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Scales of War #1 Rescue at Rivenroar IC


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OOC: Just kidding!


...continues screaming between contractions, but somehow manages to contort herself into the most comfortable position she can, then, with built up energy, lets loose a push like no one's yet heard, accompanied with all the noise that goes with it.

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First Post
Viator's mouth opens, in a silent scream at first, until sound erupts, in harmony with the sergeant's moans. His eyes widen as he watches the miracle happen before him.

His voice rises in elation.

Velani! You're doing it! It's amazing! PUSH! PUSH!


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Seeing that his companions seem to have the immediate situation in hand, or at least as much in hand as anyone could have given the event unfolding. Kali prepares for the moments ahead - starting a fire, warming water, cleaning a good sharp blade (his axe), unfurling his cloak ready to wrap the young 'un, and just in case getting his healing potion ready for either mother or child in case things start to go wrong.

OOC: Thought maybe dungeoneering for general prep.

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