Spring Ceramic DM™: WINNER POSTED!


BardStephenFox said:
Whew. Nice tourney this time around. Congratulations to Mythago. Two time champ! It might be interesting to se eyou go up against Mirth. ;)



Here's the Platinum Rear-Scratcher to go with the Golden Raccoon-Stick. Since the executive outhouse ain't got no t.p., you should find it very useful.

In all seriousness, this was a fantastic competition and I think it really is the audience who are the true winners. Thanks to all of the competitors.

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First Post
Wow! I have to say, I'm suprised that I even got one judge on my side, I had expected to be trounced by Mythago. Sorry to be so late to reply, but I've been mosty wihtout internet access since I submited my story. THanks for the feedback, I agree with the judges wholehartedly, I had a good concept, but it was just too rushed. I may try to rework it in the future.

And I just have to respond to the comments on the samurai spirit being used by the angel. I intentionally used the pisture in that way, I ment to imply something about my own religious beliefs (and I hope this doesn't cross the no religion line), but I ment to imply that it was ther spirit of her deeds, not her beliefs, that got her into heaven. BardStephenFox and I were talking about this at our gaming night the night after I submited the story, and he pointed out that C.S. Lewis had done something like thta in part of the Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe series. I had honestly never got to that point in the series, but I was honored to have come up with (somewhat) the same idea as C.S. Lewis. So it was not just some oversiight, I did not mean for the samurai to be christian, but I did mean for her to be in heaven. :)

And, last but not least, Congrats Mythago! Nice work!

And sorry for the rampant typing errors in this, I'm using my aunts computer, with a rather odd keyboard, and I'm being called off to a family dinner. THanks to all the judges and all the competitors!

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