D&D Movie/TV RUMOUR: Netflix interested in developing a BALDUR'S GATE adaptation



I think a BG3 series could be great. It would make reference to the older stuff of course, but I dont know how there could be a 'lets follow a random Bhaalspawn' story that couldnt get lost in the wash of all the other 'epic events' of BG1/2/3.

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Doing the best imitation of myself
Which of those do you think is a good adaptation?
Without question the One Piece adaptation. But with the caveat that I haven't watched One Piece or read it either, so it may be a horrible adaptation. I think it turned out to be an excellent show.

I am a huge Bebop fan. I watched it originally on bootleg VHS tapes decades ago. I was disappointed beyond belief by what Netflix did. And I talked to friends who had never seen the original version but knew I liked it and they asked me what I was talking about when they watched the live action Netflix adaptation. Once they saw the original, they were as sad as I was.

Now One Piece is something that I watched because friends told me it was pretty good. While it took some time to take off, I enjoyed it and came to genuinely care about the characters. I didn't know the story but I found myself growing to like and enjoy things. The fact that the main characters do martial arts helped the action and stunts too.

Of course the fact that Netflix almost immediately canceled Bebop and renewed One Piece says a lot too.
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Doing the best imitation of myself
Saw trailers, not really interested in either. Based on reviews / comments Bebop got trashed while One Piece got praise however
This is my mini One Piece review. I am coming from the perspective of being old, but also enjoying Anime from the 90s. One Piece is intended for a younger audience, and is about a new, young generation coming up to change the world. It is silly, and the main character is an aww-shucks sort of do-gooder who doesn't compromise even in the face of the worst situation. And I was expecting the show to make fun of this fact. It does, at the beginning, but he wins over other characters who are cynical and bitter as things progress.

The show is off the wall crazy at times. But it also has a lot of live action set pieces, and actors who know martial arts and can fight in ways that don't involve constant quick cuts. It has sailing ships, bars with neon signs, huge dragons, and communication by snail phones. That last one I still don't understand, but I went with it.

The show also has older characters, who I guess I consider my own generation. It treats them with respect and they learn and grow too.

The first few episodes didn't really click for me, but I kept going because I saw something about the show at the core and I found the second half of things to be really good.

In what may be the strangest analogy I've ever made, I think the main character, Luffy, is a sort of anime Ted Lasso, who only sees the best in people. And as cynical as I may seem sometimes in these posts, that type of character really reaches me.

So give it a watch and realize that it is going to be zany, but there are also characters who comment on that very fact. "All great warriors call out their moves in combat!" "No, they don't."

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