: +0
Will: +0 (+2 vs. mind affecting spells, abilities, and possession)

Immune to dream effects
Naturally Psionic (+1 power point per character level)
Mindlink (1/day at 1/2 character level)
+2 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate
+2 bonus to Disguise when attempting to pass as human
Aura of Good
Detect Evil
Smite Evil 1/day

Autohypnosis +4 (2 ranks), Bluff +4 (0 ranks), Concentration +6 (4 ranks), Craft-Gemcutting +5 (2 ranks), Diplomacy +6 (4 ranks), Intimidate +4 (0 ranks), Knowledge-Psionics +5 (1 ranks), Psicraft +4 (1 rank), Sense Motive +5 (2 ranks),

Hidden Talent (Mind Thrust)

Common, Quor, Draconic, Riedran, Celestial

Power Points: 3
Known Powers: Mind Thrust

Bastard Sword, Chainmail, Dagger, Backpack, Journal w/ Pen & Ink,
Total Weight: 50 lbs.


Note - I decided to go with Mind Thrust instead of Far Hand for his Hidden Talent feat. It seems like a natural evolution. He can already contact minds through his racial ability to Mindlink. It seams reasonable that the first offensive power he awakens deals with harming minds in a manner similar to contacting them.

EDIT - Attached a picture of Sorren. He has the exotic quility that I was looking for. Also changed up equipment a bit.


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I do not wish to seem like a power gamer, but could I perhaps take a second roll as well? I did not move the stats around just yet, as I wanted to see what your thoughts were.

Stats for Badger
CON 16
INT 11
WIS 14
CHA 10
Stats created by rolling: 4d6.takeHighest(3)
Notes: Roll for Digger
Saved to the database.
You can link to these results at


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This one's cutting it a bit fine. The 16 and the 14 make them playable stats in my opinion - still, your total modifiers are +3 which is the same as Sorren's so I think it would probably be hypocritical of me not to allow you to reroll. Use the name Badger #2, as per the precedent set by Sorren.

For future reference, I'm going to say that total modifiers of +4 are the cut-off point okay? Below that you can reroll.


Yeah, the Favored Soul comes from both the Complete Divine and the Miniature's Handbook. As far as the rules of the class are concerned... it's pretty much just a divine sorcerer but I'll see if I can't get you some more specific info (like class skills, weapon/armor profs, that sort of thing). I'm pretty sure if you just take the cleric and change the spell progression to match the sorcerer, that's pretty much about it, but you can put me on hold for now if you'd like until I can get something more concrete. No biggie.


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I just noticed... we have 2 warforged, 1 kalashtar, and an elf.

What a bunch of freaks. :lol:

BTW - I will be in training nearly all of next week so you won't be hearing much from me until the week after. I'll try to check in at least once a day though.


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After the reroll, these are the raw stats I will be using...I know that while it seems that his low Chr would seem to be a major disadvantage, I am going to keep pumping skill points into the Use Magic Device skill and try to offset it as best I can..:)

I will get the full sheet up after supper tonight...

Thanks for the reroll...

Any thoughts on how I placed the stats? I am thinking of taking the Adamantine Feat for the armor now, especially since his Dex is as low as it is.

Stats for Badger #2

STR 11
CON 14 (12 +2}
INT 16
WIS 12 (14-2)
CHA 5 (7-2)

Stats created by rolling: 4d6.takeHighest(3)
Notes: Reroll of Digger
Saved to the database.
You can link to these results at


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While I commend your courage, I cringe on your behalf. One of my players is a Warforged Artificer with a Cha of 12. Charisma is critical. He is doing every thing he can to get his UMD skill up, and still has trouble.
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