D&D Movie/TV RUMOUR: Netflix interested in developing a BALDUR'S GATE adaptation

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Bad news, guys. Netflix just announced the cancellation of the new Baldur's Gate series.
Actually, they're announcing the cancellation of the sequel series that has not been concieved, yet. Actually, they canceled the conception of the actors that were going to be in that, too.

On a different note: Some of these stories are entirely BS - but BS with intent. They're meant to see how excited people get over the idea. In general, I want to see a great D&D show/movie series that truly honors the experience of the game in the way that Legend of Vox Machina does. I think the recent D&D movie fell well flat of that with the way they handled things.


Doing the best imitation of myself
God people complaining about other people’s opinions on a topic other than the one at hand is so freaking lame and so typical of nerd culture. Just stay on topic, nobody cares what you thought about One Piece or any other show.
I'll just say this: this will be a Netflix show. I mentioned two other recent Netflix shows, one good and one bad. Depending on what happens, this means that the show could be good or bad. We discussed. People who I legitimately respect said they hadn't watched the show and I gave them that opinion. This sort of thing happens on the Internet.

I'd love for this to be true. I don't have a faith in Netflix though. Witcher should have been a hell of a show but writers got in the way of the source material which led Henry Cavil (sp?) Leaving. He was their greatest asset imhp.


Reeks of Jedi
This is my mini One Piece review. I am coming from the perspective of being old, but also enjoying Anime from the 90s. One Piece is intended for a younger audience, and is about a new, young generation coming up to change the world. It is silly, and the main character is an aww-shucks sort of do-gooder who doesn't compromise even in the face of the worst situation. And I was expecting the show to make fun of this fact. It does, at the beginning, but he wins over other characters who are cynical and bitter as things progress.

The show is off the wall crazy at times. But it also has a lot of live action set pieces, and actors who know martial arts and can fight in ways that don't involve constant quick cuts. It has sailing ships, bars with neon signs, huge dragons, and communication by snail phones. That last one I still don't understand, but I went with it.

The show also has older characters, who I guess I consider my own generation. It treats them with respect and they learn and grow too.

The first few episodes didn't really click for me, but I kept going because I saw something about the show at the core and I found the second half of things to be really good.

In what may be the strangest analogy I've ever made, I think the main character, Luffy, is a sort of anime Ted Lasso, who only sees the best in people. And as cynical as I may seem sometimes in these posts, that type of character really reaches me.

So give it a watch and realize that it is going to be zany, but there are also characters who comment on that very fact. "All great warriors call out their moves in combat!" "No, they don't."

So when does the anime get good and not come off as something for kids. Which I loved the netflix live action version.


Doing the best imitation of myself
So when does the anime get good and not come off as something for kids. Which I loved the netflix live action version.
I have only watched the live action version. Eight episodes I can deal with. I'm not even sure how many the anime had but there's no way I could take that much time! Sorry if I implied I had watched both, that was Bebop. Which I can't recommend the anime enough for. But then it was only one season.

So when does the anime get good and not come off as something for kids. Which I loved the netflix live action version.
As someone who follows the manga religiously but does not watch the anime (because it's 1000 episodes man no way I have time for that) it takes a while to "get good". I've seen some episodes and generally what changes as the series goes on is that the plot kinda gets heavier, and you start to see that the writing is actually very good. They take extremely silly things and make them very emotional.

I don't know if you've seen Adventure Time, but it's kinda like that.

I noticed I didn't really answer your question, but my guess is if you really dislike the first 10 episodes or so you won't like what comes later, but if you think it's moderately interesting then you might become a fan.

If the licence is not exclusive, then I suggest a strategy of licencing differing setting to several companies. FR for Paramount, Greyhawk for other, and Mystara for a third. I felt curiosity about the Heroes of Dragonlance as Disney cartoons. WarnerDiscovery and Disney are two big fishes, two true heavyweight in Hollywood, but now they aren't in their best moment. They are failing with their own franchises. They should clean before the house before starting to talk about a partnership deal. Maybe Warner could produce a right title with "Birthright". Other option could be a collab of Dragonlance in a Disney videogame (but not in Lorcana, rival of Magic), or Stryxhaven if they want something style "Harry Potter proxy".

I wonder if animation is easier to be produced than action-live.

Ravenloft should be the easiest option for an action-live production.

Witchlight and Stryxhaven could be good options if you want a child-friendly cartoon.

Disney+ has failed with Willow, and somebody says MCU and Star Wars are franchises too "burnt".

It is not time for risky bets. Maybe in the next months some big companies of Hollywood could fall.


I imagine that any website which needs a page to convince you that it’s credible… has that page there for a reason. That’s literally just convinced me of the opposite.
Very possibly. I just tracked down where it came from and I'll defer to your expertise! I am the furthest thing from a professional RPG news rockstar, but I have it on good authority you know one. ;)

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