D&D 5E So who is playing 5E?


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My group is converted from Pathfinder over to 5E in whole cloth. Once I read the starter set I took my entire head high stack of 3.5 and pathfinder stuff and boxed it up. Then all my 1st and 2nd ed stuff took center stage on the gaming shelf.

We're in the middle of a campaign, but I managed to convince them that the benefits of 5E outweighed the headache of conversion.
I gave them a magic item and a hero point each to take the sting out of losing their old guys.

Had a group of four that played through the entirety of Lost Mine in 4 big Sunday sessions.

At the end of the first game I realized I didnt have a headache. And Once they players realized that they had not had as much fun since 2nd ed in high school, the worry about not having 3000 feats to sift through after leveling went away.

Then the PHB came out and I let them make new characters as the new campaign was going to take place in my brutal gritty Greyhawk home world.

We played everything in Defiance in Phalan - But set in Leukish.
Then The Garden of Evil and Diambeths Delving from Fate of Istus
Followed by Chadranthers Bane - where they still are !

( I have conversions if anyone wants them ) It was Very Very easy to convert 1st ed modules.
I looked at converting a few 3.5 / PF ones but the headaches started coming back.

They are now - 4th level Half elf Priest of Pelor
6th level Halfling Arcane Trickster
6th level Human Envoker
6th level Half orc Fighter/Monk.
2nd level Human Barbarian.


Next adventures will be Ancient Blood ( Dungeon 20 ) And Prism Keep ( Dungeon 46 IIRC ) .


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So, a little background. I played AD&D 1E from 1978 to 1981 or so, quitting before 2E came out. After that, I didn't play D&D of any kind until 4E came out (an absence of about 25 years). I played and ran 4E for a couple of years when it came out, but decided the heavy focus on gridded combat wasn't for me. I didn't follow the 5E playtest at all, but decided to check out the Basic PDF when it came out, and really liked what I saw.

Right now I'm playing in a Starter set game, which will probably go on to HotDQ. I've been running a Dungeon World game for a bunch of people who have either never played RPGs befor eor who hadn't played in decades using the Innistrad setting (Gothic Horror) from M:tG, and the players in that game just voted to switch it over to 5E to check the new rules out, so I'll be running that game starting next week.

I'm one of those people that feel like 5E is like an alternate history version of 3E (i.e., it feels like WOTC went back to AD&D and applied some modern game design and streamlining).

As a person who hasn't been very interested in D&D over the years, I'm happy to be enjoying the current version of the game quite a bit.



Let's see....

Tuesday is a group of 5, running Halls of Bone from Free RPG day, and moving from that to a converson of 2nd Editions "Return to the keep", set in the Scarred Lands.

Wedneday is encounters, usually 5-7 at the table any given week.

Saturdays I have a home game that had just started Shattered Star (about three weeks in) and we are converting it to Pathfinder.

Saturday nights its D&D Expeditions, where I got to be a very poor player this week.


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We're not at the moment, but that's only because we already agreed to run through Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - The Jewel of Yavin prior to Gen Con. We have about two - three more sessions of that and then I'm taking back the reigns and will be running Hoard of the Dragon Queen (and The Rise of Tiamat once it comes out).

No one has made characters yet, but I've already started my prep by reading through Hoard of the Dragon Queen. It looks like it has enough wiggle room in the way the parts are laid out that I can easily indulge my whims with a few tangentially-related side adventures.


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Once I read the starter set I took my entire head high stack of 3.5 and pathfinder stuff and boxed it up.
Huh...I'm totally sold on 5E but I'm getting a ton of mileage out of Pathfinder. I'm running the Pathfinder Kingmaker AP in 5E. I just finished the first book. I also bring Pathfinder Bestiaries 1-3 to the table. I'm planning on implementing the entire kingdom building rules from PF into 5E. An outsider walking by the table would be really confused by the mix of PF products and 5E PHBs.

I completed the original Ravenloft while the basic PDF came out (we upgraded in the middle from the final playtest - players didn't upgrade their classes). Besides building Strahd I didn't really put any effort into converting anything. Again I kept all the bestiaries for all the pretty pictures and inspiration for ideas.

I'm also about to complete The Lost Mines of Phandelver as a player. That was tons of fun.

I sort of wing it and use a ton of AD&D and PF stuff in my game. It seems to work great. I turn down armor class a bit and calculate it in my head based on what I think their natural AC, dex, and wearing armor is. Weapons are a similar process. When in doubt I make monsters slightly easier than they are in PF. I haven't figured out how I'm going to run the magic item economy connected to city building yet...


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Running encounters. The flgs owner keeps mumbling he needs more GMs. I'm running an oversized table as it is.


Tropical island sandbox game for up to 12 rotating players, converted from Sword & Wizardry/LotFP. Right now they're on an island homebrewed with elements from Paizos Serpent Crown, KQs Wasted West and the pirates from Skull & Shackles AP. Depending on the players choices they could end up on the Razor Coast, Isle of Dread, Saltmarsh/Dunwater, or Savage Tide. I'm really happy with how conversions are working. I'm using the 1e MM, Fiend Folio, and 2e Mystara Monstrous Compendium, cross-referenced now with the Basic DM guide pdf.
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I run AL play at a FLGS weekly. I also am DMing LMoP for a group of guys I have gamed with since the late 80s. Finally, I am playing in a homebrew FR campaign based out of Neverwinter. Haven't enjoyed D&D this much since 2E.


