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D&D 5E The classes of 5e (now with 90% less speculation)


Well, given that they are trying to bring in every PHB1 class, the 4e PHB Warlock will probably form the basis of the 5e version.

I would prefer a Vancian/daily Wizard, an at-will/encounter Sorcerer, with the Warlock being a midpoint between the two + a sweet curse mechanic.

I'd like wizards to be daily, sorcerers with a recharge mechanic, and warlocks at-will like 3.5 ones.

Pick your style of caster, or mix-n-match via spell feats/multi-classing :D

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Given the mention of wild talents, it's probable that the psion will be joining its mates in the PHB. I fully expect it to have a spell point/mana system like it's had since 3.5.

The wizard and cleric have been called out as the Vancian classes. From that it's assumable that the other spellcasting classes, such as sorcerer and warlock, aren't Vancian. Maybe illusionist and priest as well, if those are separate classes rather than wizard/priest variants. I predict that the sorcerer will be the gung-ho high damage class, who blows things up and takes risks. It's less clear how the warlock will operate, but there's a case for making it the conjuring/summoning specialist.

Since there'll be at least 12, and maybe 16 classes, I'm expecting spells to be shared between classes.


Now that they are not using the Martial Power Source or any "power sources" (thank god), can they rename the Warlord back to the Marshal, much better name IMO.


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Now there is something I hope gets a real overview, I've never really been happy with it in D&D. On one hand it would make a certain amount of sense to give it to the warlock, on the other hand I don't think that's something the warlock has really touched much on in either of its incarnations.


My interpretation of Monte's Vancian statement: other classes may be Vancian or non-Vancian, but wizard and cleric must be, bare minimum, Vancian.


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I'm ambivalent on the warlord. I like the idea of the inspiring leader who lacks in raw damage dealing but is long on tactics, buffs, and bonuses. The name is probably the best we could get though; "marshal" or "tactician" are as lame as can be. My hope is that they remove (or seriously change) his "shout you better" powers. We'll see.

Eladrin are fine by me; I dislike a race that can naturally teleport every 5 minutes, but if that is fixed/removed I like the idea of a high/wood elf split.

Dragonborn are fine; I don't mind dragonmen. They aren't anything more than lizardmen with breath weapons.

At most, there will be 15 classes and 10 races (assuming every PHB1 class/race). The inclusion of dragonborn or warlords will be no different than having to houserule out gnomes in Mystara, paladins in Ravenloft, or any other "In my game..." BS.

Agreed. The fact that there will be separate tiers of classes(maybe races as well?) and the game is being pushed as being super moduler will help drive home they are optional.

Part of playing a moduler game means accepting not every rules module will be meant for you and your groups play-style.


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Pretty sure the name Warlord should be the one to stay since that is what was in the PHB, where as the Marshal (which was amazing fun) was relegated to a supplement that I suspect wasn't a huge seller. For personal preference I would go with the Marshal, but the Warlord version of the idea has more recognition.

I'm pretty sure that the 4e Warlock had some summoning in its repertoire, but I honestly cannot recall how much.

Jeff Carlsen

You know, I bet you could keep the spirit of the warlord class by having one of his abilities grant temporary hit points. A small terminology change, and it changes the impression from healing by shouting to invigorating through command presence.

I'm not a 4E player, but I recognize the popularity of the warlord, so I agree that he belongs. The core concept certainly has a place in D&D, and I look forward to seeing what they make of him.

Though not as much as I look forward to seeing the psion if they can get him to stop crying in the corner.

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