D&D 5E Planescape, Bigby, Phandelver and the Deck of Many Things: Covers & Details Revealed!

The covers of the upcoming D&D books — including Planescape, Glory of the Giants, and the Deck of Many Things have been revealed.

  • August 15th -- Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants ($59.95)
  • August 15th -- The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons ($39.95)
  • September 19th -- Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk ($59.95)
  • October 16th -- Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse ($TBA)
  • November 14th -- Book of Many Things ($TBA)



Coming August 15th with two variants. Lore about giants, 76 stat blocks, feats, and a giant subclass.


3 hardcovers in a boxed set-- 96 page guide to Sigil, 64-page bestiary, and 96-page adventure, along with a poster map and DM screen. Coming October 16th.


224-page adventure for levels 1-12, poster map, 16 new monsters. Coming September 19th.


66 illustrated cards, 192-page book with lore, character options, magic items, and monsters, 80-page card reference guide, all in a slipcase. Coming November 14th.​

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Original Setting
64 pages on the planes
96 pages on the Sigil and the Outlands
30ish pages for players.

Total: 180ish pages of setting and covered all of the planes

New Boxed Set
96 pages on Sigil and the Outlans

Total: Around half the setting material of the original boxed set, not more.

I would have liked to see a 200-250ish page setting book that gave us the entire setting. Planescape is one of my favorite settings. The Sword Coast Adventure Guide has shown us that once WotC has released a sliver of a setting, they don't finish it up.

Edit: I missed that you were talking about the adventure adding more. It will probably add a bit, but still fall way short of the original amount of setting material.
i still have all my Planescape box sets materials and maps, so really don't need this, as the fluff i have and the mechanics i can do my self.

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What the hell are those horns growing from? Was there any thought put into this?
Yeah that's ... not my favourite bit of recent D&D art, in execution or concept.

There's something weird going on with the forefinger of the fisted hand too. At least i think that's what the thing there is meant to be.

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