D&D Movie/TV Photos from the D&D Movie Set

The D&D movie is currently filming at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. A number of onlookers have posted photos from the set on Twitter, as has Newcastle's The Chronicle. Check the link for lots more! Alnwick was built in 1309, and has been used in Harry Potter and Downton Abbey, amongst other things.



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Perhaps these scenes take place before he joins, or perhaps after he has nobly sacrificed himself for the rest of the party, in true paladin fashion.
I've given this a bit more thought, and the photos mostly seem to show the actors hanging around between shots (which actors do a lot of). But none of those characters are wearing much armour. If Page is a paladin he is probably decked out in full plate, and therefore is trying to keep out of the hot sun and driving rain, of which the UK has had lots of both recently. Ergo, he is inside somewhere.

So many D&D movie threads, but all over a month old now, so I picked this one to post this too. But I do need to say this is not a part of the movie, just something I saw that made me think of it.

I am watching a news show on MSNBC this weekend and a show has a guest host. He is a good reporter and this is in no way meant to be negative, especially since WotC is moving away from the "all Drow are evil" thing.

Anyway, his name is Anand Giridharadas and seeing him for the first time, my first thought was "he could play a Drow!" And now I cannot unsee it. A picture does not do this justice, so here is the video of the show.


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