So, what's happenin'?

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First Post

I get slapped down by real life for a month and things get interesting.

[heated debate]

[Moderator Voice]
First: Xen (Welcome back my man!) is right and I’m glad he did step in (very professionally I might add). I'm just going to clarify things for posterity sake, even though it looks like everyone is on the same page now. There can not be that kind of dialog here. This is supposed to be neutral territory. As it was, so it shall be. If the members want a rules debate, it can be done on a separate thread and without shouting or implied threats.

More importantly: No politics. That is the policy of ENWorld and has served the community well for the years I have been there. I’m not sure what the Bush crack was, and if I missed something then my apologies, but religion and politics should be strictly avoided. If you think a character/rules debate can get heated – you should see what religion and politics would do to the forums.

Like I said, I know this has been sorted out, but I wanted to add this for future readers too. Now… Game On!
[/Moderator Voice]

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