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I'm currently running the Lost Mines of Phandelver for a party of 7. We started with pre-gens (I made 2 extras with the basic rules) but are in the process of swapping them out for home-generated PCs. Looks like we'll have:

half-elf bard
drow warlock
human wizard
halfling fighter (angling toward eldrich knight)
elf cleric
a rogue of some sort
and one more PC to be identified later

I really like the backgrounds and what they do for character generation.
And we're totally rolling stats too.

Once we get as much play out of Lost Mines as we want, we'll probably move into something more episodic since we also have other games we want to play. But I don't have a full set of inputs from the other players yet about the campaign they want to play in.


Currently Playing LMoP for my family, we've finished the Redbrands and now where on the hunt for the Cragmaw. Players include:

My 13 yr old son who started with the pregen Wizard (through the Cragmaw Hideout), swapped it with a Gnome Wizard ("Gnome's get +2 to Int!" he says) throughout the Redbrands, and now is playing a Human (variant) Bard who's from a branch of the Tressendar family, seeking to reclaim lost glory (and a shiny new sword). *sigh*

My 11 year old daughter who's playing a beastmaster ranger.

My 5 year old daughter who's playing a halfling circle of the moon druid ("Whaddya mean she only has 15 Wis?!?", my son says) who likes to spend her time in Tiger form, or as a mount for one of the other characters. Has a riding mastiff that doesn't get nearly as much love as he used to.

My wife, who's playing the pregen Dwarf Cleric with tie ins to the campaign.

We're having a blast so far and we'll like transition over the Ch. 5 HotDQ when we finish Phandelver. However, we typically only can run for an hour or two tops, with the 5 year old. Fortunately, in 5e you can get a fair amount done in two hours.


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Yes, we converted from a Trailblazer/3.5 Dark Sun game. I had DMed myself into a corner story wise and the gritty and mercenary survival outlook of Dark Sun was getting me down after two years. Hoard of the dragon queen was available: heroically taking down Tiamat, you say? Hmmmm. Thought I'd give it a shot.

Third session in now and extremely happy about it. Combat is fast, my players use their imagination more and DM prep is greatly reduced. I didn't need a new system, I needed a change of pace, but all those advantages make me extremely pleased and I think I can say already that I've switched editions now.

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Once my (currently mid-epic) 4e game wraps up we're adding two new players, having lost one to relocation and having a couple others drop in frequency due to life stuff (one is a firefighter in Northern CA, and there's a ton of fires to fight lately, and the other is a transportationless slacker who now lives an inconvenient distance out of town). Then we'll be starting a 5e game set in a city that I have been spending a great deal of effort on. For those of you who followed my old 4e story hour, it's Fandelose, where an old group of pcs held out for a five-year siege by a massive army of mixed humanoids. Fandelose is the last 'civilized' city, and it's not in the greatest shape. There are threats both internal and external, tons of factions, lots of nearby adventure sites, etc.

I'm running a game I'm calling Tome Raider, where the PCs eventually will learn to dungeon delve into books to find secrets hidden within. So far we're just two sessions in, and they're about to find the library that will hopefully be the central focus of the campaign.


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My group is running LMoP (should be the last part of it next week). We love it, we also play another Pathfinder game and while we like it, we generally prefer the simplicity of 5th edition.

I bought HotDQ with the intention of running it after, but after reading through it I found it was not quite our style, so I'll probably just end up making something up. I'll probably pull in a dungeon or two from the adventure so it's not a total waste.


I'm DMing The Ghosts of Dragonspear castle (with monsters updated as best I can),

I'm playing in both a Lost mines of Phandelver and a Hordes of the Dragon Queen campaign.

I'm really enjoying all my experiences.

Quite liking how many people are converting Pathfinder and 3.xE adventures over to 5E. I have a stack of 3.xE adventures and 50+ issues of Dungeon magazine that I'd like to get use out of. Looks like I should be able to do so fairly easily.


Im DM'ing 5e. Im currently running the Box Set starter and just wrapped up part 2.
After that I'll start Hoard of the DQ, adjusting per the levels of the pc's.

I also plan on running the starter set at my local FLGS to promote 5e, because it absolutely is the best edition of D&D to date.

As far as setting, Im a fan of FR so I'll stick with the official setting, concentrating in the Sword Coast region.

Eventually, though, I want to experiment with a more advanced group and run Menzoberranzan as an evil campaign.
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Quite liking how many people are converting Pathfinder and 3.xE adventures over to 5E. I have a stack of 3.xE adventures and 50+ issues of Dungeon magazine that I'd like to get use out of. Looks like I should be able to do so fairly easily.
Yeah. I really want to see those conversion guidelines.

Or [MENTION=84774]surfarcher[/MENTION] 's data analysis--whichever comes first...

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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