5E Storm King's Thunder [OOC]

Carolina's all leveled up. Added 5 hp, and Expertise to investigation and perception. She has a passive perception of 17 now, so hopefully that'll come in handy. I also updated her miniblock, which I have apparently neglected for a few levels.. :/



I'm flying out for a week's vacation tomorrow. I should be back around June 10/11. I don't know what the wifi/time availability will be, but I will try and get on if I can.


OOC: I'm traveling from 20th to 26th and will most likely follow (mobile phone) the thread, but not post. My posts may be short or missing altogether for the duration. Game on!
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In case I forget to post it later, I'm leaving early Sunday morning to take the boys to Boy Scout summer camp for the week. We'll be back sometime on the 30th. There is a *SMALL* possibility that I'll be able to check in, but I highly doubt that I'll be able to make any posts.

Apologies in advance to anyone who is in multiple games with me; I'm going to copy/paste this same message to all of them!